Labour’s Own Divisive Campaigning in Batley Revealed

The tension in Batley and Spen is clearly reaching a fever pitch, initially thanks to existing religious and cultural tensions being exploited by Galloway. It seems Labour doesn’t have a leg to stand on however, as a leaflet from Kim Leadbeater is now being sent out targeting the government’s relationship with Indian Prime Minister Modi. It’s less-so dog-whistle campaigning, more fog horn…

The leaflet arriving through locals’ letterboxes, and clearly sponsored by the Labour Party, warns voters not to vote for a Tory MP who isn’t on their side, citing the Tory Islamaphobia inquiry, and emblazoned with a large photo of the PM and Modi, claiming he is “silent on human rights abuses in Kashmir”, and accused of “whitewashing Islamaphobia”. Pretty shameful given how Jo Cox said there is “more in common than that which divides us” that her local Labour Party are putting out leaflets exploiting exploiting inter-communal strife and deliberately importing the divisive politics of the sub-continent.

The reverse targets Galloway, claiming a vote for anyone other than Labour is a vote for a Tory MP. Which, based on vox pops of local Muslims in recent days, may not be that popular an attack line…

As one local source points out, this divide and rule strategy not only ramps up unnecessary tensions, playing into Galloway’s game plan, how will it go down in other Labour areas like predominantly Indian Leicester East. Guido can’t imagine this will help cool down tensions

UPDATE: Kim Leadbeater’s campaign spokesperson doubles down and confirms the leaflet is from them, saying it points out a Tory vote means backing a PM “who insults Muslim women and calls it a joke”. Hat-tip: Kate Ferguson

UPDATE II: Labour Friends of India demand the leaflet is withdrawn:

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MPs Attending Conference With Politician Who Called Terror Attack “Pakistan’s Finest Hour”

On Thursday, 27 MPs from both sides of the House of Commons will be attending a Kashmir Solidarity Conference. What they may not be aware of is they will be following a speaker who had called the terror attack on Pulwama in February 2019 Pakistan’s finest hour“. The suicide bomb killed 41 people.

The conference’s second speaker is Pakistani politician Mushahid Hussain Sayed, who said in 2019:

 “What happened in Pulwama in February, in my view, was Pakistan’s finest hour after the nuclear tests of 1998.”

BBC News said the involvement of the terror group Jaish-e-Mohammed in the bombing “directly links” Pakistan to the attack. Guido’s not sure a politician who saw the attack as “Pakistan’s finest hour” is an ideal person for British MPs to share a platform with…

UPDATE: Guido learns that following an ultimatum by the Tory MPs listed as attending, Mushahid Hussain Sayed has now been uninvited from the event.

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Tory Leadership Cat-astrophe

Pakistan’s ruling party discovered the purrils of social media over the weekend after an unfur-tunate incident – politicians from Imran Khan’s party were left unamew-sed after the party’s official Facebook feed livestreamed a press conference. With a cat filter on:

The party evidently didn’t see the funny side and issued a humourless clarification for their cat-astrophic error. To stop Westminster watchers feline left out, Guido has given the Tory leadership contenders a similar makeover for your purr-usal:

Purr-haps the only surprise is that Rory Stewart hasn’t done it himself already…

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