Thornberry: I’ll Negotiate a New Deal Then Campaign Against It

No wonder Labour keeps voting against having a general election…

Who Is On Question Time Tonight?

50:50 balanced Leave:Remain panel. A golden new era..?

Who’s On Question Time Tonight?

Yes that is our Tom, so you’ll have someone to cheer…

Who Is On Question Time Tonight?

Tonight Question Time comes to our screens from Tottenham, unusually there are two Tory MPs on the panel: Leave-voting Kwasi Kwarteng from Team Boris, and Remain-voting Margot James from Team Hunt. Kicking off the Tory leadership air war…

With Brexit Party supporter Tim Martin there too, that makes for two whole Leavers on the panel this week, although as far as Guido is aware, Laura Pidcock has never publicly declared her support either way for Leave or Remain. Surely the BBC haven’t made the grievous error of accidentally having a Leave-majority panel in a Leave-majority country?

Who Is On Question Time Tonight?

Tonight Question Time comes to our screens from Brecon in Wales, and has an entire two Brexiteers on the panel this week! Goes some way to make up up for last week’s big fat zero

Who Is On Question Time Tonight?

Extraordinary panel tonight on the BBC‘s flagship political programme. Not one single panellist voted to leave the EU. A Daily Mirror hack, as well as that paper’s former editor. A Labour MP who works under John McDonnell and used to be an MEP. An SNP identikit frontbencher. And to balance them all out, the leading light of the Tory left. Wow.

Who Is On Question Time Tonight?

Pinker is a great get…

Who Is On Question Time Tonight?

One to miss…

Scottish Remain Voter: I Accept Democracy, SNP Does Not Speak For Me

Last night’s Question Time served as a good reminder that plenty of Remain voters do accept the results of referendums, despite the SNP pretending they don’t. Remainy unionists should think carefully about the precedent of forcing down second referendums…

Farage: This is a Coalition of Parliament Against the People

Nigel brought the house down on last night’s Question Time in his first answer. The whole episode isn’t one to miss, with Amber Rudd making the mistake of bizarrely attacking the readership of the respected flagship ConservativeHome website and nineteen year old Emily putting Anna Soubry in her place over a second referendum. Great telly…

Who Is On Question Time Tonight?

Tonight’s Question Time is set to be the spiciest for weeks, featuring firebrand Remainers Anna Soubry and Amber Rudd, up against Brexiteer stalwarts Nigel Farage and John Mills. Labour’s Henry Bolton lookalike Jonathan Reynolds will also be there. Not one to miss…

Question Time’s Top Spots: 10-0 To Remainers

BBC Question Time has published statistics on which panellists have appeared on the programme most frequently. All of them were Remainers. 4/5 campaigned to join the Euro. We have posthumously determined that Charlie Kennedy would be a remainer given he was President of the euro-federalist European Movement. The Remainer trope that Question Time is Faragist because he is always on the programme is simply not true…

The top 10 most frequent guests have been:

  1. Ken Clarke – 59
  2. Shirley Williams – 58
  3. Menzies Campbell – 46
  4. Harriet Harman – 45
  5. Charles Kennedy – 44
  6. Clare Short – 39
  7. Michael Heseltine – 38
  8. Paddy Ashdown – 37
  9. Roy Hattersley – 36
  10. Simon Hughes – 34


Who Is On Question Time Tonight?

Should be a good one…

Charles Moore Takes Question Time to Task on Balance

Guido was reminded of this research while watching Question Time last night – the research found that 86% of the time the panel was dominated by Remainers. Charles Moore pointed out that he was the only Leave voter on the panel, showing twice as many Remain voters appear on the programme than Leave voters. This won’t come as a surprise to many regular viewers…

The IEA’s analysis referenced by Moore also shows a two to one bias in favour Remain supporting panelists. Guido understands that it must be hard to balance the panel given that the media class and Parliament as a whole is so out of touch with the country on the question of Brexit, but surely it isn’t an impossible task…

Who Is On Question Time Tonight

Very lefty panel this week in Dulwich…

Who Is On Question Time Tonight?

Who Is On Question Time Tonight?

Audience Demolishes ‘Arrogant’ Second Referendum Politicians on Question Time

“It is nothing but sheer arrogance. Arrogance of people that have lost. And people that want to subvert democracy.”

Listen to those cheers…

Who is on Question Time Tonight?

Will Cleverly and JHB be entertaining enough to balance out Blackford?

Who is on Question Time Tonight?

A better spread of views than many Question Times…[…] Read the rest


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