WATCH Baroness Fox Slams Unelected House of Lords’ Attempts to Frustrate Brexit Bill

Claire Fox has slammed the House of Lords for their Remainer hypocrisy, as they complained the EU Retained Law Bill gives the government too much power, while having voiced no constitutional objection to the EU law bodies creating the powers without any such scrutiny.

“Don’t get me wrong, there are problems with this bill. The government may have missed an opportunity to use the retained law issue as a spur for democratic renewal… but to note that what ever the anti-democratic measures of the skeleton bill, there is a popular mandate behind the bill’s intent.”

“Many of the core objections we’ve heard today seems to be driven by a failure of imagination. My Lords have cited professional bodies, NGOs, Employers Organisations, Trade Unions Leaders, Lawyers, all who appear unable to imagine social and economic progress happening without retained EU laws.”

The 4000 retained EU laws were put on the UK statute books without members of this unelected house crying democracy. Earlier we were assured it was all ok, because – as one noble lord explained – there were special behind-closed-doors committees that scrutinised them. No mind that no matter how many British voters might object to any one of those laws, there was nothing, zilch they could do.”

Fox also called out the TUC line of argument that says without retained EU law, UK workers will be at the mercy of the evil rightwing Tories. The first time, she points out, she heard about ‘minimum service requirements’ during strikes was when they were being “eulogised in the European Parliament’. All very good points…

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