First PMQs of 2017: Who’s Asking The Questions

Oral Questions to The Prime Minister

Q1 Chris Law (Dundee West) If she will list her official engagements for Wednesday 11 January.

Q2 Ian Murray (Edinburgh South)

Q3 Mark Menzies (Fylde)

Q4 Mrs Maria Miller (Basingstoke)

Q5 Michael Fabricant (Lichfield) What recent assessment she has made of the (a) performance of the economy and (b) adequacy of provision of public services in Staffordshire; and if she will make a statement.

Q6 Tracy Brabin (Batley and Spen)

Q7 Norman Lamb (North Norfolk)

Q8 Antoinette Sandbach (Eddisbury)

Q9 Richard Fuller (Bedford)

Q10 Joanna Cherry (Edinburgh South West)

Q11 Alan Brown (Kilmarnock and Loudoun)

Q12 Edward Argar (Charnwood)

Q13 John Woodcock (Barrow and Furness)

Q14 Dr James Davies (Vale of Clwyd)

Q15 Chris White (Warwick and Leamington)

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Caroline Lucas Fails to Declare Her Interest

At PMQs Caroline Lucas, the Green MP for Brighton Pavilion, asked the PM if she would sack Transport Secretary Chris Grayling over Southern Rail. The PM retorted that the unions are the ones responsible for the unnecessary strikes. Shouldn’t Ms Lucas have declared her £7,000 donation from the RMT?

The rules state that “it should be a matter of honour that a financial interest is declared not only .. in debate in the House and its Committees but also whenever a Member is attempting to influence his fellow Members…” Wasn’t Caroline trying to influence the PM on behalf of her RMT sponsors?

Last PMQs of Term: FFS!

Peter Dowd got PMQs kicking today when he suggested pencilling “FO” next to our glorious Foreign Secretary’s name “should have been an instruction not a job offer”. Having not really bothered with popular culture since some time in 1979 (when leather trousers were “in”), Theresa May was stony faced as the House erupted with sedentary chortling. At this point Rudd should have leaned over and explained the joke so the PM could attempt a reasonable simulation of the human emotion of mirth.

No such help was forthcoming so Theresa was stranded. If you looked closely enough you could actually see the lightning-quick processor in her brain whirring as she tried to work it out. What could it mean? Feckless orator? Frizzled oaf? Franchised obscurant?

Still none the wiser, the PM clearly decided that if you can’t beat ‘em, you might as well join ‘em, countering that Boris “is in short an FFS: a fine Foreign Secretary”. Completely oblivious she then sat down smirking. “Nailed it”, or more likely “jolly good show old bean!” she must have thought. 

Mrs. May also wished everyone a happy Christmas, going on to remark: “I will of course have an opportunity to do that again on Monday, when I am sure the House will be as full for the statement on the European Council meeting”. We can just be thankful it was a Monday debate or no doubt she would have cheerily told the House that she would “see you next Tuesday!”

Not satisfied that she had sufficiently displayed her complete ignorance of pop culture the PM then went on to implore the House and the nation to “download the single” commemorating the death of Jo Cox. At this point everyone was wondering if it was possible for Theresa May to get any more uncool.

But then again, maybe Theresa May is cool? She doesn’t know what FFS means, still doesn’t really understand what a download is, and has probably only just stopped referring to iPods as “walkmans”. Not only that but she wears £1,000 gold leather trousers and then demotes anyone who criticises them.

On the coolness scale naturally you have your F1 drivers and Keith Richards at one end, and your William Hagues and Piers Morgans at the other. But then there’s also a certain sub-set that are so consciously uncool they become cool: “The Clarksons”. The PM just may be one of them.

In other news Angus Robertson got up to moan as is his wont. But unusually for once this came as a source of comfort, making my post-Guido christmas PFL hangover really not so bad after all. I mean, it could be worse couldn’t it? I could be Angus Robertson, a walking bag of human misery.

