Remainers Set Up Data Harvesting Shell Campaign

After spending years accusing Vote Leave of setting up another group to get around spending limits while studiously avoiding questions about the five new campaigns they set up and into which they funnelled more than £1 million in the month before the referendum, Remainers have been up to their old tricks again with another youth-focused campaign. Predictably, it looks like yet another attempt to gather data and avoid spending limits…

The ‘Vote for Your Future’ campaign was co-founded by Lara Spirit, a director of the astroturf Our Future, Our Choice campaign. OFOC likes to say it’s independent of the People’s Vote campaign, it’s just pure coincidence that the two campaigns share each other’s content, donations, office space, etc… OFOC were busy telling their activists to campaign across universities under the guise of this new organisation…

But just how neutral is this campaign? Vote for Your Future says on its heavily advertised sign-up page that the data it collects will be processed “on behalf of Our Future, Our Choice! (OFOC!) Ltd.” Like Remain’s 2016 shell campaigns, ‘Vote for Your Future’ uses Keira Knightley and a bunch of other big name Remainers in their digital content. It also states in its Privacy Policy that:

“If Vote For Your Future, or substantially all of its assets, were acquired, or in the unlikely event that Vote For Your Future goes out of business or enters bankruptcy, user information would be one of the assets that is transferred or acquired by a third party. You acknowledge that such transfers may occur, and that any acquirer of Vote For Your Future may continue to use your personal information as set forth in this policy.”

The Privacy Policy has clearly been written with the specific purpose of folding the business – and all of its data “assets” – back into OFOC, while shifting the advertising spend onto a different legal entity, helping to sidestep election spending rules. Vote for Your Future can just be quietly wound down after doing its job of collecting huge amounts of personal data of people as young as 16. All held ready for acquisition by Big Remain’s data machine…

UPDATE: An Our Future Our Choice spokesperson has been in touch to tell Guido that “A VFYF spokesperson said: “Vote For Your Future is a politically neutral campaign” that has “maintained scrupulous neutrality, and at no time have we told young people which way to vote.” Definitely not a front group…

People’s Vote’s Shameless Donations Hypocrisy

People’s Vote campaigners have spent the last few days frothing at the mouth over the Brexit Party’s £25 donations, to the extent that the sycophantic Electoral Commission have dropped everything to go and physically investigate its offices tomorrow. So naturally you’d expect the People’s Vote campaign to have the highest standards for donations to its own “European elections battle fund”. Think again:

They’ve set their limit at £499 – £1 under the limit – and then literally told their supporters that it’s a deliberately move to avoid them having to check individual donors. Hypocrisy in politics is nothing new but this is on another level. Guido eagerly awaits the Electoral Commission hot-footing it down to People’s Vote HQ tomorrow to check their donations too…

H/t Julian Jessop

People’s Vote Took £82,000 Donation from EU Big Pharma Corporation

Despite having a swanky Central London HQ staffed with around 90 people, running a leafleting campaign across the country and designing a flashy new website instructing voters which parties to vote for in the EU elections, People’s Vote have only declared a single donation to the Electoral Commission – from the 2017 General Election – and still under their old name of Open Britain. Their offshore donations from Vladimir Putin aren’t likely to appear any time soon…

That single donation is for a healthy £82,822.45, although how they’re using it to fund 90 people’s salaries is a mystery. What’s also a mystery is why the donation was given at all, it’s all come from a small Glasgow-based company, Ferring Controlled Therapeutics Ltd, with no connection to politics – they are a specialist company manufacturing pharmaceuticals for natal care. They don’t even have their own website, their total profits after tax for 2018 were just £384,065

What they do have is a two billion-euro parent company, Ferring Pharmaceuticals, founded in Sweden, now headquartered in Switzerland and active in 110 countries around the world. The senior management is heavily EU-dominated. Ferring even counts Princess Alexandra of Denmark, Countess of Fredriksborg, as one of its Directors….

It is simply implausible that their tiny UK subsidiary made a political donation equivalent to over 20% of their annual profits without the involvement of the EU/Swiss parent company. Donations from foreign companies are specifically not permitted under UK electoral law. Someone looks to have been laundering the money through this small UK company. Guido can’t wait for Campbell and Cadwalladr to kick up a fuss about this one…

UPDATE: It turns out that £82,822.45 is remarkably close to €100,000 at April 2017 exchange rates. Who’d have thought…

People’s Vote Accept Offshore Donation in Euros From Vladimir Putin

Currently Alastair Campbell is on Twitter blowing a gasket about how using Paypal foreigners could fund the Brexit Party. He is demanding the BBC cover the story. Nick Robinson this morning asked Richard Tice about it without any evidence of any foreign funding.

