Who Is On Question Time Tonight?

Who Is On Question Time Tonight?

BBC’s flagship political programme Question Time is back on our screens tonight with new presenter Fiona Bruce. Despite the fresh face, there is still a three to two lefty remainy panel. Some things never change…

The Million Pound Question

Tonight is the debut of the new Fiona Bruce hosted Question Time. BBC sources say that the original fee she was offered was less than Dimbleby got and the BBC argued that it was a legacy from less transparent days. Unlike Dimbleby, who was paid via a private company which did not have to reveal his fee, she will be paid direct by the BBC.

Bruce’s agent cannily played the ‘pay gap’ card to argue that she should receive the same money for doing the same job. Dimbleby was said to be on £15,000 an episode. At the same rate this will push Fiona’s total earnings from the BBC up to the £1 million threshold…

Dimbleby’s Musical Question Time Farewell

Last night at the Question Time party thrown in celebration of David Dimbleby’s time in the chair of the BBC’s flagship political programme, a song (composed by Question Time’s recently promoted producer Poppy Bullard) was sung in his honour, set to the tune of ABBA’s Dancing Queen. Guido has obtained the lyrics…

It’s David Dimbleby
Young and free
Only eighty
Longest serving chair of QT, oh yeah

Read the brilliant homage in full here:

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Dimbleby Bows Out of Question Time to Standing Ovation

Last night saw David Dimbleby’s last ever time in the Chair of BBC Question Time, drawing a remarkable 25 year era to a close. Panelist Jo Brand led a touching standing ovation in tribute to the veteran broadcaster.

“From me a happy Christmas, and not goodbye, but goodnight.”

Dimblebot is an institution and Guido wishes him well.

Question Time returns to our screens from Islington on 10th January, hosted by Fiona Bruce.

Who Is On Question Time Tonight

It’s Dimbleby’s last ever show as host…

Fiona Bruce New Question Time Presenter

In a decision that was widely trailed, newsreader Fiona Bruce has landed the coveted flagship presenting role. She will present her first programme in January. It was always going to be a woman…

Charles Moore Slams Question Time’s 4:1 Remain Panel

Charles Moore received a substantial round of applause on Question Time last night for pointing out that he was the only member of the panel last night to have voted Leave in 2016.

“Everybody on this panel except for me comes from a remain point of view in the referendum… and therefore they don’t understand why people care about this and they don’t see what the real issue at stake is.”

He’s right…

Who Is On Question Time Tonight?

Who Is On Question Time Tonight?


Who Is On Question Time Tonight? 

Just one Brexiteer on the panel, in Cannock. It’s one of the highest leave voting areas of the country…

Who Is On Question Time Tonight?

Good luck dissecting today…

Jordan Peterson’s Warning Against Criminalising Speech

Popular Psychology Professor Jordan Peterson is not everyone’s cup of tea but he had a number of interesting points to make on Question Time last night, particularly on the dangers of criminalising speech and the inextricably related problem of who actually defines what “hate speech” is. A nuanced approach all too rarely seen in this era of no-platforming and trial by Twitter…

As Peterson puts it: “the criminalisation of what hypothetically constitutes offensive speech is going to be a cure that is so much worse than the disease that we can hardly imagine it.” Food for thought…

Diane Abbott Warns Remainers Against Second Referendum

A strong warning against a second referendum came from an unlikely source on Question Time last night as Diane Abbott told Remainers to “be careful what you wish for”:

“What I say to people calling for a second referendum now is you should be careful what you wish for, because my suspicion is that if we had a second referendum now, the same people that voted Leave – who are not largely speaking in London – would vote Leave again, saying ‘didn’t you hear us the first time?'”

Didn’t she get Keir’s memo about “constructive ambiguity”?

However it turns out that Diane may be more in tune with the public mood than many of her fellow North London Labour colleagues, as a new Hanbury/Politico poll this morning revealed that just 9% of voters want a second referendum if MPs vote down Theresa May’s Brexit Deal. 34% say we should just leave with no deal…

Who Is On Question Time Tonight?

Big hitters on BBC1 at 10:45 tonight. Worth tuning in…

Who Is On Question Time Tonight?

An abundance of freedom-fighting heroes on the panel tonight in Clacton-on-Sea. Should be a good one…

Who Is On Question Time This Week?

Only one Brexiteer on the panel in 61% Leave-voting Barrow-in-Furness…

What Would Maggie Do?

Bang on from Lord Dobbs…

UPDATE: A hint from the Iron Lady

Who Is On Question Time Tonight?

Some big hitters set for a grilling from the Guildford audience tonight…

Who Is On Question Time Tonight?

Question Time this week comes to us from Edinburgh, with Tory rising star Ross Thomson making his debut appearance. Expect Brexity sparks to fly. 10:45pm BBC 1…[…] Read the rest


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Quote of the Day

Tobias Ellwood tells LBC…

“So Jeremy Corbyn will meet with Hamas, Hezbollah and the IRA with no preconditions, but won’t meet the British Prime Minister without her agreeing to his precondition.”


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