Boris Reveals Putin Threatened to Kill Him

An interview with Boris from an upcoming documentary released by the BBC this morning reveals Putin threatened to kill him over the UK’s support for Ukraine. During a chat between the two of them “on the blower”, the Russian leader warned Boris “I don’t want to hurt you, but with a missile it would only take a minute”. Boris calls the chat “jolly”…

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European Court Demands UK Respond to Remainers’ Election Interference Claim

The European Court of Human Rights has demanded the UK government to respond to a legal claim made by Ben Bradshaw, Caroline Lucas and Alyn Smith over alleged Russian interference in elections. Yes, they’re still banging on about this…

Having fallen flat on their faces in the High Court in 2021 alongside Carole Cadwalladr – the judge ruled the case was “unarguable” and threw it out – the three MPs have now turned to Strasbourg to explain away why Remain lost in 2016. They’d previously claimed Boris had “unlawfully failed to act compatibly with his public law duties in refusing to establish a public inquiry” on the issue, and insist the government has now breached its obligations under the European Convention on Human Rights. Strasbourg now say the government has until the end of April to respond…

The ECHR did add that this request doesn’t yet mean the case has been found admissible. A Downing Street spokesperson said “I would point out this claim has been roundly rejected by UK courts.” Not that that’ll ever placate the likes of Caroline Lucas…


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Zelenskyy Presents Ukraine Flag to Congress

Zelenskyy received a hero’s welcome in Washington overnight, with a speech to Congress that garnered multiple standing ovations. On the 300th day of the war in Ukraine, Zelenskyy told US politicians, “Your money is not charity. It is an investment in global security and democracy that we handle in the most responsible way,” adding “There can’t be any ‘just peace’ in the war that was imposed on us.” 

He unveiled a Ukrainian flag, given to him by soldiers who asked for him to take it to the US on his visit.

At least his visit this time went a little better than when he went to meet Trump…

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Left Wingers’ Golden Boy Lula Revealed as Russian Apologist

It turns out that left-wingers the world over, not least in Britain, may have rushed too quickly to delight in yesterday’s news that hard-right Brazillian president Bolsonaro had been defeated by the hard-left, former convict Lula.

Jeremy Corbyn said his victory is “I hope, a comeback for humanity”; McDonnell agreed with him, calling the election result the “progressive movement’s breakthrough”. Dawn Butler said it was the “winning politics of hope over division”Zarah Sultana is currently partying in Brazil…

It turns out the new president may not be so welcomed so warmly by the people of Ukraine. While Zelenskyy diplomatically congratulated the new president, Lula has hardly indicated he plans on being an ally to the country in its heroic fight against Russia.

Zelenskyy is, according to Lula, “as responsible as Putin for the war”, calling him “a bit weird” and accusing him of waging war to “show up on TV”. He also claims in his interview with Time Magazine that people are “stimulating hate against Putin”…

“Can you really say that to Zelensky? He didn’t want a war it came to him.

“He did want war. If he didn’t want war, he would have negotiated a little more. That’s it. I criticized Putin when I was in Mexico City [in March], saying that it was a mistake to invade. But I don’t think anyone is trying to help create peace.

People are stimulating hate against Putin. That won’t solve things! We need to reach an agreement. But people are encouraging [the war]. You are encouraging this guy [Zelensky] and then he thinks he is the cherry on your cake. We should be having a serious conversation: “OK, you were a nice comedian. But let us not make war for you to show up on TV.” And we should say to Putin: “You have a lot of weapons, but you don’t need to use them on Ukraine. Let’s talk!”

He went on to argue that the west and Ukraine themselves are responsible for the war:

“it’s not just Putin who is guilty. The US and the EU are also guilty. What was the reason for the Ukraine invasion? NATO? Then the US and Europe should have said: “Ukraine won’t join NATO.” That would have solved the problem.

Lula is apparently a victory for democracy – just not if you’re Ukrainian…

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Commission Shows Solidarity by Softening Sanctions on Russian Coal

The European Commission on Wednesday allowed for the transfer of Russian coal to ease “energy insecurity around the world”. A positive development for the Kremlin’s coffers, this softened the prior sanctions package, which had prohibited EU actors from transferring or providing services for Russian supplies. This comes at a time when the EU is supposed to be phasing out coal use in pursuit of net zero targets. The decision was pushed through despite reported opposition from member states, including Poland and the Baltics. It also comes as Russia gears up for an escalation. They certainly picked their moment…

What makes this policy shift the more bemusing is the gulf between supranational word and deed. The move follows von der Leyen’s State of the Union address, where she promised an “unshakeable” solidarity with Ukraine, whilst committing to reduce dependency on fossil fuels. Barely a week has passed and already two of her priorities have been dealt a self-inflicted hammer blow.

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Roskomnadzor Blocks from Russian Internet

The Balashovsky District Court actually followed through on their threat: Guido’s been banned in Russia. According to the ‘Unified Register’ of Roskomnadzor (the Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology, and Mass Media), was blacklisted the same day Guido received an email from the court telling him to take down an unflattering story from 2014.

It turns out telling the Russia’s Roskomnadzor to go f*ck yourself didn’t do much to placate them. So farewell to our 100 or so monthly Russian readers…

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