Politically Correct Advertising Standards Authority Threaten to Censor Teabagging Elf

The censorious bunch of self-appointed bureaucrats at the Advertising Standards Authority have targeted anti-gay marriage advertsanti-environmentalist advertsFathers4Justice adverts, pro-hanging adverts and women in bikinis in their insidious campaign against politically incorrect causes. Their latest investigation is into Poundland’s teabagging elf, who caused a storm in a teacup over Christmas. Literally several vastly overpaid men will be sitting in a room discussing whether an image of an elf holding a teabag over a plastic doll is against their code. The investigation is going to last months. And all because some lefties moaned on Twitter. Free the teabagging elf!

Twinings Distance Themselves From Poundland’s Teabagging Elf

Today’s source of Twitter faux outrage: this tweet from Poundland featuring a naughty elf and a Twinings teabag:

Twinings have responded by distancing themselves from the promotion:

A look at some of the other recent tweets on Poundland’s feed shows a clear deliberate attempt to wind up Twitter and bag a load of publicity. Storm in a teacup? 

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Quote of the Day

Emily Thornberry tells Today

“I want a people’s vote but I want it to be a big and proper people’s vote, which is a general election.”


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