Guardian Accused of “Institutional Racism” by Own Anti-Racism Podcasters

It’s not been plain sailing at The Guardian since Guido first brought the paper’s problematic past to light. The newspaper has sought to make amends for its slave trade links and Confederate sympathy – creating an editorial project and a podcast to investigate the issue. Careful what you wish for… 

Short of a self-effacing exoneration for their troubled history, the podcasters realised The Guardian has failed to get with the times. Three producers from the show complained in writing about their treatment, before leaving the project. In a letter obtained by Deadline, the producers criticise a “lack of any serious desire from The Guardian to face and interrogate its own historic role” adding this left room for “microaggressions, colourism” and “bullying”. Their guidance on combatting  microaggressions is clearly due a re-write.

The letter was as the paper looked for other black producers to fill the void of those quitting. In the wake of these new accusations of “institutional racism”, it’s worth asking again – surely The Guardian must fall…

Read the producers’ email in full below:

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Neil Coyle has Labour Whip Removed

Last night Business Insider journalist Henry Dyer revealed that Labour MP Neil Coyle had levelled sinophobic comments at him in one of parliament’s bars. At the time Labour was not willing to go further than saying they took the accusation seriously. This morning however they’ve reevaluated the light-touch response and removed the whip. A Labour spokesperson says:

“The Labour Party expects the highest standards of behaviour from all our MPs and we take allegations of this sort very seriously. Accordingly the Chief Whip has now suspended the Labour whip from Neil Coyle pending an investigation.”

Coyle’s been out of order for years…

UPDATE: Coyle says “I’m very sorry for my insensitive comments, [I] have apologised to everyone involved and will be cooperating fully with the investigation.”

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Royal Court Theatre Has Had £9 Million from Taxpayers

Guido can reveal that the Royal Court Theatre – which has recently become embroiled in its third antisemitism row after staging a play featuring a world-conquering billionaire character named ‘Hershel Fink’ – received £9,244,936 in public money from the Arts Council of England between 2018-2022. The controversial London theatre is advised by Lord Wood, who is a director of the organisation – a post he’s held since 2007. Guido wonders what advice he is giving that allows such obviously racist tropes to slip through the net…

The play, which according to the trailer is about “power, money, (…) and the apathy of powerful people”, was forced to change the name of its protagonist Hershel Fink to Henry Finn after Jewish activists including David Baddiel slammed the production for racism. Royal Court Theatre later apologised “unreservedly for this situation” and blamed “unconscious bias” for their mistake. Pretty poor excuse…

Royal Court Theatre has a history of controversy, sometimes of a similar kind. In 1987 they tried to put on Loach’s Perdition which was labelled “deeply anti-semitic” by Martin Gilbert. In 2007, the theatre staged the deeply dubious “Seven Jewish Children”. Their choices seem to be conscious and systemic…

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Show Racism the Red Card’s Latest Speaker

Howard Beckett – who was suspended from Labour after tweeting that Priti Patel should be “deported”  – has been booked to speak at tomorrow’s Show Racism the Red Card Facebook Live event. Seemingly Beckett’s getting away with a yellow card at most…

The event, which will focus on “the fallout from the Euros, the incredible response of the players and the country, and what we can do to stamp out racism in football”, is set to feature Bell Ribeiro-Addy MP, and former footballers Curtis Fleming, Shaka Hislop, and Leroy Rosenior. Beckett’s booking appears to be quite an own goal from the group…

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Minister Destroys Corbyn Over Hypocritical Demands to “Tackle Racism”

Victoria Atkins wasted little time tearing Corbyn apart after his insistence that the government takes “immediate action” over online racial abuse. Hilarious as it was hypocritical.

Speaking in the Chamber today, Atkins slammed Corbyn:

“I suspect I’m not the only person who has felt a little bit astonished that it is this right honourable member who’s chosen to ask that question about taking immediate action to tackle racism…I am also reminded that a Jewish female MP had to have police protection at his party conference because of fears for her own safety. So I will listen to many, many people about tackling racism. I will work with pretty much anyone. But I must say, I will take a long spoon on which to sup with this particular member.”

Looks like Corbyn will have to try harder next time to – in his words – “unlock the talent of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic people”…

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70% of Footballer Racist Abuse Coming from Overseas

As the government ramps up its rhetoric on social media safety in response to the racist abuse hurled at Rashford, Saka, and Sancho after the Euros final, new data from both the Centre for Countering Digital Hate and the Kick It Out equality campaign show that whilst the level of abuse has increased in the past year, the majority of it is coming from overseas. A point which Gareth Southgate also acknowledged on Monday.

Sanjay Bhandari, chairman of Kick It Out, revealed that roughly 70% of all abuse over the past two seasons came from foreign accounts, adding:

““These are not football fans…They are people who have never been inside an English football ground.”

The Centre for Countering Digital Hate, meanwhile, found 105 Instagram accounts had directed abuse towards England players after the final. BBC Newsnight’s investigation revealed the locations of 64 of those accounts, of which only 5 came from the UK. Clearly this is still a problem, yet it’s worth bearing in mind where most of the abuse originates when trying to legislate against it…

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