Corbyn is a ‘Coughing, Stubborn, Old Fool’

Guido has been drawing attention to the risk Corbyn is taking at his age (70) by unnecessarily going into parliament and breaking social distancing rules. This video of him, taken from his final meeting of the PLP as leader on March 30, suggests he should not be putting the public at risk. As the Mail on Sunday asked yesterday, why are Jeremy Corbyn and his wife defying coronavirus rules by going to PMQs? Is it because he is a coughing, stubborn, old fool?

Stay home Jeremy, stop being an old fool…

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PLP Protest Formby’s “Deeply Troubling” Power Grab

All kicking off between the Parliamentary Labour Party and their new general secretary Jennie Formby after she put PLP secretary Dan Simpson on gardening leave this week. PLP chair John Cryer has written to Labour MPs complaining it “shows a worrying set of priorities” and that the decision to replace him with a Corbyn crony without any interview or due process is “deeply troubling”.

Dear Colleagues,

I am writing to update you following yesterday’s decision by Jennie Formby, the Labour Party’s new General Secretary, to disallow Dan Simpson from working his notice period as the PLP Secretary and Director of Political Services, and force him into a period of ‘gardening leave’, rather than remaining in the service of the PLP until the summer as had been previously agreed.

Since this was communicated to Dan and to myself, I have made it absolutely clear to Jennie that to use her first day in the job to effectively remove our Secretary with immediate effect shows a worrying set of priorities.

Our Secretary has always enjoyed the confidence of the PLP, a confidence that has been necessary to carry out the demands of the role. This confidence has been derived from the fact that the PLP have been instrumental in their appointment. We, through the Chair, have always chosen who we trust to conduct affairs on our behalf. It is deeply troubling that we have not been afforded that right on this occasion.

I can inform you that Jennie has asked Ben Foley, who currently manages Jeremy’s relationship with the PLP, to act as Interim Secretary to fill the role until Sarah Mulholland returns from maternity leave during the summer recess. While I am deeply disappointed that no interview or due process has taken place, I know that Ben will work hard for the short period up until the summer recess to manage the support that is provided to our Frontbench. The Parliamentary Committee will, of course, continue to directly manage the business of the PLP and delegate the administration of our affairs as is appropriate.

More words and no actions from Labour moderates…

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Labour PLP Elections Bunfight

The ballot closes at 5pm tonight for Labour’s PLP parliamentary committee and select committee by-elections. The big one is the parliamentary committee, who act as shop shewards for Labour backbenchers. Guido is told it is between Tom Blenkinsop, Karen Buck, Angela Smith, Ian Mearns and the “leadership candidate”: Dawn Butler. Moderates are determined to stop “a new Red Dawn”…

There has been a lot of excitement among moderates over Labour’s select committee by-elections. These had been billed as a straight fight between Corbynite candidates and a moderate slate, though Guido hears the moderates are set for a clean sweep. Sensible Corbyn critic Chris Evans has won PAC. Home Affairs is between Chuka and Simon Danczuk after Paul Flynn pulled out. Chuka is expected to win.

Defence is a key contest, a bunfight between moderate Phil Wilson and left-winger Peter Dowd. If the moderates take Defence and the parliamentary committee, they will see it as a big win…

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