New NUS President Called For “Islamic Takeover”

Yesterday the National Union of Students elected a new president: Zamzam Ibrahim, who unlike her predecessor has been to university. Zamzam graduated three years ago, and has been a full time professional student politician since then. The opinions she has expressed on social media in the past are quite exhilarating

She is ambitious:

“We would have an Islamic takeover!”

She is a traditional conservative on whether men and women can be friends:

“I’ve had this debate with many friends! Maybe in some cases but Islamically it’s incorrect for girls to be friends with a guy anyway!.. So I’m gonna say NO not the kind of friendship they can have with the same gender there is always boundaries.”

On what she would do if she were President:

“I’d oppress white people just to give them a taste of what they put us through! #LMFAO.”

Ibrahim, who supports votes at 16, now claims that the comments made when she was 16 were just the “adolescent comments of a young girl.” Pick one, ZamZam…

NUS Borrows More Money, Cuts Half Its Staff To Avoid Bankruptcy

The National Union of Students, like any socialist regime, is borrowing yet more money to avoid bankruptcy. In November Guido revealed that NUS Group made a massive loss of £5.4 million last year and was on course to go bankrupt by April…

The NUS has undertaken sweeping measures to try to avoid going bankrupt. This week the organisation told its affiliated Students’ Unions

“In order to ensure NUS’ solvency, timing is of the essence. For example, the budget had to be agreed and available for presentation to the bank on 22 January, so we could pursue our application for a loan to avoid insolvency in April 2019.”

But it doesn’t stop there, a letter leaked to Guido reveals that the NUS Finance Committee has also approved that they will, seemingly as a condition for the new loan, be “putting up our London HQ for sale/rent.” Additionally, after suspending elections, the NUS is will be making some 54 paid staff members redundant. The NUS confirmed that “NUS Group will now employ roughly half the number of staff it did this time last year.” The leftist students running the organisation are learning the lesson that profligate spending leads to both savage cuts AND more borrowing…

National Union of Students Cancels Elections Over Potential Bankruptcy

The National Union of Students has written to all candidates for positions within the organisation to tell them that all elections have been suspended, pending a review of which positions will be cut. Guido understands that as a result of the £3 million deficit, a host of full time officers of the organisation are set to be cut and the NEC will be ‘gutted’. The NUS is learning that the only way they can save themselves from bankruptcy is with sweeping austerity measures and living within their means…

In his letter, the NUS Returning Officer states that “these are extraordinary times; NUS Is clearly facing a number of Serious financial challenges which at worst could result in insolvency.” He also confirms that “It is clear that there is likely to be significant cuts to NUS’ operating budget for 2019/20.”

After leading vehement and violent protests against deficit induced Government cuts in the coalition years, are finally learning cold hard financial realities. All is not well in student paradise…

Read the full communication below:

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Plymouth Students’ Union Votes To Leave the NUS

Plymouth University Students’ Union have officially voted to leave the NUS in what could be the first of many taking action to escape that sinking ship. A major theme of the disaffiliation campaign was how the NUS is hurtling towards bankruptcy with a £3 million deficit. That certainly won’t be helped by losing Plymouth’s annual £60,000 membership fee…

Guido hears that the policy of Sam Gyimah going out to talk to individual Students’ Unions directly has also played a big part in this. SUs being able to go to the Minister directly makes them wonder what the point of the NUS middleman is at all…

Since 2016 the NUS has lost Hull, Newcastle, Loughborough, Essex, Surrey, and now Plymouth. This amounts to collective affiliation fees of around £300,000, and much more additional income beyond, through NUS provided services and supplies. Students’ Unions are escaping before their fees are hiked up even higher… 

National Union of Students ‘Will Go Bankrupt by April’

The National Union of Students held crisis talks last night as internal documents reveal the organisation is set to go bankrupt within five months. Their £500,000 overdraft facility provided by the Co-Op expired on 5th November and is “this is not being renewed”. In the context of a damning internal review of short-term cash flow, the NUS held a “Strategic Conference” where suggestions raised included making up to a third of staff redundant, putting restrictions on travel and subsistence, and doing away with full time student officers.

Available cash in hand for the NUS is projected to fall to -£39,000 in April, and fall to the full three million leaked to Guido by June 2019. The wider NUS Group has an annual deficit of more than £5 million.

Student officers have responded to the proposed fiscal restraints by mounting anti-austerity campaigns to prevent cuts, or any reduction in scope of the organisation, and have begun referring to the organisation’s £3 million deficit as “alleged.” They genuinely think that proposed austerity is a political choice, not a financial reality. Remind you of anybody..?

