People’s Vote R.I.P.

It is Guido’s sad duty to report that the People’s Vote is no more, it has shuffled off this mortal coil and it will now abandon this existence, such as it was. For all the millions of pounds spent and the hundreds of thousands of Waitrose customers who marched, it failed spectacularly. The 52% who voted yesterday to get Brexit done, again, won…

People’s Vote say they will “now refocus its campaign to concentrate on vital social issues that this government must urgently prioritise in its Brexit negotiations. We will remain a grassroots campaigning group who will act on issues of social inequality.”

So yet another centrist organisation will be borne from the ashes of the People’s Vote database just as it rose from Stronger In. We wish them well…

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People’s Vote Campaign Ask Electoral Commission to Investigate Themselves

In a 4-dimensional-chess move no one saw coming, the People’s Vote campaign have written to the Electoral Commission asking that they be investigated over apparent dodgy donations.

A statement released to the press reads:

“The People’s Vote is asking the Electoral Commission to look into possible non-disclosure of donations under the organisation’s previous executive management.

The new interim management team, in place since beginning of November, has been conducting a fundamental review of the organisation’s systems, policies and processes.

In the course of this review we became extremely concerned donations may not have been declared to the Electoral Commission. We immediately made the Commission aware of this.”

Guido understands we are looking at six-figure donations undisclosed. The new People’s Vote regime under new campaign director Stuart Hand is upbeat, saying some 30 staff are toiling in Millbank Tower, that they have had £700,000 in donations since the election was called, at least a £100,000 of which has been funnelled to preferred candidates. That’s a lot of LibDem leaflets…

Former campaign director Patrick Heneghan is still “on a leave of absence” pending investigation of his alleged drunken cocaine and chill offers to young female staffers. As you do…

Where all this leaves former People’s Vote campaign chiefs James McGrory and Tom Baldwin is anyone’s guess. The Electoral Commission report will be interesting…

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Rudd Looking for New People’s Vote CEO

Roland Rudd’s disastrous handling of the whole People’s Vote saga does remind Guido of the spin-doctor paradox; why do they have such low reputations and invariably bad personal public images? Rudd has now tasked headhunters to find a new CEO for his People’s Vote campaign after the last one, Patrick Heneghan, was ousted amid allegations of him being a sex pest made by young female campaigners who said he had a penchant for drunkenly inviting them back to his place for cocaine.  This is the brief from the headhunters Attenti looking for a replacement:

PV Campaign Ltd (People’s Vote) is the holding name of the organisation that aims to unify the main pro-European organisations into a single legal entity and become the designated pro-European referendum campaign if such a referendum is called. The People’s Vote board currently comprises : Anne Weyman, Geeta Sidhu-Robb, Richard Reed and Roland Rudd.

If the Conservatives fail to win a majority in the General Election, there will probably be a referendum. In that scenario, we must hit the ground running. We are therefore delighted to open the selection process to recruit a high calibre Chief Executive.

The Chief Executive will report to the Board and be responsible for building and leading a diverse, dynamic new organisation.

If the Tories win a majority, it is all over for Rudd’s campaign anyway…

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Femi Quits People’s Vote

When Guido reported on the dying days of the People’s Vote campaign yesterday, he overlooked another earth shattering moment that will strike at the very heart of every remainer in the country: Femi Oluwole has quit the People’s Vote campaign. A nation mourns…

Whilst it was thought two sub-campaign groups – For Our Future’s Sake (FFS) and Our Future Our Choice (OFOC) – had split from the umbrella group, it transpires not all of OFOC could face leaving the warm embrace of Milbank Tower.

Only three of OFOC’s number have disaffiliated, the most prominent of whom is Femi Oluwole, whose incessant tweeting most Guido readers will inevitably have come across at some point. Finally, Femi and Guido can agree on something: how useless the People’s Vote campaign is…

UPDATE: Despite being removed from the ‘Meet the Team‘ section of the OFOC website, Femi is now saying he is still a member of the organisation.

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The Last Days of People’s Vote Campaign

The People’s Vote Campaign is on the verge of total collapse, according to some insider reports. Other reports are more blunt, simply saying “we’re f*cked”…

The end looks on the horizon for the group following Roland Rudd’s sudden departure as chair of Open Britain on Friday evening, after his boardroom coup and ousting of James McGrory and Tom Baldwin from the organisation – followed by a staff walkout – 20 days ago.

Whilst Rudd has left his former deputy, Anne Weyman, in charge of things, the People’s Vote campaign has now completely purged all its heavyweights, with Open Britain terminating Mandelson, Will Straw and Joe Carberry as directors earlier last week. Insiders do note, however, that Rudd remains in charge of Baybridge – the group in charge of Open Britain, meaning their worries over his influence haven’t totally subsided.

Yesterday, two of the People’s Vote sub-groups – For our Future’s Sake (FFS) and Our Future Our Choice formally announced their split from the group, saying “Boardroom plots by rich men like Roland Rudd cannot be allowed to jeopardise the future of this country.” Guido spoke with a member of FFS who said:

“Literally all we want to do is come and work as part of the People’s Vote campaign. There is a negotiated settlement which was painstakingly put together… Rudd, Weyman and co seem to actively want this to carry on.”

The settlement was negotiated from Tuesday to Friday last week, and workers say is designed to make them “feel safe at work, secure in their jobs and meant we could actually get on”. Security in their jobs just looks like a pipe dream for them at the moment…

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Vladimir Putin Donates to Momentum after Giving to People’s Vote

Back in May Guido noticed Vladimir Putin could donate to the People’s Vote campaign from a foreign country, now the generous Russian leader is back and has just given to Momentum. Carole is yet again critising the Brexit Party for accepting foreign donations via PayPal, whilst others this week have been going after the government for supposedly blocking a report about Russian interference in our elections, so Guido decided it was the right time to donate to Momentum from his home in Ireland, as Vladimir Putin from the Kremlin.

When Momentum asked why Vlad donated, he said: “To undermine Western security, disarm the British nuclear deterrent and hasten the break up of NATO”. They accepted his £3… 

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