Reform UK Launches £74 Billion ‘Emergency Recovery Plan’

Reform UK is finally parking their tanks firmly on the Tories’ lawn. For the first time since Boris became leader, the ex-Brexit party is offering a programme that will no doubt make Conservative heads turn; setting out a £74 billion tax-cutting stimulus plan, stimulating growth by putting a stop to the government’s current “classic socialist measures”, and reducing inflation by approximately 4% over the next 12 months. The stimulus plan in full:

  • Cut tax: 
    • Zero income tax below £20,000 a year, saving almost £1,500 a year per person
    • Reduce VAT from 20% to 18%, saving £300 a year per household
  • Cut cost of living: 
    • Scrap VAT on energy bills, saving £100 a year per household
    • Scrap environmental levies, saving £160 a year per household
    • Reduce fuel duty by 20p a litre, saving £240 a year per driver
  • Cut wasteful spending: Save £5 in every £100, adding up to £55 billion per year
  • Unlock shale gas ‘treasure’: Over £1 trillion-worth of levelling up by drilling down, cutting bills

According to Reform, the stimulus – worth 3.3% of GDP – would take taxes as a percentage of GDP back down to pre-lockdown levels. Richard Tice also argues growth is paramount, and the measures would be self-funding after 3 years; if the UK has matched Australia’s GDP growth since 2005, GDP would be £410 billion higher, and tax revenues £150 billion greater per year. All ideas that are supposed to be the bread and butter of conservative politics…

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OFCOM’s Urgent Investigation into BBC Bias Against Reform UK

Responding to a formal complaint from Reform UK over their exclusion from a Welsh leaders’ debate, OFCOM has acknowledged “substantive issues” have been raised over the corporation’s treatment of the party, and are to urgently convene an election committee ahead of Thursday’s vote. Responding to the move, Richard Tice says:

“It is clear that the BBC has never forgiven us for winning the last European elections and forcing the Government to act on Brexit. Ignoring the strength of support that we have had cannot have been an accident but a monumental, and anti-democratic act of spite”.

OFCOM will not only be urgently convening the committee to adjudicate on any BBC bias, they are expediting the process given the severity:

“We consider that the Complaint raises substantive issues under the Broadcasting Code that, if upheld, might require redress before the elections on 6 May 2021. Further, and as we stated in our letter dated 19 April 2021, we recognise the very close proximity of the Leaders’ Debate to the election due to take place next week, and will be expediting our usual procedure for assessing standards complaints under the Code. The Election Committee will therefore be convened to determine this Complaint as a matter of urgency.”

Given the election is on Thursday the blatant bias is unlikely to be rectified in time…

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Reform UK File BBC OFCOM Complaint over Debate Exclusion

Reform UK has written to OFCOM after the BBC decided to exclude them from the upcoming Welsh leader’s debate – despite the inclusion of the Abolish the Welsh Assembly Party (AWAP) and the Green Party. Reform UK points out this is bonkers given they (as the Brexit Party) won the most votes in 19 out Wales’ 22 council districts in the EU elections. Tice says he hopes the decision “is not some form of latent revenge for that result in 2019″…

“The decision by the BBC to wilfully exclude Reform Wales from the Leaders debate on the 29th is obviously wrong. Particularly given that Reform, as it was then, The Brexit Party, won a national election in Wales a mere two years ago Not only that we are running a full slate of candidates in line with the other major parties for the Senned. Not to include us in this debate is clearly biased, unfair and totally unacceptable.”

Their spokesman also points out AWAP is standing in just 23 constituencies, versus the 40 Reform UK is putting itself up in. Despite this absurd decision, the BBC is refusing to think again, and “will oppose any application for permission to bring a claim for judicial review”. 

The party’s OFCOM complaint is on two grounds: that the BBC is selectively focussing on the recent polling that shows the AWAP doing better, and ignoring OFCOM’s code that says greater weight should be given to real-world electoral performance and track record. Guido reckons Reform has a good case. The question is can they win it before the debate in a fortnight…

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John Prescott for Hartlepool

On Monday Guido pointed out there were three former Labour MPs standing in Hartlepool: Paul Williams for Labour, Thelma Walker for the Northern Independence Party, and Hilton Dawson for the North East Party. It now sounds like a fourth is entering the race: John Prescott.

Sadly for Hartlepool voters hoping for a campaign punch-up, it’s not, in fact, the former deputy prime minister. Reform UK have announced their candidate will be a local businessman with a similar name.

Ironically this won’t be the first time Prescott’s gone up against Dr Paul Williams, as he stood as the Brexit Party candidate in the MPs former seat of Stockton South in 2019. Prescott is only the second most amusing name-based political story of the week, after Joanne Anderson was selected by Labour as their Liverpool mayoral candidate, to replace Jo Anderson…

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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Fox Reveals London Mayoral Pact with Tice’s Reform UK

Speaking to Guido on his battle bus, Laurence Fox has revealed for the first time there is to be a pact between Reclaim and Reform UK in the upcoming London election:

“I think Richard’s obviously very into a low-tax, high growth economy, and I’m more focussed on the cultural stuff becuase I think it touches everything, so we’re totally complimentary in that way”

“We spoke about standing somebody from this side of the conversation and we agreed that I would do it because I seem to get punched in the face more often by my political enemies than he does, and he’s going to stand for the assembly”

This obviously confirms that Tice won’t be standing in Hartlepool – good news for the Tories…

Fox also told Guido he will refuse the vaccine until after 2023, when he claims clinical trials will be concluded:

UPDATE: Tice’s candidacy in London confirmed

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Tice: Tory Party Are Now ‘the Con-Socialists’

In his first address as Leader of Reform UK, Richard Tice today launched a scathing attack on the Conservatives in response to last week’s Budget, claiming they are now ‘the Con-socialists‘ and ‘the party of high tax, high regulations and low growth‘. Tice then went on to outline Reform UK’s extensive plans for tax reform, which include massive hikes to the minimum income tax threshold from £12,500 up to £20,000, the higher rate up to £70,000, and similarly radical cuts to capital gains tax, corporation tax, and inheritance tax. The plans even budgeted for a 6% rise in nurses’ pay…

The proposals were built on the assumption that ‘nations don’t have to repay sovereign debt‘ so long as debt remains a manageable proportion of nominal GDP, and governments provide credible plans to stimulate growth. Outflanking the Tories on the right was inevitable after last week’s big tax budget, and Tice is right to point out that Sunak’s plans fly in the face of modern conservative thinking; all eyes should be on growth.

Tice also used the conference as an opportunity to thank his predecessor, Nigel Farage, who will now serve in an advisory role as honorary president. Farage joined via video link to endorse his successor and explain his new position – which should keep him busy in between filming birthday messages for his fan club…

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