John Howard: Brexit Right for Britain

Thrice elected Australian Prime Minister, John Howard says Brexit is right for Britain. Too right, mate.

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Ab Fab’s Patsy and Edina Speak on Brexit

Jennifer Saunders told Channel 5 “Unless the Champagne supply drys up, I don’t think they’d care.” Guido wholeheartedly agrees…

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Telegraph Journalist’s “Kill Baby-Farage” Tweet


Catherine Gee, a culture writer for the Telegraph, compares Farage to Adolf Hitler, founder of the Third Reich, responsible for the deaths of 85,000,000 people in World War II and initiator of the previous German attempt at a European superstate. Slightly historically inaccurate comparison, given Farage campaigned against the EU supra-state. Even in the post-Jo Cox world lefties still feel they can tweet about killing politicians, so long as they are from the other side…

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Farage Victory Speech to European Parliament

“You’re quite right Mr Schulz; UKIP used to protest against the establishment, and now the establishment protests against UKIP.” He’s loving it…

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Junxit! Juncker Facing Calls to Resign


Forget Jezza, Brussels news site EurActiv reports Jean-Claude Juncker is under pressure to resign. Czech foreign minister Lubomír Zaorálek says:

“Right now I can’t see the European Commission chairman as the right man for the job”

Another Eastern European diplomat says they will back moves to sack Juncker “if there was such a motion”. A central European diplomat said:

“The situation is changing by the hour. We need to send messages to our public that yes, we can change Brussels, so that it listens. There were many things done wrong and we must talk about that openly”

Brexit vote causing Brussels to finally embrace reform? Surely not…

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Mervyn King: ‘Doom and Gloom Wildly Exaggerated’

“There are some threats from the EU that will no longer be relevant. So, the idea there might be a tax on financial transactions – which George Osborne challenged, took to the European Court of Justice and lost his case – now we won’t be involved in that, and my guess is that any attempt in Europe to impose such a tax will never take place now because business will simply come to the City… There are obviously uncertainties in the short run… but the idea that this is a doom and gloom story seems to be wildly exaggerated.”

Project Calm from the former Bank of England governor…

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