UPDATE: Guido has obtained the full internal review of short term cash flow forecasting. Read its damning conclusions here:

Left Wing Students Demand More NUS Spending In Response To £5.4m Deficit

An open letter is being circulated among left wing National Union of Students officers and students who, outraged with the “claimed” massive deficit, have demanded yet more spending as a response.

They are demanding a bigger NUS conference, more money for part time NEC members, and no cuts to campaigning budgets. “We demand no cuts to democracy, representation and campaigns.”

The only cut the letter suggests making is to the CEO’s £100,000 salary, which even if it were stripped back to the minimum wage, would have last year cut the NUS Group deficit down from £5,436,526 to just £5,424,332…
Read the extraordinary open letter in full below…

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National Union of Students’ Group Lost £5.4 Million, Has £12 Million Pension Deficit

If the NUS is going bust it is going bust big. Last week Guido revealed how the organisation is looking at a £3 million deficit for the group in this and future financial years.” That is an understatement…

Guido can reveal that the NUS has a pensions liability of over £12.2 million, and is £1.8 million in hock to the banks.

Close examination of the NUS’s Financial Statement further reveals that in 2017 the NUS made a loss of £3.5 million, a larger deficit than last week’s letter admitted to, a more than doubling of the previous years losses. The position is worsening…

The NUS’s parent company made a total combined loss of £5.4 million. This makes the pensions liability even more grave. There is no chance of the deficit being made up by a loss making NUS.

These are the finances of an organisation that is on its last legs. If Student Unions around the country don’t want to be on the hook for this financial mess, they should seriously think about disaffiliation.

Read the shocking accounts in full here.

National Union of Students on Verge of Bankruptcy

The National Union of Students is in crisis and teetering on the verge of bankruptcy, an explosive letter obtained by Guido has revealed. In recent years SU disaffiliation, along with other services that provide student discounts without the NUS’ baggage of dubious geopolitical stances, anti-Semitism scandals, and hatred of clapping have put the organisation under serious strain.

NUS President Shakira Martin and NUS Acting Chief Executive Peter Robertson have sent a letter to all affiliated Students’ Unions, setting out their dire financial straits.

“The NUS Group is facing financial difficulty. We are projected to post a significant deficit this year without enough resource to cover the loss.”

“We’re looking at a £3m deficit for the group in this and future financial years.”

“We have taken immediate advice on the options available to us to ensure we remain solvent. It looks likely this will include a combination of borrowing against the building we own, making cuts to staff, and turning off some of the activity we deliver.”

The NUS will try to stay afloat by implementing harsh austerity, making sweeping cuts to staff as well as cuts to services. But Guido was told that austerity was just a “political choice”?

It’s clear some big disaffiliations in 2016 have further squeezed the NUS’ finances. There has never been a better time to leave this disaster of an organisation…

Guido has obtained a copy of the extraordinary letter, which you can read in full here.

Crackers NUS Conference Occupies Itself

The NUS conference was suspended this afternoon after a group of 150 students occupied their own event. Hard left students stormed the stage in protest over conference timings, fearing that a debate on whether to hold a second EU referendum had overrun so much that motions on supporting sex workers and decriminalising abortion in Ireland would be overlooked. Journalists were expelled from the hall and the conference live streams were cut off. Peak millennial, peak NUS. Do some work…

Greatest NUS Election Video Ever

Tom Harwood is running the most honest NUS election campaign you will see, and he certainly has the best campaign video. He has already won the endorsement of Nick Boles, who says “Put this man in charge of Conservatives digital campaigning!” Speaking truth to the pious self-serving NUS lefties…

Malia Bouattia Ousted as NUS President

At last some good news for students – Malia “Zionist-controlled media” Bouattia has been ousted as NUS president, to be replaced by the Union of Jewish Students-endorsed Shakira Martin. Oh well, Malia can always be a LibDem candidate somewhere…

“Stop Trump” Rally Hijacked By Anti-Semites and Extremists

If you are going to organise a rally protesting against Donald Trump, you should probably try to make sure it isn’t hijacked by cranks, extremists and anti-Semites. Alas, the speakers at this afternoon’s “Stop Trump” rally in Westminster are a roll call of wrong ‘uns…

Salma Yaqoob 

While a Respect Party councillor in Birmingham, Yaqoob infamously refused to join applause for George Cross-winning war hero Lance Corporal Matt Croucher. L/Cpl Croucher threw himself on top of a Taliban grenade in Helmand in 2008, saving the lives of his colleagues. As decorated Croucher entered the council chamber, Yaqoob sat with her arms crossed.

Malia Bouattia (NUS President)

Disgraced Bouattia says the government’s anti-terror programme Prevent is fuelled by a “Zionist lobby“, has ranted about the “Zionist-led media” and has described the University of Birmingham as a “Zionist outpost“. She also refused to acknowledge the right of the State of Israel to exist during a Channel 4 News interview last year. Professor Carol Baxter, the NHS’s former head of equality, diversity and human rights, carried out a probe into Bouattia’s comments and found they “could be reasonably capable of being interpreted as anti-Semitic”. Rumours are circulating that she could be ousted from the NUS this week.

