Osborne Finally Takes Over from Cameron

Coronavirus has struck down former PM David Cameron, just days before he was set to travel to Jacinda’s prison island of New Zealand, to attend the conference of the centre-right National Party. The party, bracing for an election in 2023 after St Jacinda’s 2020 majority victory, were hoping to hear from Britain’s ex-PM. Now Guido sees George Osborne will finally step into his ex-boss’s shoes after agreeing to fill in.

This morning the National Party leader Chris Luxon argued that centre-right parties worldwide face a perception problem, especially appearing uncompassionate, and said the party wants to “detoxify” itself like the UK Tories did in the 2010 election. Let’s hope Osborne manages to stay Covid-free, or the conference will end up facing Theresa May’s extortionate speaking fees…

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