Labour Comms Officer Was the Question Time Liar

Remember this guy? The gobby Question Time audience member who made the false claim that Harold Wilson remained neutral in the 1975 referendum, rather than ask a question on Question Time. Jeremy liked his contribution so much he tweeted it out:

He name is Liam Shrivastava, he is according to his LinkedIn profile, a Communications Officer for the Labour Party:

So when people complained that it was like a Labour Party rally they weren’t wrong…

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Question Time Audience Versus Labour’s Manifesto

Not a single member had a good thing to say…

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Question Time Teen Takes Down Labour and Lib Dems

Last night this teenager too young to vote in the EU referendum spoke for the nation, taking on Labour and the Lib Dems for failing to deliver the Brexit result. Cummings would be proud… 

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Who is on Question Time Tonight?

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Who is on Question Time Tonight?

BBC could have tried for something a bit more exciting on such a momentous day…

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Thornberry: I’ll Negotiate a New Deal Then Campaign Against It

No wonder Labour keeps voting against having a general election…

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