Driverless Trains Would Gut the Feckless RMT

New DLR Rail Car 2

It’s less than a week since the last tube strike and underground workers have already announced two more 24 hour walkouts later this month. Tube drivers get paid £49,673 and up to 52 days holiday a year. They are striking because they don’t want the night-time tube plan to go ahead, despite being offered an above inflation pay rise, bonuses for all staff and, incredibly, a £200 per night bribe for drivers, who already work night shifts, to do a night shift.

There is of course a proven, reliable and safe solution to striking tube drivers. Driverless tubes…

There are at least 63 automated subway train systems in the world, including London’s very own Dockland’s Light Railway, which has been chugging across east London without a driver since 1987. In the only serious DLR incident that Guido can find, the train was being driven under manual control.

It’s not just the DLR: the Jubilee, Victoria and Central lines are all semi-automatic. They don’t even call their train drivers “drivers“, they are “train operators“. Their job? They literally have to press two buttons at the same time and the train drives itself. The £50,000 a year train operators also have to look after the doors…


Do you want to live in a London free from the stranglehold of RMT militants? Let Boris know by signing this petition.

Sarah Connor Terminates Twitter Banter

sarah conner

Financial Times employment correspondent Sarah Connor stumbled across the story of her career today, when she found herself reporting on a robot that killed a worker at a VW plant in Germany. Coincidentally the new Terminator film is released in UK cinemas today…

connor tweets

“It came from a war-torn future to destroy the past.

Its target: an ordinary woman – Sarah Connor.

Her only ally: another traveller through time…”


Mega Intercontinental Robot Wars


A team of American robo boffins have cobbled together a mega robot complete with paintball cannons. And they’ve challenged a Japanese robotics company to a duel…

“3… 2… 1… Activate!”

Watch: Drunk Robots Fall Over


Sit back and enjoy the antics of the robot competitors at this years U.S. Department of Defense’s annual Robotics Challenge Finals in Southern California, as teams of top robo boffins competed for $3.5 million in prize money. Looks like some of their balancing skills were a little rusty..

Giant Jumping Robot Cheetahs

jumping robot

Not happy with with creating an oversized terminator-style cheetah capable of running at high speeds, boffins at MIT have now taught their terrifying contraption how to jump. Check out the video below…

The robo-kitties are coming…

Bionic Man Controls Two Robotic Arms With His Mind

Boffins at Johns Hopkins have managed to re-map the brain signals that amputee Les Baugh used to send to his arms, allowing him to control new robot arms instead. Still some way from becoming a masseuse…

Robot Spiders are Coming

Intel have revealed their secret weapon in the wearable computer war – robot spiders.

No really.

The cuddly arthropods were demonstrated on-stage at the Intel Developer Forum by Intel’s CEO Brian Krzanich who commanded his robot underlings with a motion detecting wrist-band.

Your move Apple Watch…

Boffins Discover Terminator 2 Secret


The mass production of flexible, printed electronic circuits could now be a reality thanks to boffins who have figured out a way to shoehorn liquid metal into an inkjet printer. By subjecting a gallium/indium mix to ultrasound, material scientists at Purdue University turned liquid metal into nanoparticles small enough to be printed like ink. Keep up!

Theoretically, liquid metal circuits will be able to withstand stretching, squeezing and folding; opening up a whole new field of robotic possibilities – pliable robots that can squeeze through holes and stretchy embeddable medical devices will  both be feasible. As would the T-1000 liquid metal robots from Terminator 2…

Young Drivers Are Scared They Will Lose Their Job To Robots

google driverless cart

More than half of young professional drivers have resigned themselves to losing their job to driverless cars. A survey of British divers aged 25 to 34 found that 55% of were scared of being made redundant by autonomous vehicles.

A recent review by the Department of Transport has confirmed that legislation for a driverless future is firmly on the cards, while a house of Lords report has warned that automation could put 35% of UK jobs at risk over the the next 20 years.

They’ll just have to learn to do something else then…

Government is Preparing for Robot Takeover


A report released today by the House of Lords Select Committee on Digital Skills has called on the incoming government to take seriously the threat of robots to the British economy. The report, Make or Break: The UK’s Digital Future warns that automation could put 35% of UK jobs at risk over the the next 20 years. Workers at most risk include those working in transport, logistics, administration, sales and construction. Taxi and bus drivers were signalled out as being at risk from driver-less car technology.

The Committee notes that for net job loss on a large scale to be avoided, a substantial number of more skills-intensive jobs will have to be able to be created:

“In the past, workers have adapted to technological revolutions by acquiring new skills. To manage the coming transition successfully, an overhaul of  he skills of the entire population is crucial.”

Good luck with that media degree..

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