This site’s editor is currently sat in sunny Waterford, Ireland. He is a foreign national. He just went on the People’s Vote website and made a donation:

  1. To make the donation anonymous he gave the name Vladimir Putin.
  2. He used a Euro card from a bank based in Germany.
  3. It went through without any identity checks in seconds.
  4. The editor checked the € account online, the £1 donation cost €1.14.

Alastair Campbell’s People’s Vote welcomes offshore donations:

What is the issue Alastair?

Remain’s Facebook ‘Dark Money’ Massively Outweighs Leave

New data published by Facebook has revealed that yet again Remain is massively outspending Leave on social media, with almost twice as much money being spent by second referendum groups. Guido has listed relevant Facebook spending above £10,000…

  • People’s Vote: £433,384
  • Britain’s Future £422,746
  • Best For Britain: £317,463
  • UK Government*: £245,353
  • The Conservative Party*: £114,924
  • Liberal Democrats: £82,600
  • The Labour Party*: £75,462
  • We are the 52%: £51,845
  • Right To Vote: £27,296
  • The Brexit Party £19,082
  • Renew: £13,275

In total this puts dedicated big Remain spending at £874,018, compared to just £493,673 for Leave. This hasn’t stopped the media attacking The Brexit Party for spending less than £20,000. Loopy Remainers have even called this ‘Dark Money’…

But it isn’t. Political parties have to declare their funding by law. The ‘dark money’ listed here is that which is spent by pressure groups like People’s Vote and Best for Britain, not political parties. This puts the Leave ‘dark money spend at £474,591, compared to a Remain ‘dark money’ spend of £778,143. More post truth politics from Remain campaigners…

*Groups not specifically advertising about Brexit

TfL’s Fishy Figures Over People’s Vote Tube Ads

Guido revealed yesterday how Transport for London refused to divulge how much they charged People’s Vote to run their dodgy ad campaign on the Tube, using a legal exemption to avoid revealing whether People’s Vote had received unduly favourable rates. TfL quoted only the generic ‘rate card value’ of the ads when answering the FoI request, stating that People’s Vote’s first round of advertising in October last year had a value of £50,000, with a second round in January with a value of £16,000. What rate they actually paid we’ll never know…

However, Guido can now reveal that when responding to a separate FoI last year, TfL claimed that the same People’s Vote’s October advertising campaign had only had a rate card value of £40,114.80 – specifically for a one day campaign on 11 digital escalator panel runs and 50 LCD screens. Not only won’t they release the exact figures, they aren’t even giving different people the same answer. Is TfL’s FoI team literally just making them up now?

TfL Cover Up Cost of People’s Vote’s Dodgy Tube Advertising

Transport for London are under fresh scrutiny over the ads they’ve allowed People’s Vote to plaster all over the tube, breaching TfL’s guidelines against political ads. TfL’s response was that the ads were allowed as they didn’t “promote a cause associated with a specific political party”. Would the rules be bent this far for a campaign Sadiq Khan wasn’t a “leading supporter” of?

Now TfL have been challenged under the Freedom of Information Act to reveal how much People’s Vote paid them to run the ads. TfL revealed that the two People’s Vote ad campaigns had a combined ‘rate card value’ of £66,000 but refused to reveal how much they actually paid, claiming that the “public interest” and “openness and transparency” were “outweighed” by the fact that “the disclosure of the the negotiated rate would prejudice the ability to maximise future revenue from advertising”Conveniently hiding whether or not they gave People’s Vote an unduly favourable rate for the deal…

However, TfL appear to have misread the original FoI request and applied this ‘Section 43(2)’ exemption incorrectly. The FoI wasn’t asking about negotiated rates, it was simply asking for the total amount of money spent on the ads. The total figure alone doesn’t reveal the negotiated rate People’s Vote paid since that depends on exactly how many adverts they ran and where. So there’s no sensitive commercial information that would be revealed – time for TfL to start following the rules and come clean on exactly how much they charged People’s Vote…

Impartial Fact Checkers Trash People’s Vote’s Claim that One Million People Marched

The People’s Vote campaign had already come under fire for grossly exaggerating the number of people on their last march after official figures revealed that it was only attended by around 250,000 people, barely a third of the 700,000 they claimed. Now it looks like they’ve shamelessly puffed up the numbers on their second march by exactly the same margin…

Impartial fact checkers Full Fact carefully examined their claim that one million people attended their march on Saturday, finding that “experts in crowd estimation put the number at between 312,000 and 400,000.” Again, barely a third of the dodgy numbers the People’s Vote were putting out…

Full Fact say that:

“even if this density of 4.5 people per square metre [as the People’s Vote claimed] had been observed across the whole march site of roughly 160,000 square metres, that would only account for 700,000 people. Helicopter footage shows that there were areas where the crowd was much less dense than 4.5 people per square metre.”

