Scrapbook Bercow Clusterf**k

Older readers may remember Political Scrapbook, the Labour gossip blog which died a death a few years ago and now only posts sporadically. Whoever is running it these days has got very confused this afternoon:

Bercow has not resigned. The story has now been deleted. Even Skwawkbox ain’t this bad.

H/T Dan Bloom

Scrapbook Exclusive Stays Exclusive


The managed decline of part-time Labour attack blog Political Scrapbook continues apace. This morning’s top Scrapbook scoop is headlined: “Liam Fox is Trying to Become UK’s Foreign Secretary, Again!”. A rehash of a story in the Sunday papers which they haven’t even managed to copy correctly – Dr Fox was never Foreign Secretary. It wasn’t just a typo, the error is repeated twice in the copy: “Fox isn’t about to give up on becoming UK Foreign Secretary again”, and “It’s only taken five years for Fox to plot his way back into the Foreign Office”. No one has even pointed out the triple error in Scrapbook’s comments, because no one reads it any more…

UPDATE: Over an hour since the Scrapbook post and tweet went up, it still hasn’t been corrected…

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