Heidi Allen then rose to have a little cry about modern slavery: literally she cried. Obviously slavery’s bad and everything, but does every Commons debate have to be a sob-fest now? When did we become such a nation of wimps? Did Lloyd-George ever break down in the commons about how his impoverished Welsh upbringing? Did Joe Chamberlain weep when he sat in the Commons barely able to speak after having a massive stroke? Did Churchill break down when he addressed the House in a bombed out Parliament in 1940?

But there is one man in the House who understands this. And being Christmas time he deserves a special end of the year congratulations.That man is Tom Watson and he is a stoic. He sits through week after week of Labour getting BTFO in PMQs and doesn’t flinch: simply sucks it up and takes his punishment like a man. BTFO? Google it you uncool loser.

You can see it in his face. “God just see this one out and we’re done Tom. You can do it mate” he’s thinking. “Keep going Tom. Don’t crack. Don’t let them see you cry. Thirty minutes and you’ll be in Strangers double parked with a Peroni in each hand”. It’s hard not to like someone who perseveres like Tom does. Merry Christmas Mr. Watson.

Theresa May: FFS, Boris

“A Fine Foreign Secretary”, indeed…

PMQs: Who’s Asking The Questions

Oral Questions to The Prime Minister

Q1 Peter Dowd (Bootle)

Q2 Mark Durkan (Foyle)

Q3 Nick Smith (Blaenau Gwent)

Q4 Amanda Milling (Cannock Chase)

Q5 Ian Blackford (Ross, Skye and Lochaber)

Q6 Lucy Powell (Manchester Central)

Q7 Justin Madders (Ellesmere Port and Neston)

Q8 Mike Weir (Angus)

Q9 Ms Gisela Stuart (Birmingham, Edgbaston)

Q10 Naz Shah (Bradford West)

Q11 Tim Loughton (East Worthing and Shoreham)

Q12 Dr Sarah Wollaston (Totnes)

Q13 Caroline Lucas (Brighton, Pavilion)

Q14 Victoria Prentis (Banbury)

Q15 Helen Whately (Faversham and Mid Kent)

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Thornberry In Labour’s Side

Theresa May sat out PMQs today as she’s far away in Bahrain bowing to our Gulf overlords (peace be upon them). It turns out that fawning deference comes easy when in the presence of the assorted head-choppers, slave-drivers and anti-Semites that comprise the Gulf Cooperation Council. If only she could muster the same diplomatic humility when Time’s Person of the Year kindly requests a new ambassador…

Of course the far greater crime is that the PM’s absence means we have to sit through half an hour of Emily Thornberry. Lady Nugee knows she effortlessly radiates sneering contempt for the lower orders and thus does her damned best to hide it. It was all going well today too, with her starting by commemorating the 75th anniversary of Pearl Harbour: where thousands of American service personnel and civilians died”. Or as Corbyn would frame it: “Where brave Japanese fighter pilots made the ultimate sacrifice in the struggle against American imperialism in the Pacific”.

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DPMQs: Who’s Asking the Questions

Theresa May is in Bahrain so Leader of the House David Lidington is deputising. Emily Thornberry up for Labour.

Oral Questions to the Prime Minister

Q1 Dr Philippa Whitford (Central Ayrshire)

Q2 Sir Peter Bottomley (Worthing West)

Q3 Bob Blackman (Harrow East)

Q4 Amanda Milling (Cannock Chase)

Q5 Mr Peter Bone (Wellingborough)

Q6 Deidre Brock (Edinburgh North and Leith)

Q7 Patrick Grady (Glasgow North)

Q8 Andrew Bridgen (North West Leicestershire)

Q9 Kit Malthouse (North West Hampshire)

Q10 Rehman Chishti (Gillingham and Rainham)

Q11 Craig Williams (Cardiff North)

Q12 Steve Double (St Austell and Newquay)

Q13 Steve Baker (Wycombe)

Q14 Richard Graham (Gloucester)

“I Want My Cake”


It’s a testament to the wit and originality of Boris Johnson that his quip that he is both pro having and pro eating cake is still being referenced sullenly seven years after he first coined it. Why? Well that’s because there are essentially two types of people in this world: those terribly fond of saying “you can’t have your cake and eat it”, and those not at all fond of hearing it. Naturally the morally superior, the intellectually pompous and amassed ranks of the miserly fall into the first category. As do most MPs.

