Rishi and Sir Keir Strike a Chord With Voters

Redfield & Wilton has published word clouds depicting the policies voters most associate with Rishi and Sir Keir respectively. The bigger the phrase, the more frequent the response. Lo and behold, the most frequent response for both leaders, the policy that’s had the most cut through outside the Westminster bubble, is… “Don’t know”. Along with “not much”, “no idea”, and “not a clue”.

The good news for Rishi, at least, is that furlough, the economy, inflation and healthcare all make appearances. Although the fact voters associate the PM with “making maths compulsory” about as much as his economic policies probably won’t please Isaac Levido.  

Sir Keir, meanwhile, will be happy with the number of people who associate him with “working class rights“. Although that number is about the same as those who associate him with “nothing”…

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Tories’ Surging Momentum Comes Crashing to Halt

The latest Redfield & Wilton poll has Labour ahead by 21 points, with the Tories somehow dropping 3 points to 27% compared to last week. It looks like Rishi’s thundering momentum from Friday – when the Tories surged by a whopping one percentage point according to YouGov – has come crashing to a halt. Yet more good news for the Tory marginals…

Labour 48% (+1)
Conservative 27% (-3)
Liberal Democrat 10% (-2)
Reform UK 5% (+1)
Green 4% (+1)
Scottish National Party 4% (+1)
Other 2% (+1)

Rishi’s personal poll ratings are also down five points from last week, now sitting at +8, although Sir Keir’s also dropped by the same amount – he’s now on +13%. There goes the honeymoon period…

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Survation Has Labour Catching Tories

Survation have another poll detecting a bounce for Starmer. It is not their first so not likely to be an error, Redfield & Wilton have the Tories on 40% and Labour on 36% too, YouGov had the Tories dropping 6 points to 38% with Labour on 34% last. Silly season or the start of something else? Downing Street has had a run of mis-steps of late…

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Young Britons Really Want Socialism (Without Paying for It)

New research from the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA) shows that a whopping 67% of Britons aged 16-34 would like to live in a socialist economic system, with three-quarters also agreeing with the statement that ‘socialism is a good idea, but it has failed in the past because it has been badly done’. “Badly done” is one way of describing the gulags…

Of course, the hilarious irony here is that as much as these dewy-eyed Zoomers weep for a socialist utopia, they don’t like the idea of actually paying for it:

As data from Redfield & Wilton shows, support for cutting spending is actually highest among young people, with 60% of 18-24 year olds and 51% of 25-34 year olds believing the government should cut spending, whilst 48% of over 55s think taxes should be raised – presumably on the working young. The research also shows that a higher proportion of Labour’s predominantly younger voters compared to Tory voters, support tax cuts, which could make Labour’s ongoing policy review more interesting…

The IEA paper’s author, Dr. Kristian Niemietz, adds:

“These results show that “Millennial Socialism” is not just a social media hype, and it was not just a passing fad which ended with Jeremy Corbyn’s resignation… Supporters of the market economy need to accept that challenge, and rise to it, rather than dismiss it, or pretend it is not happening. We need to get better at making the positive case for capitalism, developing market-based policy solutions to the problems young people are facing, as well as explaining why socialism, seductive though it may be, is always and everywhere a dead end.”

Millennial Socialists should take a close look at their payslip, the deductions for tax will be even more if we get an even more socialist government…

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