Corbyn Project’s Obsessive Next Door Neighbour

While Corbyn’s loony Project for Peace and Justice may be busy battling the evil press influence of Rupert Murdoch, they’ve still found time to up sticks and relocate their office from London’s east end to Corbyn’s own Islington North constituency. According to Companies House, the campaign will now be based in a rented space from trendy office outlet Runway East on Clifton Terrace. The space comes with free cake every Wednesday and, inappropriately for teetotal Corbyn, free booze on Fridays…

While Corbyn is based at number 46, his new next door neighbour at 44 is – presumably by total coincidence – the infamous Gadz Cafe, otherwise known as “Cafe Corbyn“. The owner claims to have known Corbyn for 12 years, and has plastered his cafe with photos of the independent MP, even adorning the top of their Christmas tree with an image of the absolute boy. Guido reckons he already knows Jeremy’s new go-to lunch item: Gadz’s vegetarian falafel special:

It’s even named after the cafe owner’s new neighbour…

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Corbyn Project Launches: Taking On Murdoch Tops Loony Left Agenda

Jeremy Corbyn’s new Peace & Justice Project launched via Zoom last night, guest-starring the likes of Zarah Sultana and Len McCluskey, and treating viewers to some classic crank moments. The headline announcement at this stage was Jezza’s, slightly optimistic, vow to take on Murdoch’s new TV channel:

“Unlike his last attempt to buy out Sky, this time there’s no one stopping him. We need an urgent parliamentary commission to protect our news media from oligarchy and monopoly control” 

Corbyn plans on taking on the Murdoch empire via a petition. For now it looks like Andrew Neil’s news network isn’t in Jeremy’s firing line…

The West’s outrageous success creating vaccines to inoculate their citizens was next in his firing line, with Corbyn condemning the UK and others for demonstrating “vaccine nationalism” and “the irrational placing of profit ahead of public health”. With all his other campaign demands – including an end to the global capitalist economic system, ending climate change and stopping the war in Yemen – Corbyn has a lot on his plate. He reassured potentially daunted supporters that their reward will be being remembered by history:

“Movements do transform the world: look at those movements that fought for liberation from slavery, the vote, equality for women, civil rights, freedom from colonialism… they were scorned, they were beaten back, they often thought they had lost and they were defeated many times”

All those successful historic movements had one thing in common: they weren’t led by Jeremy Corbyn…

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Corbyn Using 9/11 Truther Rapper to Promote Launch of Peace & Justice Project

Corbyn’s cult is excitedly preparing for the official launch of his new “Project for Peace & Justice” this Sunday, which will see a star-studded Zoom call featuring the likes of Corbyn himself, Zarah Sultana, Yanis Varoufakis and Len McCluskey. Preparations are ongoing in true Corbyn style, with rapper and hard-left crank ‘Lowkey’ being wheeled out to promote the group.

As expected, Lowkey has not only tweeted that the existence of Israel is a racist endeavour – he is also a 9/11 truther. In 2009, Lowkey wrote a poem for the Stop the War Coalition that referenced the truthers’ favourite conspiracy of “building 7”:

“It was the planes.
Not controlled demolition,
The BBC didn’t report the explosion of Building 7,
20 minutes before hand, on my television,
They found passport’s and plane flying manuals belonging to terrorists in the rubble.

Tell me lies about the eleventh of September”

Guido looks forward to Sunday’s launch event…

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Web Pranksters Target Corbyn’s New “Peace & Justice Project”

Finally deciding on what to do during retirement, Jeremy Corbyn launched his new movement yesterday afternoon, “The Project for Peace and Justice”, promising British politics little more than a glorified student union activist forum for adults. Unsurprisingly for a geriatric who relies on his wife to run his Twitter account, Corbyn didn’t think through the tech side of his new operation, registering the URL as the typically modest, “”. Failing to also buy the more obvious “” address…

Naturally pranksters have wasted no time in buying the address up, greeting users with a new and improved mission statement:

“Bringing folk together for social and economic justice peace and human rights in UK and around the world but not Israel”

Mistaken Jezza loyalists are also told to “get in touch for more information! We aren’t a cult honest” and that the project was founded after:

“Seeing a need for energetic, non-profit work in this area, we formed our organization after some of us rightly got booted out of Labour! and the commute to Hamas HQ wasn’t covered by expenses.” 

There’s no sign of who’s the owner of the URL, though their copyright notice does promise that “This project does not accept the working definition of antisemitism by the IHRA”. Re-considering the facts, there’s no indication this site wasn’t actually set up by Jeremy’s team…

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