Boris Attacks Rwanda Opposition from “Slightly Unexpected Quarters”

For some reason broadcast cameras were back filming Cabinet this morning as Boris made a speech on the government’s Rwanda deportation policy ahead of tonight’s* first flight. We have just learnt from action in the Supreme Court that after much legal skirmishing by lefty lawyers, one lucky migrant is due to be flown all expenses-paid by private jet to Rwanda. One eyebrow-raising line came right at the end of his scene setter for the Cabinet as the PM noted “some of the criticism” being levelled at the policy is coming from “slightly unexpected quarters”. Whoever could he be thinking of? 

Over the weekend it emerged Boris and Prince Charles’s relationship hasn’t just been strained because of his unwarranted intervention over illegal immigration. According to sources such is the PM’s animus towards the progressive heir to the throne “he struggled to come up with anything positive to say” when sitting down to film a pre-emptive BBC eulogy to be used in the event of his death.

“He told aides before the interview that he did not like Charles and made a series of jokes instead, paying tribute to his Duchy Organic biscuits.

He joked that Charles was the “king of biscuits” and said he feared that he would “take the recipe to his grave”.”

In return, Charles’s courtiers have briefed Johnson had disrespected the Prince by arriving for a visit to his Scottish Highlighands home in a “shambolic state” and appearing “distracted”. That’s normal for Boris, was the Prince expecting special treatment? No doubt the illegal migration crisis really affects millionaire Charles’s ability to access public services up in the Scottish Highlands…

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Raab: £250 Million Yacht Can “Boost Our Ability” to Do Good in the World

With an extra £100 million added to the cost of Boris’s planned “trade yacht” in just one week, Dominic Raab had the unenviable task of justifying the hefty price tag on this morning’s media round. Speaking with Nick Ferrari on LBC, Raab said:

“It’s easy to underestimate the work that the Royals do […] the soft power they yield on our behalf, and we consistently under-estimate what they do…

The investment is worth it if we can make sure that it’s expanding our influence and reach overseas, creating jobs for the UK, extending our soft power, being a force for good in the world. All of those things come together, and a yacht can really boost our ability to do all of those things…”

This is exactly what we were told would justify the £7.6 billion Queen Elizabeth and Prince of Wales aircraft carriers – which have the advantage of combining hard and soft power. Given the Royals themselves apparently won’t even use the yacht, Guido still has a few questions over just how valuable it’ll will be…

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Prince Philip Dead at 99

“It is with deep sorrow that Her Majesty The Queen announces the death of her beloved husband, His Royal Highness The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.

His Royal Highness passed away peacefully this morning at Windsor Castle.

Further announcements will made in due course.

The Royal Family join with people around the world in mourning his loss.”


UPDATE: PM’s statement on Prince Philip

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Boris on Harry and Meghan: No Comment

Asked at today’s Downing Street presser for his views on the ongoing Harry and Meghan drama, Boris chose to stay out of the mess altogether: “I’ve Spent a Long Time Now Not Commenting on Royal Family Matters”; later telling Harry Cole who had another attempt at probing:

I congratulate you on your very determined attempt to involve me in this story more than I’ve said already but I really think that when it comes to matters to do with the royal family, the right thing for prime ministers to say is nothing, and nothing is the thing that I propose to say today about that”

A wise move…

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The Guardian’s Royal Memory Loss

Today’s Guardian splashed on revelations the Queen asked ministers to change a proposed law to prevent her private wealth being revealed. The story itself is making a mountain out of a constitutional molehill, with yesterday’s story claiming Geoffrey Howe “appeared to have disclosed the role” of the Queen “in a previously unnoticed speech” in the Commons. “Previously unnoticed” is doing The Guardian an historic disservice, given the day after Howe made the speech they splashed the row on their own front page…

The Times reported specifically on Howe’s speech and the Financial Times wrote “A former senior Conservative Minister said he only came to deal with the Bill after it had been “discussed by the DTI and the Palace.” Give it another 45 years and The Guardian will once again re-cover this “unreported” story for a third time…

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Thomas Markle Warns Paps Despite Staging Pics

Newsapers have been warned off publishing pap shots of Thomas Markle by Kensington Palace despite him being caught staging pictures with snappers. Meghan Markle’s dad was the subject of a Mail On Sunday story which revealed he had joined with paps to produce a set of too-good-to-be-true images days before the Royal wedding this Saturday. He has since pulled out of the wedding and US media reports say he has suffered a heart attack…

Yesterday Kensington Palace communications secretary Jason Knauf contacted newspapers warning them:

“Kensington Palace say Mr Markle is concerned about the conduct of photographers. He says that he has been pursued by members of the press while going about his daily life. He says in particular that he was followed while in a chemist, purchasing medical supplies.”

That’s some brass neck…

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