Not that it stopped the BBC’s risible “Reality Check Correspondent” Chris Morris from endorsing their claim of a million. Remainers never stop complaining about numbers used by Brexiteers, all the while they’re fiddling their own figures on an industrial scale…

Sir John Curtice Demolishes Remain’s Voodoo Polling

Polling guru Sir John Curtice told the BBC this afternoon that, contrary to what the ‘People’s Vote’ campaign are trying to claim, “the weight of the evidence is that there hasn’t been an increase in support” for a second referendum. The only way Remainers can manipulate polls to generate support for a vote is by implying that Remain wouldn’t be on the ballot paper…

“Vindictive” ICO Hits Vote Leave With £40,000 Fine For Not Having Data They Agreed to Delete

The state’s war of attrition against Brexit is continuing to grind on with the Information Commissioner’s Office today taking the decision to slap Vote Leave with a monster fine of £40,000. The ICO’s justification for the fine was that Vote Leave had violated data protection laws because were unable to prove that text messages sent to voters had been done with their consent. The reason Vote Leave were unable to prove it was specifically because they deleted their entire database after the vote as agreed with the ICO before the referendum. A truly Kafka-esque perversion of justice…

The ICO’s best practice guidelines say that data controllers should delete data once it is no longer serving the purpose for which is collected, hence why Vote Leave specified in their data policy that they would delete all the data after the referendum. Meanwhile the Remain campaign – now in its third different incarnation as People’s Vote – kept its entire database from the referendum campaign and has continued to pump out messages to its database on an almost daily basis since the referendum. Funnily enough the regulators don’t have a problem with that…

A Vote Leave spokesman slammed the “vindictive” decision from the ICO, saying that it just “shows their desperation to pin something on us after we had rebutted all of their other ludicrous theories”:

“Fewer than 20 people made complaints about the 196,000 text messages we sent during the referendum campaign. This is far lower than the commercial texting campaigns who have previously been fined by the ICO. Vote Leave was operating in a highly political environment, which makes false allegations much more likely. It is therefore highly likely that the tiny number of people who complained to the ICO were doing so for political purposes.

“The ICO took over two years to bring these complaints to our attention, when they could easily have done so in the summer of 2016. Unlike the Stronger In campaign, we deleted all of our data after the referendum as agreed with the ICO, so their decision to prosecute us now feels particularly vindictive.

“Both during and after the referendum, Vote Leave complied with both the letter and spirit of the law. We have exchanged 46 letters with the ICO since the referendum, most of them refuting conspiracy theories peddled by people unhappy with the referendum result. To be fined £40,000 for fewer than 20 complaints which they were aware of over two years ago, shows their desperation to pin something on us after we had rebutted all of their other ludicrous theories.”

Brexiteers who think that Brexit will somehow come out more to their liking after a two-year delay or a second referendum only need to look at the way Brexit campaigners have been relentlessly pursued since the referendum to see how it will play out in reality. It’s now or never for Brexit…

Remain Campaigners Are Massively Outspending Leave Campaigners on Facebook

New spending figures released by Facebook have revealed that since October the top five anti-Brexit lobby groups have spent 60% more than than the top pro-Brexit groups. Anti-Brexit campaigners have spent over £711,000 promoting targeted anti-Brexit messages…

Despite this figure dwarfing the £444,000 spent by the top pro-Brexit campaigners, there have been little to no media reports about scale or source of these funds, or the motives of those bankrolling it. Disconcertingly, the anti-Brexit groups have also ran £37,926 worth of Facebook ads without a disclaimer, further undermining the accountability of the anti-Brexit lobby. Where’s Carole Cadwalladr on this..?

The biggest spending anti-Brexit groups according to Facebook spending data were…

The biggest spending pro-Brexit groups according to Facebook spending data were…

The hysterical noise around pro-Leave groups in the left wing media is totally unjustified…

Multi-Millionaire Remoaner Hung Out to Superdry

Smug multi-millionaire Superdry co-founder Julian Dunkerton is best known for giving one of this biggest donations in political history when he gave £1 million to the People’s Vote campaign last summer. Bizarrely the precondition for the donation was that it was all spent on polling. Given his net worth of over £400 million he won’t be missing it any time soon…

Unfortunately he didn’t follow his own advice to remain when it comes to his business – he flounced out of Superdry last year but has now taken to begging the board to put him back in as a director. Superdry have told him in no uncertain terms that he is not wanted back. At all.