Of this group there is no finer an exhibit than Caroline Lucas, who in full-outrage mode begun today’s PMQs soberly informing the PM that “having your cake and eating it isn’t a serious strategy for Brexit”. Unfortunately for Caroline the second, and far larger, group of people upon hearing such a miserabilist, anti-cake dictum, think to themselves: “Sod that! I want my cake! I want to eat my cake! In fact I might even have another cake to wind up this snotty nosed anti-cake harridan”. And thus Mrs. Lucas,  Mrs. Antoinette and Mrs. Thompson will always be – in a phrase the left are so fond of – on the wrong side of history. We are no longer in the era of technocratic fudges and bureaucratic pick ‘n’ mix, this is a time of big cake and big eating of cake. Continue reading

Corbyn Confuses IMF and IFS

Corbyn had an open goal on the economy, and spectacularly missed…

Who is Asking the Questions Today?

pmqs live chat may corbynOral Questions to the Prime Minister

Q1 Caroline Lucas (Brighton, Pavilion)

Q2 Mark Menzies (Fylde) 

Q3 Chris Bryant (Rhondda) 

Q4 Seema Kennedy (South Ribble) 

Q5 Fiona Bruce (Congleton) 

Q6 Kelly Tolhurst (Rochester and Strood) 

Q7 Margaret Greenwood (Wirral West) 

Q8 Claire Perry (Devizes) 

Q9 Mr Peter Lilley (Hitchin and Harpenden) 

Q10 Stephen Timms (East Ham) 

Q11 Chris White (Warwick and Leamington) 

Q12 Mr Stephen Hepburn (Jarrow) 

Q13 Suella Fernandes (Fareham)

Q14 Kirsten Oswald (East Renfrewshire) 

Q15 Stuart Andrew (Pudsey) 



PMQs / Autumn Statement Sketch Double Bill


Before we get to the disaster that was the Autumn Statement, first PMQs. Not one to break with tradition, Jeremy Corbyn continued to question the Prime Minister in the manner of a tramp freshly whisked out of the gutter, chucked into a suit and given a hastily cobbled together sheet to read from. Barely glancing up from his notes while rattling off a list of uninspiring figures, the Labour leader happily wasted all his questions on the NHS, briefly pausing to cast stern looks of reproach across the house. Although in retrospect he may have just been stopping to wonder where his next hot dinner was coming from.

Of course for Corbyn the health service is best understood not as a public service but a deity: divine, unimpeachable, the ultimate source of good and entirely above criticism. Such religious fervour naturally does not lend itself to irony, and so a particular highlight today was his concern about “bed blocking”. This is when an ill person should be discharged but due to poor administrative oversight they end up languishing in an entirely inappropriate position. Sound familiar?

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Who is Asking the Questions Today?

pmqs live chat may corbynOral Questions to the Prime Minister

Q1 Peter Grant (Glenrothes)

Q2 Tulip Siddiq (Hampstead and Kilburn)

Q3 Daniel Kawczynski (Shrewsbury and Atcham)

Q4 Gordon Henderson (Sittingbourne and Sheppey)

Q5 Angela Smith (Penistone and Stocksbridge)

Q6 Sir Simon Burns (Chelmsford)

Q7 John Woodcock (Barrow and Furness)

Q8 Holly Lynch (Halifax)

Q9 Mr Peter Lilley (Hitchin and Harpenden)

Q10 Tom Elliott (Fermanagh and South Tyrone)

Q11 Kirsty Blackman (Aberdeen North)

Q12 Mrs Cheryl Gillan (Chesham and Amersham)

Q13 Mr John Whittingdale (Maldon)

Q14 Wayne David (Caerphilly)


