Ofcom Investigating BCfm Socialist Conspiracy Theorist

Last month Ofcom announced that they have opened up an investigation into Bristol Community FM’s ‘Politics Show’ presented by Tony Gosling. Guido is surprised they took this long…

As well as being a socialist who campaigns for nationalisation of housing, Gosling spends a lot of his time writing supportive tweets for the Maduro regime, and as the ‘Social Justice Editor’ for a 9/11 ‘Truther’ forum which describes itself as a campaign to re-investigate who was behind the 9/11 attacks. Oh, and he used to work for the BBC..

A frequent contributor to Russia Today, his biography claims he has spent his career “exposing the secret power of the Bank for International Settlements and élite Bilderberg Conferences where the dark forces of corporations, media, banks and royalty conspire to accumulate wealth and power through extortion and war.” On his podcast, Gostling poses questions such as “Is there a case for Jewish ‘race’ being innocent?” and “What is Jewishness and what’s the phenomenon’s relation to ‘chosenness’.” He is followed by John McDonnell on Twitter…

Guido has seen the complaint that sparked the Ofcom investigation, which analysed the content in one two-hour show.

  • Suggested the Manchester bombing may have been carried out by the British secret services.
  • Interviewed Miko Peled, the man who called for Labour members to be able to ask: “Holocaust, yes or no?”
  • Suggested Putin’s driver dying in a car accident was a CIA plot to assassinate Putin.
  • Interviewed author Joseph Wages, who claimed the Illuminati use rituals to infiltrate and control governments and “bring about a globalist ‘New World Order’ agenda.”
  • Interviewed David Livingstone who claimed “Christian Zionists aim to bring on their antichrist messiah by causing horrors and mayhem predicted in the New Testament Book of Revelation”

BCfm programming is carried by the BBC every weekend. Why do they continue to broadcast this crank..?

Ofcom Boss Sacked For Opposing Brexit Wins Huge Pay-Off

An ultra-Remainer former quango chief will receive a huge pay-off from the taxpayer despite being sacked for openly criticising the government on Brexit. Former Economist editor Bill Emmott became head of Ofcom’s Content Board in 2015; as a journalist Emmott proposed extending the single market, advocated a new EU ‘energy union’ and made an anti-Brexit film for the BBC called The Great European Disaster Movie. He is a properly fanatical Europhile… 

The following year Emmott was let go having given an interview to an Italian newspaper headlined: “Outside Europe the UK dies”. He had also tweeted: “Prediction: Jeremy Corbyn will be Britain’s PM by 2020. Boris’s legacy” and “Gove scaremongers on migration free-for-all”. Ofcom bosses are subject to strict impartiality guidelines, all the more crucial in a referendum year…

Emmott took the government to the High Court over the circumstances of his departure and was granted a judicial review. Last month DCMS sneaked out a backpedalling statement:

“The parties now recognise that his departure from the post reflected changed circumstances since his recruitment and have agreed formal terms to resolve the dispute between them.”

Matt Hancock’s department has now agreed to pay a substantial sum in compensation, which Guido understands could be up to £80,000. An arch-Remainer paid off with your cash despite clearing bringing Ofcom into disrepute with his blatant anti-Brexit bias…

Fanatical Europhile Appointed to Ofcom Board

Outers will not be reassured by the news that Ofcom have appointed fanatical Europhile Bill Emmott to their board. Readers will remember Emmott as the ex-Economist editor who was blasted by IPSO for making a spurious claim against the Telegraph, when he wrongly accused them of publishing inaccuracies about the EU. IPSO threw out Emmott’s whinge, finding the piece was in fact perfectly accurate. 

In addition to joining the Ofcom board, Emmott will also chair their ‘Content Board’, which “sets and enforces quality and standards for television and radio”. Given Emmott’s record of making false claims against the media about Europe, is he really the best man for the job in an EU referendum year?

UPDATE: Emmott was also the Executive Producer of the BBC pro-EU propaganda film ‘The Great European Disaster Movie’. Expect this one to run…

UPDATE II: An Ofcom spokesperson has got in touch with Guido to say: “Any conflicts of interest involving non-executive Board members are managed appropriately and Bill Emmott would not be involved in discussions related to the EU referendum”.

Kay Dodgems Ofcom Rap

Ofcom has cleared Kay Burley after a spurious petition called for an investigation into her interview with the unrepentant boss of Alton Towers, who had insisted there were no safety problems with his rides:

“Ofcom received a number of complaints about Kay Burley’s questioning style during an interview about an accident at Alton Towers. We have carefully assessed whether this interview exceeded generally accepted standards. In our view, the interviewee was able to respond fully to the questions and put his position across. As a result we have not taken the matter forward for investigation.”

Petitions about TV presenters never get anywhere anyway…

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The Guardian’s election editorial urges voters to back Labour with the compelling argument:

“The pain and hurt within the Jewish community, and the damage to Labour, are undeniable and shaming. Yet Labour remains indispensable to progressive politics.”


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