News UK Unveils TalkTV Branding

As the spring launch of TalkTV draws closer, this morning they’ve unveiled their “visual identity”, including the new navy and orange logo that creative director Erron Gordon says is “bold, clear, recognisable and unique”:

“When deciding on the colour scheme for TalkTV we wanted to marry authority with warmth. For our primetime television output we’ll use the darker more serious tones of navy blue and during the daytime we’ll freshen things up with a lighter blue. Both primetime and daytime blues marry up beautifully with the warmth of persimmon orange, a stunning orangey gold palette. These colours reflect the message and tone of the network and our output.”

“The speech bubble is a clear symbol of our intent as a channel to engage with our audience. The fact the speech bubble contains and holds the TalkTV wordmark is a clear indication that the channel is at the centre of all of this, enabling people to voice their opinion.”

So far News UK have announced parts of their political and hosting line-up, with Piers Morgan set to lead the flagship show and Tom Newton Dunn to be the face of a major weeknight news and current affairs programme. Kate McCann has been hired as political editor and they also plan a weekly satire news show, presumably to compete with Have I Got News For You. They promise further announcements in the coming weeks.

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Dan Wootton Popped Over to the Shard for Chat With Rebekah

When Guido asked GB News star presenter Dan Wootton about his meeting last week with News UK, he insisted it was just a “social visit” to see his old boss Rebekah Brooks. Dan insisted he loves GB News and is looking forward to a shorter, snappier new format 2 hour show. Perhaps he got some advice from his meeting with the head of TV at News UK…

With Piers Morgan getting a mega-bucks deal from Rupert Murdoch, who could blame Dan for showing interest, even if he’s happy at GB News? A return to the Shard wouldn’t be the first time he has followed in Morgan’s footsteps – Piers was a predecessor of his as editor of the Bizarre entertainment column in The Sun….

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News UK to Launch TV Channel Next Year

After cancelling plans for a tv channel earlier this year after concluding it was not “commercially viable”, it appears News UK has now reversed that decision. The company will now launch a channel, talkTV, early next year. More details are to follow, however a certain Mr Piers Morgan has been tweeting and Instagramming hints of an impending new job announcement all morning:

It couldn’t possibly be connected, could it?

UPDATE: News UK releases further details:

“The channel will be streamed live and made widely available on all platforms including linear TV and OTT with content available across social media as well as News UK’s own broad inventory of websites and apps. Everyone in the UK will be able to access the channel, live or on-demand, either on their television or on any personal device. 

talkTV will offer a mix of programming from News UK’s stable of household brands. There will be proper hourly news bulletins, sports and entertainment shows as well as current affairs, debate, opinion and documentaries. 

New format shows will be introduced using talent from our own brands – talkRADIO, talkSPORT, Virgin Radio, Times Radio, The Sun, The Times and The Sunday Times. 

News UK will hire some exceptional new talent to join a schedule of prime time programming for the evenings.”

UPDATE II: Piers’ move confirmed. He’ll join News Corp and FOX News Media in a global deal, that will see him

  • Presenting a new weeknight TV show broadcast in the UK, US and Australia
  • Two weekly columns online for the New York Post and The Sun
  • HarperCollins will publish a follow up to the Sunday Times No. 1 bestseller, Wake Up
  • Presenting a series of True Crime documentaries
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Extinction Rebellion Finally Shut Up

Among their various eco-terrorist strategies employed over the last two years, Extinction Rebellion has finally come up with a protest strategy Guido can actually get on board with: sewing their mouth shut. 

Taking to the News UK offices this week leftie vicar Revd. Tim Hewes railed against “The Murdoch Legacy” telling ‘Christian Climate Action’

“I’ve sewn up my lips to demonstrate the terrible havoc Rupert Murdoch’s actions have reaped upon the world and to make this visible: climate science and truth has been muted, those who suffer are not being heard.”

Murdoch might seem like a default villain to Extinction Rebellion, though protesting News UK seems an odd decision. They’ve already pledged to cut their carbon footprint 25% by 2025, and in recent years have removed 800 tonnes of plastic from their products. 82% of Sun readers, News UK boast, “are keen to make their lives greener”, the paper even has a green issues correspondent. The Times has won awards for clean air campaign, to reduce pollution in cities. Murdoch’s empire is doing more to improve the world in a practical way than anything Extinction Rebellion has done…

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McVey’s TV Presenting Return that Never Was

At the start of 2021, News UK was still planning on launching a right-wing TV channel of their own, only to abandon plans when GB News had clearly emerged as the better-prepared front runner. The death knell was announced in April by Rebekah Brooks with the departure of broadcast executive David Rhodes, and her conclusion that a linear news channel is not “commercially viable”. GB News hopes to prove that wrong…

The register of MPs’ interests has now given an insight into the programming Brooks had hoped to get off the ground. Last night, Esther McVey revealed she took £600 from News UKfor presenting pilot episodes of a news programme”. According to McVey, the audition took up 6 hours of her time. It was no doubt a breeze for McVey, who prior to Parliament made a name for herself as a GMTV presenter…

Guido hears the audition took the form of a panel show with two talking heads and a second MP. Interestingly, the name of Esther’s MP co-host is yet to register their payment…

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Time to Break Up the Murdoch Media Empire

Guido is an admirer of Rupert Murdoch and the global role he has long played in political affairs. During the Cold War his media assets supported political leaders who stood firm against the Soviet threat, his papers banged the drum in support of the free enterprise system; in Britain he broke the print unions’ resistance to change and progress at Wapping, his satellite television networks brought competition and choice around the world. For decades his broadcast networks and newspapers have given editorial support to parties and politicians fighting collectivism around the globe. Nor should we forget that Bart Simpson entertained the world’s children in a reckless way that has always annoyed the woke.

Nevertheless, the power and influence that he has wielded for good should not, perhaps, outlive him. Lachlan Murdoch, CEO of Fox, appears to be the only heir in his father’s image, and Guido has long feared that – outvoted by his siblings – control in the hands of James and Elisabeth Murdoch would result in a very different drumbeat from the Murdoch Media Empire. It would be progressive, woke and carbon neutral. We would no longer hear or read the voices passionate in their support of free enterprise and the free markets that have brought prosperity to hundreds of millions people since the fall of communism.

Filings just released in the US show that James Murdoch and his wife Kathryn spent $20 million opposing Donald Trump’s 2020 re-election while funnelling another $100 million through Quadrivium, a not-for-profit they control, to support left-wing political groups. James backed Democrat candidates, according to CNBC, who found the large contribution while reviewing the 2019 tax return documents of Quadrivium. James quit the News Corporation board over “disagreements over certain editorial content published by the Company’s news outlets and certain other strategic decisions.”  The New York Post and The Wall Street Journal both have conservative opinion sections.

Could Rupert ever bring himself to break up his life’s work? Well he has already divested himself of Twentieth Century Fox to Disney and British Sky Broadcasting to Comcast. Maybe he thinks the same as Guido…

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