Flashback: Blair Confronted Over Labour’s GP Waiting Times

Given Sir Keir spent most of PMQs yesterday blaming the Tories for “breaking” the NHS, and praising New Labour for “getting people to see a doctor in a couple of days”, Guido’s reminded of what the public actually thought of the NHS in the Blair years. Here’s how a BBC audience reacted in 2005, when it was pointed out that Labour’s headline-making 48-hour GP targets often saw appointments denied or their acceptance pushed back, just to artificially meet those waiting time targets. T’was ever thus…

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How Labour Has Packed Quangos Including the BBC & Ofcom for Decades

The revelation in The Sunday Times that Boris wants to appoint Charles Moore as BBC Chairman and Paul Dacre to run the media regulator Ofcom, prompted outrage from the chattering metropolitan media class; with the likes of Adam Boulton accusing No. 10 of being an “oligarchy” exhibiting “elite populism run riot”. When Guido pointed out to Boulton that Labour had dominated the quangocracy for over a decade – citing the Independent‘s 1995 discovery of plans to install Blair’s friends in high places – Adam claimed there wasn’t evidence to support that – when Guido asserted with evidence otherwise, Boulton told him “F off” with his lies and smears. It was admittedly very late. Anyway, Guido’s been busy crunching the numbers…

  • In the last year of Major’s government, 57% of political appointees had Tory allegiances, versus 32% for Labour
  • One year after Blair came to power, Labour appointees were up to 75%, versus 13% for Tories
  • During every single one of New Labour’s years, more than half of political appointees with declared affiliations were Blair or Brown backers. In 2006/7 and 2009/10, it was 70%.*

Labour deliberately prioritised getting their allies into high power media positions – including appointing Greg Dyke, who had previously donated £50,000 to Labour, to the role of BBC Director-General. Can you imagine the outrage if the Tories did similar today?

The era of Labour-dominated quangocracies didn’t end with the coalition in 2010, however. In 2011/12, the percentage of Labour-affiliated appointments actually beat Blair’s 1997-98 record at 76.7%. From 2010-2014, 3x more Labour supporters were appointed to top quango jobs than Tories, it was a noticeable blind-spot of the Cameron era…

  • 2011-12: 76.7%, 13.8%, 4.3%
  • 2013-14: 45.6%, 30.8%, 7.5%
  • 2014-15: 37.6%, 25.9%, 11.8%
  • 2015-16: 41.2%, 33.1%, 14.7%
  • 2016-17: 37.7%, 37.1%, 10.5%
  • 2017-18: 40.6%, 30.2%, 14.6%
  • 2018-19: 47.4%, 31.6%, 10.5%

Since ’97 there have only been 2 years when Tories have got more public appointments than Labour, astounding when you consider the Tories have been in charge for a decade. Guido doesn’t reckon anyone could look at the last 23 years of Labour’s quango domination and credibly complain about this Downing Street initiating a decades-long overdue end to the Blairite dominance of public appointments…

*Source: Public Appointments Commission

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