Sunak Launches New Attack on “Remainer” Truss

Liz trying to spend a day talking about rural affairs was never going to be taken lying down by Rishi, given he’s made it a huge part of his political brand. A new attack line just put out by Rishi’s team once again drags the contest down into the mud:

“Liz Truss’ announcement today does nothing for farmers and food. She blames Brexit and fails to see the opportunities from it to help farmers and food production, has no plan to tackle inflation which has hit input costs hard, and neglects to mention trade deals because of her record in this area. The true Remainer colours are starting to show.”

The ambiguous attack seems to be levelled at her plan to allow thousands more foreign workers to be allowed into UK to temporarily take up agricultural jobs, as part of an expansion of the seasonal workers’ scheme. Not sure what his solution is since long term everyone accepts this will require agri-tech robot solutions, meantime his press release says “Rishi has committed to keep labour requirements in the sector under review” – which is surely code for allowing seasonal workers in.

His team also attack Truss for failing to turn up to NFU hustings, saying she should put herself up if she wants to “show she’s serious”. 11 a.m. on Monday morning. Strap in for another week of this…
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Paul Bristow: Mustard King

New intake MP Paul Bristow isn’t resting on his nickname laurels after being dubbed Parliament’s most eminent wrestling MP. Like most members he recently celebrated National Farming Day, saying one farmer in his constituency told him Peterborough grows “some of the finest mustard seeds in the whole country”, and as such Bristow can call himself “The Mustard King” – an alias he has now embraced. Guido even hears Bristow’s whip is addressing him thus, signing off one recent chat with “all hail the mustard king”. Guido says he hears – it could be an unreliable sauce…

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