SKETCH: Czech Who You’re Talking to…

pmqsThose expecting a post-Trump meltdown during this afternoon’s PMQs were to be sorely disappointed, with the scant mention of the incoming President a clear indicator that MPs are still in denial, the first and most riot-prone stage of grief. Instead Jeremy Corbyn decided to press Theresa May on the Foreign Secretary’s Prague jaunt, where Boris decided – as one does when boozing in the former Eastern bloc – to draw up Government policy on the hoof. Bedecked in the full nun’s habit customary of British tourists in the region, and while momentarily pausing to chug from his overflowing half-litre of 1 Budvar, Johnson revealed that Britain “probably will have to come out of the customs union”. He then let out a satisfying belch and left to ride one of those multi-person beer-cycles where you cruise around town mowing down unsuspecting pedestrians and necking Premium Czech beer (that’s foul eurofizz” in Farage).

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Arise, Lord Farage? May Doesn’t Deny Nige Getting Peerage

Ridiculous that this hasn’t happened already.

Theresa May: Come up and See Me Sometime

She’s Theresa Mae West…

Classic Corbyn: Leads PMQs on Chagos Islands

Oops, Corbyn accidentally read two questions in one go.  Strong message here…

Who is Asking the Questions Today?

pmqs live chat may corbynOral Questions to the Prime Minister

Q1 Wendy Morton (Aldridge-Brownhills)

Q2 Tommy Sheppard (Edinburgh East)

Q3 Mr Douglas Carswell (Clacton)

Q4 Neil Gray (Airdrie and Shotts) If she will postpone proposed reductions to employment and support allowance and universal credit; and what recent discussions she has had with the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions on those reductions.

Q5 Lucy Powell (Manchester Central)

Q6 Mr John Baron (Basildon and Billericay)

Q7 Stephen Gethins (North East Fife)

Q8 Martin Docherty-Hughes (West Dunbartonshire) When she next plans to meet the First Minister of Scotland.

Q9 Judith Cummins (Bradford South)

Q10 Lisa Nandy (Wigan)

Q11 Stewart Malcolm McDonald (Glasgow South)

Q12 Geoffrey Clifton-Brown (The Cotswolds)

Q13 George Kerevan (East Lothian)

Q14 Albert Owen (Ynys Môn)

Q15 James Duddridge (Rochford and Southend East)

Corbyn and Bercow’s Football Chat Caught on Mic

The Speaker probably sniffing around for another freebie.

H/T @estwebber

PMQs Special Guest Sketch


First thoughts. I’m sorry, but Jeremy Corbyn. Gotta say it: He’s shabby! The guy looks a mess. No style – no elegance that’s for sure. Definitely needs a new suit, and you know what? I could help him with that. We do a great line in tailoring for party leaders at Trump Suits. Check it out, Jeremy. Seriously. Because do you know what makes it worse? Just look at the place: very elegant. Nice leather seats, chandeliers, wooden ornaments and finery (who carves this stuff? It’s exquisite, real high quality) – Almost as high quality as Trump Tower! Paint some of the benches gold and this could be a really tremendous piece of waterfront real estate. Got serious potential there.

Apart from that  – and I know he gets a lot of stick – I don’t think Corbyn did badly. He certainly made Theresa look real bad on that whole baby thing. It was a smart move to congratulate Conor McGinn on delivering his own child. Can you believe that by the way folks? Delivered it himself! Amazing. Anyway, Theresa, she had no idea about Conor McGinn and his baby, so she responded by talking about Jeremy’s granddaughter! I know, crazy – does he even have a granddaughter? But seriously, how could she not know about Conor McGinn’s baby? Even I knew about it. And congratulations by the way Conor, you’re now in that great period just after they’re born and just before they start becoming super hot. What!? I’m joking! Calm down folks! Ivanka knows I’m joking.

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May Shames McLoughlin For Bad Baby Briefing

Plenty of bewilderment among the general public at the beginning of PMQs – let Guido explain.

  1. At the weekend, Labour MP and Corbyn-loathing former whip Conor McGinn delivered his own baby Neasa Constance.
[…] Read the rest


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Quote of the Day

Tory MP Nick Boles says what everyone thinks…

“There is a timidity and lack of ambition about Mrs May’s Government which means it constantly disappoints. Time to raise your game, Prime Minister.”


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