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Final Campaign Report: Independence Day


Leave message: Vote Leave.

Remain message: Vote Remain.

Cut through: It is voting day.

Leave social media count: 541,694 likes, 68,734 followers.

Remain social media count: 540,681 likes, 48,280 followers.

Odds: Remain 1/4, Leave 7/2


Latest poll: Remain 48%, Leave 42% (Comres , phone), Remain 44%, Leave 45% (Opinium, online), Remain 45%, Leave 45% (YouGov, online). Poll of Polls is now Remain 47%, Leave 45%. Two more polls expected today from Ipsos Mori and YouGov…

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Which Remainer Are You?

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German Business Chief Calls Possibility of Post-Brexit Barriers “Very, Very Foolish”


Markus Kerber, head of the BDI (Germany’s answer to the CBI), is calling on his country to not risk damaging trade with punitive post-Brexit tariffs.

“Imposing trade barriers, imposing protectionist measures between our two countries – or between the two political centres, the European Union on the one hand and the UK on the other – would be a very, very foolish thing in the 21st century. The BDI would urge politicians on both sides to come up with a trade regime that enables us to uphold and maintain the levels of trade we have”

The UK is responsible for approximately 5.5 million jobs across Europe – the German Mittelstand won’t want a trade war, they’ll want free trade. Vote Leave Thursday and we’ll have business as usual Friday…

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Boris Looks Forward to Independence Day

“If we stand up for democracy, we’ll be sticking up for hundreds of millions of people around Europe who agree with us, who currently have no voice. And if we vote leave, and take back control, I believe that this Thursday will be our countries independence day.” Boris saves the best line until last…

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Campaign Report: 2 Days to Go


Leave message: Steve Hilton says Cameron knows Britain can’t control EU immigration.

Remain message: George Soros backs Remain.

Cut through: The PM’s appeal to Remain.

Leave social media count: 521,676 likes, 64,715 followers.

Remain social media count: 514,910 likes, 44,499 followers.

Odds: Remain 1/3, Leave 3/1

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Latest poll: Remain 42% (-2), Leave 44% (+1) (Survation, phone). Poll of Polls is now Remain 50% (+2), Leave 50%.

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