Durham Police to Reexamine Keir Starmer Covid Rule-Breaking

Richard Holden MP confirming Durham Deputy Chief Constable will “make enquires” with the Constabulary’s investigation team over Starmer’s potential rule-breaking in April 2021. Read the letter sent to Holden below…

Ello, ello, ello…

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Metropolitan Police Drops Government Investigation

Away from The Mirror’s attempts to get Boris out of Downing Street, prior to PMQs Chris Hope gave Downing Street some news to be happy about: the Metropolitan Police have decided not to investigate No. 10. No, Partygate’s still being probed, however allegations about bullying by party whips have been found to be without substance…  

Hope’s daily email details that a note from Scotland Yard to William Wragg, who publicly made the allegations a couple of weeks ago, reads:

“This has now been assessed by detectives within the Central Specialist Crime Command, who have concluded that, at the current time, there is no evidence of any criminal offence. As a result, no further action will be taken by the MPS”

Wragg tells Chopper he has no regrets, despite no doubt substantial police resources and costs going towards his allegations. Guido imagines the media and left-wingers who leapt on Wragg’s initial allegations will cover this latest development with as much zeal and with equal prominence… 

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Police Sniffer Dogs in Parliament this Morning

After the Sunday Times produced evidence of cocaine traces across the parliamentary estate, the Speaker told the newspaper that sniffer dogs could be deployed under plans for a drugs crackdown by the Commons authorities.

“The Speaker has promised to call in the police amid growing evidence of cocaine and other illegal substances being used in parliament. Sir Lindsay Hoyle said he would investigate Westminster’s drug culture after traces of cocaine were detected in a number of places accessible only to people with parliamentary passes.”

As this picture from a co-conspirator shows, police dogs are on the estate now. So if you do have any of your Friday night stash left on you, you have been warned…

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Patel Announces Inquiry Into Wayne Couzens Case

Home Secretary Priti Patel confirmed in her Conference speech today that an independent inquiry will be launched to scrutinise the actions taken by police in the wake of Sarah Everard’s murder, and investigate how Wayne Couzens was allowed access to the Parliamentary estate throughout 2020. Refusing to address Couzens by name (instead referring to him only as ‘a monster’), Patel said:

We need answers as to why this was allowed to happen […] I can confirm today, there will be an inquiry, to give the independent oversight needed, to ensure something like this can never happen again.”

Patel added that while she will “always” back the police, it was “abhorrent” that a serving officer was able to abuse his power in such a way, and that her strong relationship with the force means she can “ask them to do better“. This follows news yesterday that Lindsay Hoyle was already in discussions with the Metropolitan Police over Couzens’ Parliamentary access…

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Boris: We Need to “Change the Culture of Policing”

With a second Metropolitan Police officer now accused of rape following the Wayne Couzens case, Boris spoke in a pooled clip this morning to insist the public should continue to trust the police – though admitted a cultural change is necessary:

“What we can certainly conclude from the Wayne Couzens case […] is that there is a massive job of work to do to give women the confidence that they need. And I want to be clear: I believe that people should be confident in the police […] it is vital that the public trust the police. But what we need to do is do some things to make the streets safer, and we’re investing massively in CCTV and street lighting and those sorts of things. But also make sure that we change the culture of policing […] I want to see a much shorter time between a reporting of a crime, an arrest, between an arrest and prosecution, between prosecution and a conviction…we’ve also got to recruit many more female police officers. It’s happening in the Met […] it should happen around the country.”

Asked why the Policing Bill going through the Lords isn’t explicit in defining sexual or domestic violence as “serious”, Boris simply said “it’s an ongoing case […] I can’t comment on the detail of that”…

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Tory Police Boss’s Unwelcome Everard Intervention

The police establishment has hardly been covering itself in glory this week, neither during nor after the sentencing of Sarah Everard’s killer. Their spin has broadly consisted of distancing themselves from Wayne Couzens as much as possible and not engaging with womens’ new fears of policemen themselves. Today the response has hit a new low as a Tory police and crime commissioner Philip Allott had a shocking BBC radio interview:

“So women, first of all, need to be streetwise about when they can be arrested and when they can’t be arrested. She should never have been arrested and submitted to that.

“Perhaps women need to consider in terms of the legal process, to just learn a bit about that legal process”.

If the comments weren’t embarrassing enough for both the force and the Tories, Guido spots Priti Patel herself made the journey up to North Yorkshire earlier this year to campaign for Allott to become police and crime commissioner.

The whole policing establishment needs to get a grip ASAP…

UPDATE: Allot apologises “wholeheartedly” for his comments “Which I realise have been insensitive and wish to retract them in full.”

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