Boris Compares Russia to Nazi Germany

“I think that sometimes the price of freedom is worth paying and, just remember, it took the democracies in the middle of the last century a long time to recognise that they have to resist tyranny and aggression.

“It was very expensive but what it bought in the end with the defeat of the dictators, particularly of Nazi Germany, it bought decades and decades of stability, a world order that relied on a rules based national system, and that is worth protecting, that is worth defending – that delivers long term prosperity.”

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Germany Facing Potential Gas Rationing After Putin Turns Off Taps

Germany is now facing a “gas crisis” and is on the brink of ration supplies after Moscow cut its gas exports through the Nord Stream 1 pipeline by 60%. Speaking this morning, German Economic Minister Robert Habeck declared “gas is a scarce commodity” in the country, and warned that energy prices were about to shoot up even higher following Putin’s decision to turn off the taps “as a weapon against Germany“. Germans have already been advised to conserve as much energy as possible, with Habeck warning “every kilowatt hour helps in this situation”…

Now Berlin has raised the alarm by moving to the second stage of its national gas emergency plan, meaning some coal-fired power plants will be restarted and the government will tighten its monitoring of the energy market. Stage three results in full-on rationing. Habeck claimed rationing “shouldn’t happen“,  although he “couldn’t rule it out“. Who’d have thought being Europe’s biggest buyer of cheap Russian gas would cause so many problems?

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Read in Full: Russia Sanctions 29 British Journalists

29 members of the British media have been sanctioned by Russia this afternoon, meaning they will now be banned from entry. The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs claims this is because they “are involved in the deliberate dissemination of false and one-sided information about Russia and events in Ukraine and Donbass. With their biased assessments, they also contribute to inciting Russophobia in British society.” Congratulations to all those in receipt of such a high honour…

  1. Shaun WALKER, correspondent of the Guardian newspaper;
  2. Con COUGHLIN, columnist for the Daily Telegraph newspaper;
  3. Stuart RAMSAY, Chief Correspondent of the Sky News TV channel;
  4. James ROTHWELL, journalist for the Daily Telegraph;
  5. John WITHEROW, editor-in-chief of the Times;
  6. Chris EVANS, editor-in-chief of the Daily Telegraph newspaper;
  7. Richard Simon SHARP, Chairman of the Board of Governors of the BBC;
  8. Timothy Douglas DAVIE, CEO of the BBC;
  9. Katharine Sophie VINER, editor-in-chief of the Guardian newspaper;
  10. Clive MYRIE, correspondent and host of the BBC TV channel;
  11. Orla GUERIN, correspondent of the BBC TV channel;
  12. Nicholas Anthony ROBINSON, host of the BBC TV channel;
  13. Paul ADAMS, correspondent of the BBC TV channel;
  14. Nicholas BEAKE, correspondent of the BBC TV channel;
  15. Alexander James THOMSON, correspondent and presenter of Channel 4 News;
  16. Dan RIVERS, correspondent of ITV TV channel;
  17. Peter BEAUMONT, journalist for the Guardian newspaper;
  18. Emma GRAHAM-HARRISON, correspondent for the Guardian newspaper;
  19. Sophie RIDGE, journalist and presenter of the Sky News TV channel;
  20. Catherine Elizabeth NEWMAN, journalist and presenter of Channel 4 News;
  21. Edward VERITY, editor-in-chief of the Daily Mail;
  22. Christian BROUGHTON, editor-in-chief of the Independent newspaper;
  23. Larisa BROWN, editor of military news of the Times newspaper;
  24. Mark GALEOTTI, political scientist;
  25. Joseph BARNES, correspondent for the Daily Telegraph;
  26. Gideon RACHMAN, columnist for the Financial Times;
  27. Luke Daniel HARDING, correspondent of the Guardian newspaper;
  28. Dominic Ralph Campden LAWSON, columnist for the Sunday Times and Daily Mail;
  29. Lawrence David FREEDMAN, columnist for the Sunday Times.
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READ IN FULL: List of 287* MPs Sanctioned by Russia

This afternoon the Russian foreign ministry announced reciprocal sanctions on 287 Commons members following our sanctioning of members of the Duma. Embarrassingly the number of MPs actually sanctioned is much lower than the number they’ve stated. The Kremlin have clearly used a pre-2019 election list of MPs as it includes the likes of Seema Kennedy, Oliver Letwin, Justine Greening, Rory Stewart, Charlie Elphicke and Dominic Grieve. One MP quips it’s hardly the KGB, more the CBA…

David Davis responded to the announcement by asking “How will I ever cope…”, Ben Everitt used PMQs to joke that he doubts any hon. members will need to rearrange their holiday plans. The Hon. member for Islington North’s name is nowhere to be seen…

*Guido’s been through the list and can reveal the Kremlin has sanctioned just 266 sitting MPs; with 18 non-sitting MPs included, two duplicates, and one case (Grieve) of being both duplicated and no longer an MP

Read the full list below:

Read More

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UK’s Russian Coal Purchases Have Doubled in Last 2 Years

For all the ministerial talk in the last few years on cutting down on fossil fuels and bolstering “energy security“, new BEIS data released today shows just how much hot air that’s turned out to be. According to these figures, Russian imported coal has skyrocketed from 18% to 35% of the UK’s total coal use in the last two years. This is a direct consequence of the government’s refusal to replace domestic short-term surface coal mines back in 2020. The last English and Scottish coal mines were closed last year…

If Britain wants to make steel – and it is strategically important that we do – until we are producing abundant industrial hydrogen there is no viable alternative to coal. The trend in supply was obvious to anyone paying attention at the time – in fact, Guido published an article (Does Robert Jenrick work for… Vladimir Putin?) in 2020 predicting exactly how this would turn out. Even as the UK’s overall coal consumption has obviously fallen in favour of renewables, the demand hasn’t been completely wiped out. We still need around 7 million tonnes a year, 35% of which is now met by Russian imports rather than the UK’s own surface coal. So much for energy independence…

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Lebedev: Starmer Congratulated Me on Elevation to Lords

Evgeny Lebedev has just confirmed earlier reports that Sir Keir actually congratulated him for his Lords appointment back in 2020, despite spending the last few weeks complaining about the decision and insisting it “raises serious questions”. Captain Hindsight at it again…

According to Lebedev, Starmer privately texted in August 2020:

“Congratulations on your elevation to the House of Lords. All best wishes, Keir.”

Just a few weeks ago on Sky News, once it looked like the story might damage the government, Starmer performed a vintage U-turn and said:

“…The media today are saying there were further reservations by the security and intelligence services which were known before this appointment was made and we know that concerns were raised apparently with the Prime Minister […] the Prime Minister has got serious questions to answer: What did he know? And did he override security advice?”

Labour sources are already counter-briefing The Times’ Patrick Maguire with “it wasn’t Keir the security services briefed with warnings about Lebedev and it wasn’t Keir who nominated him for a peerage.” Still, at least Starmer’s not the only left red-faced by this: Sadiq Khan and Starmer adviser Peter Mandelson were also pictured beaming away as they left Lebedev’s Christmas party back in 2017. Now Labour are acting as if it’s a scandal anyone even spoke to him. Looks like Lebedev kept the receipts…

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