Corbyn’s New Anti-Racism Campaign Star Sent N-Word, “Jew” and Hitler Tweets

Jeremy Corbyn has taken part in an event for the Show Racism the Red Card charity, giving an interview to Corbynista YouTube star David Vujanic for the Guardian website yesterday. Jezza and Vujanic got on famously, bumping fists and discussing, among other things, why fighting racism is so important and how there should be “zero tolerance” to those guilty of racist abuse. Labour did vet the Twitter feed of Corbyn’s new pal, didn’t they? Oh no…

Not the first Eastern European bloke with questionable views who Agent COB has come to regret meeting…


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Woman Who Introduced Corbyn Sent Dozens of Racist Tweets

A Labour student group has apologised after the party’s prominent youth activist Bethany Barker – who was Chair of Nottingham Labour Students Committee – posted dozens of sick racist, anti-Semitic and homophobic tweets. Barker introduced Jeremy Corbyn at Labour’s local elections campaign launch in Newark, Notts, last month. The remarkable tweets – sent several years ago – are a litany of extremely offensive comments:

Here she is (second left), pictured with Shadow Cabinet minister Angela Rayner:

Nottingham Labour students said:

“At 2.35pm we were made aware of a series of tweets which Bethany Barker had made on a deleted personal Twitter account, which were of a racist, anti-Semitic and homophobic nature from 2012-14.”

Barker said:

“As some of you may have seen on Twitter, some screenshots have resurfaced about what have said in the past. I’m absolutely horrified and beyond disgusted about these tweets and they are in no representative of the views I hold now. I have no recollection of writing these tweets and I am unequivocally sorry for the shadow has been brought over our society because of it. These views are in no way with what I align with today and am beyond upset that I could ever say such things. This society has meant so much to me since started university and the Labour Party has been held so strongly in my heart since have been a part of it.”

Just last month Jez was beaming as Bethany led her to the stage…

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Beeb Still Offering Ethnic Minority Only Places

BBC hiring

A job advert on W4MP shows the BBC is still selectively recruiting based on race, despite the backlash caused by similar schemes earlier this year. The advert states:

“All roles advertised through Creative Access are only open to UK nationals from a black, Asian or non-white ethnic minority.”

Practices like this were blasted by Sir Trevor McDonald, while Tory MPs called it “racist”…

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Labour MP: “The Only People Who Have Coloured Skin Are People Who Run Takeaways”

Labour MP Wayne David gaffed badly on BBC Radio Wales last night when asked about immigration in Caerphilly:

“Well in terms of numbers it’s not an issue. I mean the only people who have coloured skin, if you like, are people who run takeaways.”

He has now apologised, saying: “Ethnic minorities play a vitally important role in our society”. Labour handling such issues with their customary tact…

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