Now Stop Funding Hate Targets NSPCC

Stop Funding Hate, the anti-press freedom campaign behind advertising boycotts of newspapers, has plumbed new depths this morning – hounding the NSPCC on Twitter. The children’s charity ran a promotion in the Sunday Express yesterday, causing Stop Funding Hate to tweet out the NSPCC’s handle and attempt to set their Twitter trolls on them. The NSPCC often runs campaigns and promotions in newspapers – it runs a ‘Block the Bullying’ campaign in the Sun for example. Perhaps it should come as no surprise that Stop Funding Hate are opposed to anti-bullying campaigns. 

The NSPCC knows appealing to millions of Sun and Express readers for support and donations is a sensible way to help children – yet the cranks at Stop Funding Hate want their army of vicious trolls to target them for it. The mask slips on this nasty press freedom-hating campaign…

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NSPCC Demands State Intervention in Facebook Row


The NSPCC have demanded the government considers “all available options” after Facebook refused to ban a controversial viral video. The clip – which has doing the rounds for days – shows an Indonesian child carer repeatedly dunking a baby in a bucket of water, a process apparently known as “baby yoga“. Causing the children’s charity to pile in in a letter to the government:

“we would also urge you to look at all available options which will ensure UK citizens, including millions of children, are no longer exposed to this kind of dreadful and disturbing content”

Facebook say they won’t ban the video because such a decision would prevent charities from “raising awareness of the atrocities which are going on around the world”. Government-enforced bans on content deemed distateful by charities would set a troublesome precedent…

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