Record-Breaking Traffic Year #DespiteBrexit

2017 was another record-breaking traffic year for Guido, with nearly 50 million visits to the site. The top ten stories in order of popularity over the last 12 months were:

  1. Khan Hosting Party With 11 Nations Who Ban Israelis
  2. Tory Aides’ Spreadsheet Names 36 Sex Pest MPs
  3. Corbyn Refuses to Bow to the Queen
  4. Corbyn Self-Destructs on Woman’s Hour
  5. Viral Animal Sentience Fake News Story Seen By 2 Million People
  6. Young Tories Joke About ‘Gassing Chavs’ in Activate WhatsApp Group
  7. Diane Abbott Police Numbers Car Crash
  8. Labour Repeatedly Tried to Do Deals With the DUP
  9. Owen Jones Gets Owned Over Venezuela
  10. Labour Candidate: ‘What Good Have the Jews Done?’

And here’s a few of our favourites from the political rollercoaster ride that was 2017…

Who can forget Jared O’Mara? Our revelations of the sexist and homophobic tirades of this wannabe-rockstar MP stunned Labour, ended his career and brought the party’s candidate selections into question. With the news cycle dominated by Brexit this year, our O’Mara stories offered some blessed relief.O’Mara was just one in our series of revelations about Labour’s new intake, including scoops on outspoken MPs such as Emma Dent Coad and Laura Pidcock. It fell to Guido to do much of the vetting which evidently fell by the wayside in the rush of the snap election. Still no thank-you from Labour HQ…Perhaps more predictably, there was no thanks from the leader’s office either for revealing Seumas Milne’s more comradely side this July. And on Brexit? As ever it was left to Guido to provide the counter-narrative to our remain-dominated press. Our long-running #DespiteBrexit series is set to continue into 2018. What else will the New Year bring? Whatever happens, Guido will bring it to you, first, fast and fun…

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Review of 2016: Another Record-Breaking Year

2016 was a record-smashing traffic year for Guido, with nearly 42 million visits to the site. Our coverage of the referendum and our revelatory agenda-setting stories brought us thousands of new daily readers. Encouragingly they seem to have stuck around. The top ten traffic posts published in the last 12 months were:

  1. Irish Times Breaks Celebrity Threesome Injunction
  2. Lawyers Only People Enjoying Celebrity Threesome
  3. Now David Furnish and Elton John Threaten Google
  4. Elton John Packs David Furnish’s Bags
  5. Injunction to Be Lifted Pending Appeal
  6. Telegraph Pulls Article After May Campaign Pressure
  7. Sarah Olney Walks Out of Interview
  8. Bercow Knew Vaz Was Under Police Investigation
  9. New Cabinet in Full
  10. Labour MP: Israelis Should Face “Transportation”

It is a marker of the public interest in celebrity olive oil trysts that Elton John and David Furnish make up the top five most-viewed posts of the year, as well as the single highest record traffic day in the blog’s 12 year history. Carter Ruck succeeded in gagging the British press, not Guido. Which made being sat next to Elton’s publicist at the GQ Christmas party all the more merry…

In April, Guido broke the anti-Semitism scandal that became one of the year’s main themes. Our revelations saw Labour MP Naz Shah suspended, inspired Ken Livingstone‘s multiple Hitler meltdowns and forced Jeremy Corbyn to launch an inquiry and boot out 50 anti-Semites. If it wasn’t for Guido, Baroness Chakrabarti would still be plain old Shami…

As other gloomy end of year reviews pray for the end of 2016, Guido’s celebrates the year Britons voted to take back control. In the weeks that followed the referendum we were first with the news Nigel Farage was quitting as UKIP’s leader, first with Andrea Leadsom pulling out of the Tory leadership race and first with Angela Eagle’s decision to quit the Labour leadership contest. Alas 2016 wasn’t all about the winning: lunch with Nigel was particularly expensive. Happy New Year from all at Guido, if you thought 2016 was a great year then stay tuned, the fun won’t stop in 2017…

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Daily Politics Review of The Year
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Review of 2015: A Long and Winding Roadtrip

2015 has been a record-breaking traffic year for Guido, with over 35 million visits to the site in this election year. The top ten traffic posts published in the last 12 months were:

  1. BBC: Bring Back Clarkson Petition
  2. Stig in a Tank Live on Telly
  3. Read Full James Blunt Takedown of Chris Bryant
  4. #BringBackClarkson Hits Half A Million Signatures
  5. Guardian ‘Posh’ Whinge Backfires
  6. BBC Smear of Deaf Tory MP Goes Viral
  7. Peter Oborne Quits Telegraph
  8. #EverydaySexualSegregation
  9. Anti-Austerity Protesters Turn on Russell Brand
  10. Tax Dodge Shame of Labour Election Star

Here are some of our favourite stories of the the past year:

March saw Guido’s first foray into clicktivism following Jeremy Clarkson’s suspension by the BBC. Our petition to “Bring Back Clarkson” was the fastest-growing ever in the UK, received over 1 million signatures and was delivered to Broadcasting House in a tank by “the Stig”He still owes us lunch.


The Tory election win and Jeremy Corbyn’s revolution in the Labour Party were the joint surprises of the year. Guido readers learnt all about Jezza’s invitation to terrorists, defence of dictators, views on ISIS, the abusive tweets of his top aide and the most brutal PLP meeting of the year. Not to mention Stop the War’s greatest hits and Guido’s scoop on Caroline Lucas’ dramatic resignation. Will Jez still be in charge this time next year?


