Read in Full: Rishi’s PPS List

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Reshuffle Finalised as Government Confirms PPS Appointments

The Government’s reshuffle is finally coming to a close, as appointments to a number of Parliamentary Private Secretary (PPS) positions gave been confirmed. Co-conspirators will recall the whips had been experiencing some difficulty in recruiting enough parliamentary bag-carriers, though they have now managed to fill each position. Even if the vast majority are eager 2019ers…

The Government also seems to have granted whips greater individual responsibility for departments, with specific roles also listed. If recent trends are anything to go by, the government could use all the help to party discipline it can muster. See the full list of PPS and whip appointments below. 

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Reshuffle Still Ongoing as Whips Struggle to Appoint PPSs

Astonishingly, it appears No. 10 and the Whips’ Office are still carrying out the reshuffle. After appointing all the proper ministers, Liz had to turn her attention to filling in bag-carrying PPS jobs – the first rung on the ladder of ministerial office. Guido had heard plenty of rumours that the government was struggling with the reshuffle process thanks to backbenchers turning down offers as they look to focus on their constituencies ahead of what will be a very challenging general election. Nevertheless, here are a few of the appointments so far:

  • Mark Fletcher – Chancellor
  • Paul Howell – Chief Secretary to Treasury
  • Gagan Mohindra – FCDO
  • James Sunderland – Health
  • Scott Benton – Education
  • Gareth Bacon – Justice
  • Luke Evans – BEIS
  • Richard Holden – Trade
  • Jerome Mayhew – DWP

Suzanne Webb has got the plum job of PM’s PPS, though there are typically two or three of those, so backbenchers still have hope. Official sources blame the delay on MPs being away for conference recess…

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PPS Reshuffle List in Full

After the excitement of the cabinet reshuffle, the vague intrigue of the ministerial reshuffle, and the insider intel on SpAd appointments, we get all the way down the new government PPSs. Brace yourselves for the dizzying excitement of the newly-completed list in full:

PM: Andrew Griffiths & Sarah Dines
Deputy PM: Mike Wood
Cabinet Office: Jane Hunt & Ian Levy
Treasury: Claire Coutinho & Craig Williams
Home Office: Paul Holmes & Gagan Mohindra
Foreign Office/W&Eq: Bim Afolami & Sarah Atherton
Defence: Suzanne Webbe & James Sunderland
Justice: Julie Marson & Joy Morrissey
Health: Saqib Bhatti & Natalie Elphicke
BEIS: Mark Fletcher & Felicity Buchan
COP26: Katherine Fletcher
MHCLG: Angela Richardson, Jacob Young & Danny Kruger
Trade: Jack Brereton & Peter Gibson
Education: Sara Britcliffe & David Johnston
DEFRA: Fay Jones & Selaine Saxby
Transport: Laura Trott & Nicola Richards
DWP: Flick Drummond & Gareth Bacon
Scotland: Ruth Edwards
Wales: Virginia Crosbie
Northern Ireland: Jonathan Gullis
DCMS: John Lamont & Lia Nici
Leader of the Commons: Lucy Allan
Leader of the Lords: Chris Clarkson
Law Officers: Alberto Costa
CCHQ Chairman: James Wild

The reshuffle est fini.

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Boris Puts All his PPS Eggs in 2019 Basket

A small PPS reshuffle came last night after a few resignations and sackings:

  • Chris Clarkson (2019) → MoJ
  • Jonathan Gullis (2019)→ Leader of the Lords
  • Peter Gibson (2019) → Tory Chairman’s Office
  • Neil O’Brien (2017) → promotion to Tory vice chairman
  • Damien Moore (2017) → Defra

The full list is available here

As part of the ongoing Lee Cain promotion row, one former minister told Paul Waugh “What is much more important is that they appoint someone, ideally an MP, to properly manage relations with the parliamentary party and sort that out because it is pretty poor.” Guido disagrees. There’s no doubt No. 10 needs to sort out Downing Street backbench relations, however the bad terms at the moment aren’t due to the lack of a chief of staff. That’s not to say a chief of staff who knew their way round the parliamentary party would not be an advantage.

One government source lays the blame largely at the door of Boris’s PPS appointments. While they’re a good way to plant the seeds of future ministers, their key role is liaising between ministers, departments and MPs. No. 10 has been lavishing appointments primarily on new-intake MPs and diverse ones at that. Crunching the numbers, Guido discovers over half – 53% – of all PPSs are now from the 2019 intake.

🏳️‍🌈 12.5% are LGBT, versus 5.5% of Tory MPs as a whole

✊🏾10% are BAME, versus 6% of Tory MPs as a whole

👩🏼‍💼43% are women, versus 40% of Tory MPs as a whole

Of the 2019 PPSs, those diversity figures are even more pronounced. Many Tory MPs Guido talks to are crying out for No. 10 to prioritise party relations over affirmative action

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Read in Full: Government’s New PPS’s, Trade Envoys and Tory Chairmen

To accompany Guido’s seminal SpAd list, he is today able to release the first comprehensive list of bottom rung government payroll appointments. Rarely seen in one single database…

Boris has seemingly finished off his PPS list, notably including many of the 2019 intake. Some disgruntled straight, white, male MPs moan to Guido No. 10 seems to be fast-tracking female, BAME and LGBT MPs up the ranks faster than them…

Guido also spots the much-delayed reshuffle to the Tories’ line-up of party chairs has been concluded, promoting figures like Alan Mak and Nickie Aiken. Interesting given recent reports CCHQ were planning to cut down the number of vice-chairs as a money-saving manoeuvre…

Finally, today Liz Truss announced the full list of new government trade envoys, with 15 new additions compared to the last list. Some announcements have raised eyebrows; including the appointment of Ian Austin to Israel, and Daniel Kaczynski to Mongolia – one MP suggests to Guido it’s a ploy to get him as far away from controversy as possible…

Read the database in full below:

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