Ashworth Confronted with Recording on Politics Live

Politics Live have been the first to confront Ashworth with Guido’s exclusive audio recording. Neither the panellists nor anyone else were buying his ‘banter’ excuse…

“Ain’t Gonna Be No Second Referendum”

Gove seems confident…

Sarah Champion: I Would Back A No Deal Brexit

Sarah Campion, who represents the overwhelmingly Leave backing seat of Rotherham told PoliticsLive today that she would back a No Deal Brexit over a second referendum.

“If it came to it, I would take no deal, if that meant we could leave, because we have to leave”

If it came to a choice of leaving without a full trade agreement, and not leaving at all, there are many other Labour MPs who would do the same…

New Statesman’s Grace Blakeley Makes The Case For Boris

On today’s PoliticsLive, the New Statesman’s Grace Blakeley made one of the most compelling cases for Boris Guido has heard all week. “He is at his heart a Thatcherite.” Music to the membership’s ears…

Mark Field Protester Incident Needs More Nuance

The Telegraph’s Madeline Grant brought some much needed nuance to the debate surrounding the Mark Field incident this afternoon on Politics Live. Different interpretations are adding fuel to the growing culture war…

Patten’s Glaring Hypocrisy Over Boris Jibe

Second referendum and Rory Stewart Backer Chris Patten launched into an undignified attack on Boris Johnson this afternoon on Politics Live, attempting to present Boris as an enemy of LGBT rights all precariously based upon one 1998 column where Boris used the word “bumboys” once. Here’s how their records stack up…

  • Boris voted to repeal the notoriously homophobic Section 28 legislation, against the tide of his party in 2003. Jeremy Corbyn abstained…
  • Patten voted to introduce Section 28.
  • Boris launched the campaign for equal marriage, when the majority of the country and Tory MPs opposed the idea.
  • Patten didn’t bother to vote to defend equal marriage legislation in the House of Lords in 2013.
  • Boris as Mayor of London supported the annual Pride celebration. Pink stetson and all…
  • Patten, as far as Guido can see, has not yet attended a Pride parade. Nor has he worn a pink stetson…

Patten’s support for the European Union means he wins the liberal plaudits despite a deeply illiberal voting record. Meanwhile the chattering classes ignore Boris’ actual consistently liberal record because they’re still upset about Brexit…

UPDATE: An earlier version of this article said that Patten voted to kill off equal marriage legislation in the House of Lords.” This was in fact Lord (John) Patten, not Lord (Chris) Patten of Barnes. Guido is happy to clarify that Lord Patten of Barnes simply failed to turn up to vote…

Mehdi Hasan Goes Batsh*t on Politics Live

Mehdi with some typically thoughtful and nuanced insight on his return to UK TV screens…

Brillo v Shapiro – Full 10 Minute Unedited Interview

Brillo’s defenestration of Shapiro was beautiful. A practical demonstration of the case against no-platforming…

Gavin Esler’s “Village Idiot” Politics Live Meltdown

Gavin Esler’s big moment on Politics Live today severely backfired after he accused the Brexit Party’s Martin Daubney of lying over whether Esler had called Brexiteers “village idiots”. Which he had.

Even Will Self-style theatrical finger jabbing couldn’t save the Brexit-deranged former BBC presenter from a cringeworthy retreat. Glorious television…

Esler also tried to go after the Brexit Party for not revealing one of their donors, conveniently forgetting that his own party hasn’t revealed any of its own donations either since the end of March. Change UK are withholding publishing any donations they’ve received in the last two months until after the European Elections. Guido looks forward to seeing who else has given to the hapless Tiggers…

Miliband Squirms When Confronted By Guido’s Air Mile Investigation

Former Labour Leader Ed Miliband (remember him?) squirmed in his seat when challenged over Guido’s air mile investigation which revealed that since December 2017, Ed personally racked up over 19,000 air miles, pumping out over 3.5 tonnes of carbon dioxide. He says “individuals have to do their bit” and he’s sure he “could do more”. Understatement of the year…

BBC Guests Pile in on Bridgen for Quoting a Poll

Andrew Bridgen was accosted by the entire panel on Politics Live today for accurately quoting YouGov polling that shows in the likely event that the UK doesn’t have an agreed deal by Friday, voters prefer leaving with ‘No Deal’ to both accepting an extension, or remaining in the EU.

This sort of pile on is what happens when only one person on the panel voted to leave…

State Regulation of Social Media is Back Door to Press Regulation

On today’s Politics Live, Toby Young took apart the proposals expected in a White Paper next week for Government control of social media. He’s bang on…

Steve Baker: Confidence Vote Against May “On the Table”

“It’s on the table, there’s no point denying it…”

Tory MPs Say Support is Slipping Away From May

After her disastrous statement last night, support has started to slip away from Theresa May and her deal. Leave-backing MPs increasingly believe that voting down her deal means No Deal, whereas Remain-backing MPs increasing believe that voting down her deal will mean the EU will force the UK into a long extension lasting at least a year, giving them time to push their duplicitous ‘Common Market 2.0’ plan or even a second referendum.[…] Read the rest


Owen Jones’ Reality Check for Remainers

Owen Jones had a reality check for the Remainers getting overexcited after Arron Banks was referred to the NCA yesterday. As hard as it is for SW1 to grasp, the vast majority of people don’t have lives which revolve entirely around Twitter…[…] Read the rest


Henry VIII vs Theresa May

When asked who would he rather have negotiating a Brexit deal, David Starkey was cutting. “I think the answer is a bit obvious”…[…] Read the rest


Toynbee: No More Referendums… Except This One

The Guardian’s second referendum supporting Polly Toynbee got into a sticky situation on Politics Live when Andrew Neil revealed her own words from just last year “never try another referendum.”

Her response? “Well, except possibly this one.”

Inspired.[…] Read the rest


JoCo Loses It With Bolshy Batten

Fireworks flew on Politics Live this afternoon as JoCo repeatedly lost her temper with UKIP leader Gerard Batten while taking a belligerent Batten to task over his support for Tommy Robinson. UKIP have lost a slew of MEPs over the last few months in protest at Batten’s personal obsession with Islam and support for the former EDL leader. […] Read the rest


BBC Flagship Shows Still Have Remain Panel Bias

Brexiteers always like to complain about Brexit bias on the BBC, so Guido has crunched the numbers on the BBC’s three flagship panel shows, Question Time, Politics Live and Any Questions to see if they have a point. They certainly do…

Since the start of the political season in September, 72% of the official panel guests across the three shows have been Remainers, while a mere 28% have been Leavers.[…] Read the rest


Fact Check Torpedoes Campbell

BBC fact checkers took Remain fanatic Alastair Campbell to task on BBC Politics Live today. Campbell’s assertion that “there has been a big shift in support for a second referendum” was thoroughly torpedoed by Sir John Curtice’s comprehensive analysis that “there is no consistent evidence of a shift in support for a second referendum.”

Loopy continuity Remainers want to convince the media that their second referendum is viable.[…] Read the rest


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