Scientists Boycott Osborne-Subsidised Research Centre Fearing Chinese Spies

Academics have boycotted a government funded research centre, hailed by George Osborne as “putting the UK in pole position” in the new material’s research, after concerns were raised over industrial espionage.

Academics drafted into the National Graphene Institute (NGI) are worried by its collaboration with the Taiwanese owned BGT, which has recently announced further partnerships with a Chinese manufacturer and university. Chinese corporations are notoriously poor in their respect for intellectual property rights. Chinese intelligence agents steal trade secrets for their corporations…

Graphene, a newly developed ultra high-tech nano-material, is 200 times stronger than steel and has outperformed super-conductive materials in electrical tests. Scientists are worried that yet another Great British invention funded by British taxpayers will be commercialised by foreign corporations.

Academics might have seen this move coming, however, after Osborne showed off his pet project NGI to Chinese president Xi Jinping during his recent stay. Having pledged to protect UK subsidies for scientific research in the autumn statement, the British taxpayer should be keen to protect their own investment. There is a limit to kow-towing, by all means lay out the welcome mat, just don’t let the Chinese walk all over you…

H/T Sunday Times
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