It wasn’t clear sailing for the Tories after winning a majority, with the party rapidly engulfed in a bullying scandal. Guido brought you a string of exclusives about the row, including this unforgettable infographicWhich quickly became the subject of water-cooler gossip among Tory MPs trying to fill in the blanks. 

Happy New Year, and roll on the referendum…

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Review of 2014: Guido Has Never Seen Anything Like It

A record smashing 10th anniversary year with over 30 million visits to this site in 2014. The top ten traffic posts published this year were:

  1. THE RESHUFFLE: All the Sackings as They Happen
  2. WATCH: Former Tory Whip Boasts About Paedo Cover Up
  3. LISTEN: Miliband’s Radio Wiltshire Clusterf**k
  4. Khan Crash: Sadiq’s Rush Hour Horror
  5. Islington MP’s Rochester Culture Shock
  6. EXC: Gordon Brown Office Has £10,000-a-Week “Expenses” 
  7. Brown Office Gives Just 1 in 4 Pounds Raised to Charity
  8. WATCH: Penny Mordaunt’s Loyal Address in Full
  9. Roll Call of Shame: Every MP Who Voted Against Recall
  10. UKIP’s Poster Girl Quits Party Citing Racism

Here are our favourite stories of the last 12 months:


Ten hours after Guido added the word “snob” to Emily Thornberry’s now infamous Image from Rochester, Labour’s Islington MP had resigned from the Shadow Cabinet. ‘Snobberry’ had never seen anything like it, making Ed “more angry than he has ever been” and incurring the wrath of White Van Dan. According to the BBC, it was Guido wot won it. And don’t miss the tale of Lady Nugee’s walled garden… 

In the absence of a Twitter storm it took slightly longer to secure the resignation of David Ruffley. Guido had reported on Ruffley’s anger management problems before, yet the Tories were silent when he accepted a caution for assaulting his ex-girlfriend. Despite Ruffers telling Guido he was “cheerful“, the people of Bury St. Edmunds demanded their MP do the decent thing, domestic violence charities called for his head and, crucially, the Dean of the local cathedral told him “your position is untenable”. In June Ruffley finally announced he would be standing down, and parliament was rid of another nasty piece of work…

2014 was a year when several Tory MPs found themselves in Guido’s crosshairs, none more so than Tim Yeo. From leadership contender to loser in nine years, this blog has been exposing Yeo’s absenteeism and conflicts of interest for the best part of a decade. In January Guido went to find troubled Tim, not in his Suffolk constituency, but in Sandwich in Kent, where he had gone golfing. The following month Yeo was deselected by his local party. Victory at last…

Last but not least, who can forget Brooks No-marks, the Tory women’s champion who sent a paisley-clad dick pic to our very own Sophie Wittams. Despite the wailing from the less popular parts of the press, a public service was confirmed when Brooks was revealed to have used the exact same modus operandi. Yes, yes, yes Minister. 

Despite our detractors’ weak claims of bias, we’ve had a direct hand in ending the careers of three Tory MPs who had absolutely no intention of quitting in 2015. That’s 1% of the parliamentary party. Happy New Year, roll on that election. 

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Review of 2013: A Very Bad Year for MPs in Guido’s Crosshairs

It was a very bad year for the lying, cheating, criminal politicians that found themselves in the crosshairs of this blog. Guido was in court to see Chris Huhne sentenced to eight months for perverting the course of justice. You can enjoy it all over again by watching our Guy News specials recapping how Huhne lied and lied and lied again, a musical tribute to him “going down”, and 14 lies in 60 seconds. For the full story of how Guido hunted Huhne, from the day he walked out on his family and went to the gym having just told his wife he was leaving her for another woman, to his guilty plea, resignation and prison sentence, click here.

Santa delivered an early Christmas present by jailing expenses fraudster Denis MacShane for six months. During sentencing the judge said MacShane’s £13,000 expense fiddling constituted “considerable and repeated dishonesty”. The true figure is in the hundreds of thousands. You can read how Guido has pursued MacShane down the years, including reporting him to the police when new evidence of his criminality arose, here.

It didn’t end in court. Patrick Mercer was forced to stand down at the next election after being disgraced in a cash-for-questions sting. Guido has always know Mercer was a wrong’un, so it was no surprise to hear the bent MP’s fear of this blog revealed in his own words. Another sleazy Tory, conflicted Tim Yeo, escaped the same punishment after being exposed in a sting of his own, though he wasn’t so lucky with his local party who decided to give him the boot. Stay tuned as Yeo tries to fight for his political life in the New Year.

Guido has been on the case of randy Lord Rennard, the hands-on LibDem peer known as the ‘Door Locker’, for years before 2013 brought about his demise. Nick Clegg, Danny Alexander and Jo Swinson were slammed in a damning report on Rennard’s sexual harassment and the LibDems’ lies were finally revealed. Read Rennard’s sex pest history in full here.

Finally, spare a mention for Mike Hancock. Forced to resign the LibDem whip as he is privately prosecuted for sexual harassing a disabled female constituent.  The leaks from the unpublished independent report into his behaviour are damning. 2013 has seen MPs targeted by Guido for their various financial, sexual or criminal misdeeds drop like flies. Roll on 2014…

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