Asad Rehman (Friends of the Earth)

Asad Rehman is Friends of the Earth’s “international climate campaigner” but he engages on a variety of issues outside his realm of expertise: Rehman has tweeted his belief that Netanyahu and Israel are “best pals” with ISIS. He advocates banning “Zionist organisations” from climate change events. Real piece of work.

Murad Qureshi (Chair, Stop the War Coalition)

The West-hating Stop the War has praised the “internationalism and solidarity of ISIS”, blamed the French for the Paris terror attacks and refuses to oppose Russian bombing of Syria. Qureshi feebly claimed his organisation could not protest against Putin because the Russian Embassy is on a private road. As Peter Tatchell says of Qureshi’s group: “The Stop the War Coalition is in moral meltdown… over its one-sided Syria protests and its persistent failure to listen to appeals from democratic, anti-war and civil society activists inside Syria.”

Way to completely discredit your anti-Trump protest.

NUS Vice-President: We’re “Failing” Jewish Students

Rob Young

Jewish students are being “failed” by the NUS, the group’s vice-president has admitted. In an interview with Jewish News, Rob Young, deputy to race row Malia Bouattia, blasts her for blocking Jewish students from having a say on who represents them:

“It seems the that the National Executive Council of NUS want to ensure that we are not working with UJS as closely as have in the past – and this is something I stand totally against. I will keep fighting to ensure that UJS are present at the table when we are working on the ARAF campaign… By making our spaces unwelcoming for Jewish students, we are not only failing to focus on these challenges, we are failing as a movement that represents all students.”

The organisation has come under near constant fire over anti-Semitic incidents and has seen a string of successful disaffiliation campaigns since April. If this is what their own VP thinks…

NUS Blocks Jewish Students From Having Say on Who Represents Them


Hard left members of the NUS have voted to block Jewish students from choosing their own representative on the union’s anti-racism committee. A vote to put a Jewish student chosen by other Jewish students back on the committee was rejected last night.[…] Read the rest


NUS’ £3 Million Financer Votes to Leave


The snowballing NUS disaffiliation campaign got another boost today – Loughborough Union’s trustees have voted to uphold the student referendum to leave the NUS. Loughborough is now the fourth University to disaffiliate, and in leaving will take the £2,822,491 they hand over to the NUS’ services organisation.[…] Read the rest


Hull University Third to Disaffiliate From NUS

hull nus

Hull University students have voted resoundingly to disaffiliate from the NUS, joining fellow NUSceptics in Newcastle and Lincoln. The Out campaign won nearly twice the votes of In, with 811 students in favour of leaving the union which just last month debated against commemorating Holocaust Memorial Day while electing a president who believes there is a “Zionist led media”. […] Read the rest


NUS Chief Executive Paid Five Times Average Graduate

simon blake nus

The increasingly unpopular NUS faces its sixth disaffiliation vote this month, with the University of Cambridge holding a referendum as part of the national NUSceptic campaign to leave the loony-left union. With each member union paying sums as high as £50,000 into the NUS every year, the organisation’s focus on far-left policies rather than issues that matter to students could leave it with a massive financial black hole. […] Read the rest


Newcastle Votes to Leave NUS as Students Complain of Grindr Intimidation

The national campaign to disaffiliate from the NUS is picking up momentum, with Newcastle University announcing today that they will follow Lincoln in leaving the “Zionist-led media”-hating student bores. 67% of voters supported disaffiliation in Newcastle, after a campaign that mobilised nearly 1,000 votes against the NUS.[…] Read the rest


Lincoln University Disaffiliates From NUS

lincoln uni

Two week ago Guido brought you news of a national campaign to disaffiliate from the NUS, well since then the number of universities with campaigns to leave hasdoubled again to 25. Students disgruntled with the new “Zionist-led media” bashing president and attempt to block commemorations of Holocaust Memorial Day are set to be voting en masse to leave over the next few months. […] Read the rest


NUS Disaffiliation Campaign Doubles Support Overnight


The aftershock of the NUS’ disastrous conference continues to be felt. After the launch of a mass disaffiliation campaign yesterday, the number of universities looking to break ties with the NUS has doubled overnight. The sound unis are understood to be Oxford, Cambridge, KCL, LSE, Aberystwyth, York, Durham, Edinburgh, Sheffield, South Bank, Westminster, Bristol, Exeter and even Birmingham, the university of the new “anti-Zionist” NUS president Malia Bouattia. […] Read the rest


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