Angry Bird Charity Receiving Millions in Taxpayer Grants Squawks About Tory “Lies”

The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) went raven mad this afternoon at the government’s plans to tear up EU eco rules to boost housebuilding, posting a lengthy Twitter/X thread about the various “LIES!” which have ruffled their feathers in recent years. They insist the Tories are watering down environmental protections, and the RSPB “have had enough“. Which in this case means squawking on social media.

With the RSPB flapping its wings over a plan which even Labour support, they may have forgotten just how much taxpayer cash the government has sent its way in the last five years. According to Charity Commission figures, they have received a combined total of £78,281,650 in government grants and contracts since 2018. The cash they accepted actually went up between 2018-2020, and stayed at over £15 million a year since. A decent nest egg…

A TaxPayers’ Alliance spokesperson tells Guido:

“Taxpayers are fed up of paying through the nose for activists to lobby against the government…”

Probably won’t stop this lot making tits of themselves…

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