“The board unanimously believes that Mr Dunkerton’s return to the company, in any capacity, would be extremely damaging to the company and its prospects.”

The board also said his leadership style does not fit with the “open-minded collaborative culture, values and operation of the company”. The bitter battle shows no signs of letting up – now he has accused the board of destroying £1.2 billion of shareholder value, in return they said he has no “credible plan” and are digging in with their unanimous opposition to his reappointment. Bye!

Second Referendum Crushed in ‘Major Defeat’

Sarah Wollaston’s amendment calling for a long extension to provide time for a second referendum has been crushed this evening by 334 votes to just 85. Only 326 votes are required for a majority. Even in the unlikely event that all the abstaining MPs voted in favour of the amendment it would still have lost…

Hapless second referendum campaigners had been desperately messaging each other this afternoon encouraging campaigners to stay positive in spite of the likely “deflating” result tonight that will be labelled as “a ‘major defeat.'” Of course, Guido wouldn’t dream of labelling it as anything of the sort…

People’s Vote Bottle People’s Vote – Again

The People’s Vote campaign have hilariously come out against a People’s Vote – again. A People’s Vote spokesman said that they wouldn’t be supporting People’s Vote ‘Leading Supporter’ Sarah Wollaston’s amendment calling for a People’s Vote, because: “We do not think today is the right time”. There’s only 15 days left til Brexit, there’s certainly no rush. Many more antics like this and the FBPE crowd will be starting to accuse them of being a Brexiteer front group…

UPDATE: Best for Britain have said that they aren’t supporting second referendum amendment either. Literally what are they bothering collecting all that money for?

UPDATE II: A message from second referendum campaign youth group OFOC to their activists, seen by Guido, says in no uncertain terms that this evening’s votes will look bad for the second referendum brigade.

“In  terms of tonight… though it may seem a bit deflating, not let people or ourselves label this as a ‘major defeat’.”

People’s Vote’s ‘Bregret’ Poster Boy Actually Voted Remain

The embattled People’s Vote campaign have released a new video featuring someone who claims to have voted Leave but now changed his mind to support Remain. It already has a combined 150,000 views across Facebook and Twitter. Unfortunately for them, ‘Paul from Stoke’ is actually hyper-remain political activist Paul Tomlin, who even says he’s ‘proud to be a Londoner’

In the run up to the vote he pleaded with family and friends to ‘vote to stay’, posted that he will ‘get his country back’ if Britain votes to remain, and warned that ‘if we vote to leave there is no way back’. On the day of the results he lamented the Brexit vote with a vile post celebrating Nigel Farage’s plane crash.

Even more vile, in May 2016 he posted a picture of children in a Nazi death camp saying that voting to leave the EU would risk another holocaust.

This is who People’s Vote chose as their poster boy. Can they plausibly pretend that they didn’t know he voted Remain. Or did they tell him to lie..?

Now he proudly sharing the lie on Facebook:

Guido has reached out to Paul Tomlin for comment. He may well have “Bregrets” about his decisions now…

UPDATE: The video has now mysteriously disappeared from the People’s Vote Facebook and Twitter accounts. Naturally, Guido has preserved it for everyone to see…

UPDATE: Guido has spoken to Paul, who admitted that he was a remainer both before and after the referendum, but claims he nonetheless did vote leave. He told Guido that he decided to vote leave “a day or two” before the Referendum, and changed his mind back immediately after he left the polling booth. Conveniently, this time corresponds to immediately after the last post he made encouraging friends and family to vote Remain, and just before he posted implying he wished Farage had died in a plane crash…

Tomlin posted nothing about his short lived Damascene conversion on social media, and was not willing to share with Guido any texts or Facebook messages he sent to friends during this brief period. Seems legit…

Ten Times Leading People’s Vote Supporters Attacked Corbyn

The embattled People’s Vote campaign are dismayed that Jeremy Corbyn won’t get off the fence and back their second referendum campaign. It’s funny how they’re now begging for his help when they’ve been some of his harshest critics for years. Here’s what some leading People’s Voters really think about Corbyn:

