WATCH: Reclaim Poach Shropshire Tory Councillor Days Before By-Election

If the North Shropshire by-election was already proving a headache for the Tories, it just got worse this morning. Top Tory councillor Anthony Allen has today announced his resignation from the party and defected to Laurence Fox and Martin Daubney’s Reclaim Party. Their first elected official…

Allen has slammed the Tory Party, saying they “simply aren’t conservative any more”:

“The’ve gone soft on illegal immigration, they’ve lost control of taxation and are obsessed with crippling green taxes nobody wants.

“On December 16th let’s send a clear message to the mainstream parties. It’s time for real change. It’s time for Reclaim”.

Laurence Fox says Anthony is an “amazing councillor who lives and breathes North Shropshire… Anthony is our first councillor, but – watch this space – he won’t be our last”. 

Yesterday The Observer published – heavy dose of scepticism required – “internal LibDem” polling suggesting a swing towards them over the last few days, against the Tories, despite their candidate having to apologise for comparing Channel migrants to Auschwitz prisoners. It’s a much, much tougher battle for the Tories than Bexley…

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Laurence Fox Searches Far and Wide for Reclaim Party Deputy Leader

Former Brexit Party MEP Martin Daubney has been appointed the new Deputy Leader of Laurence Fox’s Reclaim Party. As the video above shows, it was quite the search for the right candidate…

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Laurence Fox is an Oil Painting

According to the press release, Laurence Fox is posing here at Reclaim Party HQ with portraits by Anna Mazzotta. Anna apparently felt compelled to paint for Laurence Fox, whom she describes as “fighting the good fight for us all”.

“I particularly believe in Laurence’s freedom of expression message. Freedom of expression means having the freedom to offend and have a robust debate. That’s what Laurence is all about. No other political party has got a proper handle on this and how it’s supposed to sacrosanct to our functioning Democracy”

Anna was introduced to the Reclaim Party by her friend, a former Labour Party adviser and now Reclaim Party representative for women in the South East, the broadcaster Lois Perry (the blonde in the middle). Anna was a Corbynista, voted for Jeremy Corbyn at the last election, and now says she’s switched to backing the Reclaim Party Leader Laurence Fox.  Laurence Fox, you will recall, also voted for Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party, before he decided to set up his own party to fight wokeness. The sale proceeds for the painting will go towards Variety, the children’s charity. You can buy the above painting of Lozza and Britannia in a greasy spoon cafe via for a mere £5,280…

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2019 Batley & Spen Independent Paul Halloran Not Standing in By-Election

Independent candidate Paul Halloran, who stood in Batley & Spen in 2019 and received 12.2% of the vote, has announced he will not be standing in the forthcoming by-election. A major boost to the Tories’ chances.

The statement has just been put out by Laurence Fox’s Reclaim party, with whom Halloran had been in discussion for some time. Reclaim says neither they, nor Halloran, will stand in the by-election, however Halloran does intend to stand as Reclaim’s candidate in the constituency come the next election.

“Paul and I have decided that we will not stand in the by election.

It has been made clear to both of us that many people in Batley and Spen are fed up with the Labour Party.

The Labour Party have lost their way. We cannot in good conscience stand and risk splitting the vote and condemning Batley and Spen to any more years of Labour control.

The Labour Party is one of the most divisive and intolerant political parties in the UK.”

The statement is far from an endorsement of the Tories’ candidate, however, accusing Ryan Stephenson of only caring about his party, and being someone “who couldn’t find Batley & Spen on a map four weeks ago”. With Galloway taking votes from the left, and the right narrowing down to one main contender, this by-election just became a major headache for Sir Keir…

UPDATE 06/06: Reform Party also standing aside so as not to split the right-wing vote. Richard Tice’s statement: 

“We do not want to split the vote and reduce chances of Labour being ousted. While do not support this government, particularly with its approach to lockdown’s, the Northern Ireland Protocol and its new globalist tax agenda, a Tory win would lead to an early election, possibly next year and hopefully the final nail in Labour’s coffin.”

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Laurence Fox’s Reclaim Party Approved by Electoral Commission

Laurence Fox’s Reclaim party has finally been approved by the Electoral Commission, a month after Farage’s new Reform Party was also given the go-ahead. A statement just released by the Fox reads:

“Great news! We’re excited to announce that the Electoral Commission has finally given the Reclaim Party approval and so we are now able to proceed with all our exciting plans.

We appreciate that it has been a long wait for everyone and therefore we would like to thank you all personally for your continued messages of support and kind offers to get involved with the party.”

Ironically, another application for a “Black Lives Matter Party” was rejected in the same Electoral Commission announcement…

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Brexit Party Candidate Helped Set Up Laurence Fox Party

Lawrence Fox’s new party didn’t come as a huge surprise to those in Westminster who had spotted him meeting with Tory backbenchers in Westminster in recent weeks. His ‘Reclaim Party’s’ website isn’t wholly new to politics either, having been part set up by former Brexit Party candidate Darren Selkus. As his Privacy Policy reveals…

In the meantime, Fox has been preparing for political leadership, having already taken off the gloves… to reveal two new tattoos on his hands, spelling out “freedom” and “space”.

Looks like it isn’t only Dominic Cummings with a NASA obsession…

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