Government’s Mixed Messaging on Major Energy Announcement

Guido is giving the government the benefit of the doubt over its planned “review” of Sizewell C. According to the BBC, a spokesperson said they are “reviewing every major project”, including the new nuclear power plant, as Jeremy hunts for £25 billion in spending cuts. Scrapping a route to energy independence shouldn’t be on the menu…

BEIS, however, suggest this is overblown, and “one large-scale” plant is still likely to go ahead:

“HS2 is under way, within budget, and supporting 28,000 jobs, we are also seeking to approve at least one large-scale nuclear project in the next few years and aim to speed up the delivery of around 100 major infrastructure projects across the UK.”

As Jim Pickard points out, this is obviously a reference to Sizewell, although it’s not clear on the timings. The government also indicate that Sizewell is likely safe because scrapping it would undermine decarbonisation plans. Either way, pulling the plug because it will “take years to build” would be straight out of the Nick Clegg playbook. Go nuclear, go large

UPDATE: Government spokesperson confirms Sizewell C is NOT being scrapped.

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Boris Confirms £700 Million for Sizewell C Nuclear Plant

In one of his last speeches as PM, Boris has just announced the government will cough up £700 million for the planned Sizewell C nuclear power station in Suffolk. Confirming the sum trailed in the Sun last night, Boris insisted he was “absolutely confident it will get over the line” with the new investment:

“No more national myopia, no more short-termism, let’s think about the future, let’s think about our kids and our grandchildren, about the next generation. I say to you with the prophetic candour and clarity with one who is about to hand over the torch of office, I say: Go nuclear, go large and go with Sizewell C.”

He also took one last swipe at Blair and Brown for inaction on energy security: “Gee thanks, Tony. Thanks, Gordon”. He also attacked those “who think hydrocarbons are the only answer” – something that could be interpreted as a side swipe at his pro-fracking potential successors. Go nuclear, go large…

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Germany U-Turns on Nuclear Power

In 2009, nuclear power supplied 25% of Germany’s electricity. As a result of the December 2021 election, which produced an Olaf Scholz-led traffic light coalition of the SPD, FDP, and Greens, the federal government announced they would shut down the last three functioning modern nuclear power plants this year. Yet in a belated outburst of rationality, the German government has decided to keep them open – for now. The Green Party, which has delivered Germany into reliance on the kindness of Vladimir Putin, is reluctantly going along with the “temporary” policy reversal.

With energy prices rising almost exponentially, German industrial production was suffering badly. Business logic was always likely to prevail over politics. Whatever German industry wants, German industry tends to get…

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Scottish Government Minister Wants to Leave NATO, Unknowingly Defends Nukes as a Deterrent

Yesterday, Scottish Government minister Lorna Slater had the sort of loony media showing Guido almost misses from the Corbyn era of Labour. The minister for “Green Skills, Circular Economy and Biodiversity” went on TV to argue that the party in coalition with the SNP still back pulling out of NATO, in spite of the Ukraine war, because of the organisation’s “first strike nuclear attack” policy. While calling for withdrawal from NATO, Slater argued she wants Scotland to go independent so they can be more internationalist…

Slater also put in an incredible showing on the issue of getting rid of nuclear weapons, during which she made a prime argument why nuclear weapons are a military deterrence without realising it. So just to recap, the Scottish government is currently made up of a first minister who wants to spark WW3 and ministers who want to leave NATO. Keeping up?

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Sadiq Prepares to Lead London Through Nuclear Attack

Sadiq Khan has said London is well prepared for a nuclear attack, following Putin’s threat earlier this week. While, in City Hall’s words, the prospect remains “remote” they boast the capital:

“… has a resilient and well-established system in place to ensure key agencies work closely and effectively together to keep us all safe – this includes keeping Londoners fully informed about any emergencies.”

Given the capital started disintegrating last month due to a strong breeze, Guido reckons this might prove hubristic. Still, using the underground network as a bunker will prove easy given under Sadiq’s leadership no trains are currently running…

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Starmer’s Disarmer in Shadow Cabinet

Sir Keir used a Times interview this morning to try and rebrand Labour’s reputation on defence after the disastrous years of Jeremy Corbyn. He tells the paper that Corbyn was “wrong on NATO and emphatically wrong on the Salisbury poisonings”; on Ukraine he says it’s “very difficult to find a dividing point” between Labour and the government:

“I’m absolutely convinced that among the tools in the Russian armoury is divide, divide, divide. The more they sow division, either between us and our allies or within [the] country, then only Russia benefits from that.”

While Sir Keir has proved he’s able to talk the centrist talk, as on other issues he’s failing to walk the walk. While espousing bellicose views to the media, he continues to have an appointed “Shadow Minister for Disarmament” in his shadow cabinet, a role created by the white flag-waving member for Islington North in 2016 and a title held by the same man happy to serve as a defence minister under arch-abstentionist Corbyn, Fabian Hamilton.

The role of shadow minister for disarmament was created by CND supporting Corbyn to create a “change in attitude” in Labour’s foreign police approach; a change in attitude that will tonight see Corbyn speak at a ‘Stop the War’ meeting seeking to blame NATO for the crisis in Ukraine. 

If Sir Keir wants voters to take him seriously, perhaps he should ditch this Trotskyist shadow cabinet role and stick to the bread and butter defence policies the public want to see…

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