  • Tony Blair in 2016 said Jeremy Corbyn in power would be a “very dangerous experiment”.
  • Peter Mandelson in 2017 said “I work every single day in some small way to bring forward the end of his tenure in office. Something, however small it may be – an email, a phone call or a meeting I convene – every day I try to do something to save the Labour party from his leadership.”
  • Alastair Campbell in 2015 called on Labour members to vote for “anyone but Corbyn” and said that his election as leader would show that Labour had “given up on being a serious party of government”.
  • Chuka Umunna in 2015 said that Corbyn and his “nasty trolls” should be disqualified from office because of their pacifist views.
  • Sadiq Khan in 2016 wrote that Labour “cannot win with Corbyn” and said that Corbyn had “proved that he is unable to organise an effective team, and has failed to win the trust and respect of the British people”.
  • Tom Baldwin, the People’s Vote’s Director of Communications, wrote in 2016 that “people at every level of our party recognised a responsibility to bring Jeremy Corbyn’s experimental retro-70s leadership to a swift end” and tweeted that “getting rid of Corbyn would be a step in the right direction”.
  • Anna Soubry just last week called Corbyn the “most hopeless opposition leader we’ve ever had” .
  • Mike Gapes also directly attacked Corbyn just last week, saying “Apparently Corbyn is prepared to hold talks with Hamas, Hezbollah, Assad and Iran without preconditions. But not with the UK Prime Minister. Why?”
  • Chris Leslie in 2015 accused Corbyn of “plucking figures out of the air” and said that his policies would hit the poor the hardest as well as keeping Labour out of power for a decade.
  • Sarah Wollaston in 2016 said “Whatever your political views, we all benefit from a competent official opposition; that cannot happen under Corbyn”.

Never mind his lifelong euroscepticism, if they wanted Corbyn to join them maybe they shouldn’t have spent most of the last four years slagging him off in public…

People’s Vote Press Conference Wasn’t Even Sanctioned by People’s Vote

Following the Addams Family-esque presser from People’s Vote MPs this morning, it has emerged that People’s Vote campaign didn’t even sanction their leading supporters’ statement, airtime, or Q&A with the assembled journalists. A People’s Vote spokesperson said simply that: “It is up to MPs what amendments they table and when.”

This is disunity that goes beyond beyond Chuka sending out his own press releasesAll is not well between the Judean People’s Vote and the People’s Vote of Judea…

Chuka’s Staffer Admits Defeat

Morale has clearly taken a hit among the People’s Voters following their hammering from all sides last night. Even Chuka Umunna’s staff have been having trouble not letting their heads drop, with his Campaign Assistant Tom Wilson crafting this masterful tweet celebrating some of the most crushing political failures of recent times:

At least he sets a pretty low bar for People’s Vote to clear. Has Chuka double-checked to make sure he’s not a Lib Dem with this sort of happy-to-just-be-involved attitude?

Owen Jones Turns on “Absolute Disaster” of People’s Vote Campaign

The People’s Vote campaign have been getting an absolute kicking overnight on the back of Alex Wickham’s big expose, following Guido’s report on the campaign infighting last month. Surprisingly, much of it is coming from the left, with Owen Jones leading the charge against it:

“Whatever the rights and wrongs of a second referendum, the official People’s Vote is an absolute disaster, has undermined the case for another vote, and if there is one and they run the Remain campaign, we might as well chalk up a second Leave victory now”

The New Statesman’s George Eaton also piled in with a quote from a ‘senior Labour insider’:

“People’s Vote campaign has a worst of all worlds strategy. It’s fronted in the media by Blairites who are deeply unpopular with voters but knew how to win stuff. Its back room is run by Milibandites who are less elitist but don’t know how to win stuff.”

Predictably, second referendum-backing MPs like Sarah Wollaston have been getting hilariously flustered by the criticism, with Steven Doughty even pinning it on a right-wing conspiracy. Including that well-known right-wing agitator Owen Jones…

Second referendum campaigners are still in denial about three basic facts – firstly there isn’t a majority in Parliament for a second referendum, as significant numbers of Labour MPs will oppose one, secondly there isn’t a majority for a second referendum in the country, as Britian’s leading pollster John Curtice exposed yesterday. Thirdly, sending Tony Blair out as your spokesman on the slopes of Davos is not going to change the first two facts in your favour…

“Disgraceful” Sadiq Allows More Banned People’s Vote Ads on Tube

Guido reported back in October how adverts for the People’s Vote’s “Losers’ March” had been allowed on the tube in direct contravention of TfL rules on advertising – as rule 2.3(n) clearly states, an “advertisement will be unacceptable if it promotes a party political cause or electioneering.” Not that the adverts did much good, given that only one third of the 700,000 figure the People’s Vote claimed actually turned up…

Incredibly, yet more People’s Vote adverts have now appeared on the tube at Westminster Station of all places, with Alastair Campbell even boasting about them on Instagram this morning.[…] Read the rest


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