Corbyn Comrade’s Calamitous Coup D’Etat

June, 2021: Jeremy Corbyn’s Peace and Justice Project hail the victory of Peru’s new hard-left president, Pedro Castillo. His team tweeted, Congratulations to Pedro Castillo on his historic victory in Perú’s elections on a bold programme for jobs, health, and education. We look forward to working together for peace and justice everywhere.” 

The Morning Star compared Corbyn to the South American victor, writing that Peru had been given a choice between “socialism or barbarism”Tribune magazine wrote that Castillo “opens up the possibility of a government of the poor” and gives Peru a chance to “break with its neoliberal history” The hard left was riding high…

Anyway, cut to last night when Pedro Castillo was arrested for violating the constitution by shutting down Congress ahead of an impeachment vote.

In a speech on Wednesday, he declared a state of emergency and announced his intentions to dissolve the parliamen. The country’s vice president said the move was a “coup d’état”. Coming so soon after the hard left’s golden boy in Brazil, Lula, was outed as a Russian apologist, maybe British socialists should keep schtum about South American politics for a while…

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The Mysterious Disappearance of Corbyn’s New Book

Back in April, Jeremy Corbyn announced an exciting venture for his Peace and Justice vanity project: a fancy new book called Why We Are Socialists. Jeremy wouldn’t actually write it himself, presumably because explaining why anyone is a socialist proved too difficult. Instead, he asked his supporters to do it for him – for free. They’d send in their own “short biographies“, and he’d pick the best, alongside former LOTO staffer Barry James. Unpaid workforce successfully exploited, the book would then release in September, with pre-orders immediately available for the humble price of £9.99…

It’s now mid-October. Where is the book? The website link is now dead. The Twitter account has been deleted. The whole project has vanished into thin air…

His followers were, quite rightly, furious. Just days ago, one comrade/customer revealed she had written her excerpt, handed over her cash, and heard absolutely nothing from the Peace and Justice Project since:

“I have emailed PJP, sent PJP a message on their Facebook page twice, tweeted to both PJP & Mr Corbyn asking when the book will be delivered and have received NO RESPONSE WHATSOEVER. This is how you treat supporters?!”

Unfortunately for Lynda, apparently the whole thing has been postponed until at least “next year“. A spokesperson for the Peace and Justice Project claimed to Guido:

“I’ve asked around about this and the payments for the book are being refunded and the book should be available to buy again next year. Refunds are also currently being processed. I apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused.”

Why it was cancelled postponed, and why it’s taken so long to send refunds is anyone’s guess. Maybe demand was just so high it takes a long time to process the orders. Maybe…

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Corbyn Exploiting Unpaid Workers in the Name of Socialism

Marx always said that workers in a capitalist system are exploited for their labour, and Corbyn is certainly proving that true. The exiled Labour leader needs to raise money for his Peace & Justice Party Project, and his new Why We Are Socialists book seems the answer. Since the book is due for release in September 2022, Jeremy has realised he doesn’t have time to write it himself, so he wants you to do it for him… free of charge. The book will consist entirely of ‘short biographies’ submitted by unpaid website visitors, with Jeremy and former LOTO staffer Barry James picking the best ones for publication:

The Why We Are Socialists book is a collaborative compilation of short biographies from across the movement, written by you. Coordinated by Jeremy Corbyn MP & Barry James from the Peace & Justice Project. It’s important that our stories are told […]


  • When you became a socialist
  • Where you developed your socialism
  • Who inspired your socialism
  • What socialism means to you

Co-conspirators can submit their radical essays hereThose who then wish to pre-order the book before it inevitably sells out can do so at the generous price of just £9.99. No doubt useful funds if Corbyn decides to go ahead with a new party…

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Starmer: I’m Not Threatened by a Corbyn Breakaway Party

A bold start to the week from Keir Starmer during his LBC Q&A; responding to a question about whether he’s “threatened” by reports of Corbyn about to form a breakaway hard-left party, the Labour leader confidently responded:

“I don’t feel threatened in the slightest by that… I think the vast majority of Labour supporters want to see a Labour government.” 

Starmer also spelt out his timetable for taking power, after step (1) not blame the electorate for 2019, (2) demonstrate the government’s isn’t fit for purpose, (3) now in 2022 to show Labour’s ready for government. Step three may prove his undoing…

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Corbyn Project’s Obsessive Next Door Neighbour

While Corbyn’s loony Project for Peace and Justice may be busy battling the evil press influence of Rupert Murdoch, they’ve still found time to up sticks and relocate their office from London’s east end to Corbyn’s own Islington North constituency. According to Companies House, the campaign will now be based in a rented space from trendy office outlet Runway East on Clifton Terrace. The space comes with free cake every Wednesday and, inappropriately for teetotal Corbyn, free booze on Fridays…

While Corbyn is based at number 46, his new next door neighbour at 44 is – presumably by total coincidence – the infamous Gadz Cafe, otherwise known as “Cafe Corbyn“. The owner claims to have known Corbyn for 12 years, and has plastered his cafe with photos of the independent MP, even adorning the top of their Christmas tree with an image of the absolute boy. Guido reckons he already knows Jeremy’s new go-to lunch item: Gadz’s vegetarian falafel special:

It’s even named after the cafe owner’s new neighbour…

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Corbyn Project Launches: Taking On Murdoch Tops Loony Left Agenda

Jeremy Corbyn’s new Peace & Justice Project launched via Zoom last night, guest-starring the likes of Zarah Sultana and Len McCluskey, and treating viewers to some classic crank moments. The headline announcement at this stage was Jezza’s, slightly optimistic, vow to take on Murdoch’s new TV channel:

“Unlike his last attempt to buy out Sky, this time there’s no one stopping him. We need an urgent parliamentary commission to protect our news media from oligarchy and monopoly control” 

Corbyn plans on taking on the Murdoch empire via a petition. For now it looks like Andrew Neil’s news network isn’t in Jeremy’s firing line…

The West’s outrageous success creating vaccines to inoculate their citizens was next in his firing line, with Corbyn condemning the UK and others for demonstrating “vaccine nationalism” and “the irrational placing of profit ahead of public health”. With all his other campaign demands – including an end to the global capitalist economic system, ending climate change and stopping the war in Yemen – Corbyn has a lot on his plate. He reassured potentially daunted supporters that their reward will be being remembered by history:

“Movements do transform the world: look at those movements that fought for liberation from slavery, the vote, equality for women, civil rights, freedom from colonialism… they were scorned, they were beaten back, they often thought they had lost and they were defeated many times”

All those successful historic movements had one thing in common: they weren’t led by Jeremy Corbyn…

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