Teachers Union Compares Tory MPs to Harold Shipman

While Gavin Williamson was up before the education select committee today, discussing their latest report into white, working-class boys, the National Education Union wasn’t taking the legitimate concerns of Tory MPs quite so seriously. The Nottingham branch of the union last night tweeted:

As new MP Brendan Clarke-Smith retorts, “You are unfit to represent teachers or to be involved in any way with the education of our children.” 

The NUT isn’t the only one downplaying the plight of working class white boys. the UCU’s General Secretary Jo Grady yesterday took to Twitter to claim MPs’ concerns are about “whipping up racism”, not educational outcomes for children. Meanwhile neither unions have proffered any solutions of their own to deal with the scandal…

The NEU has been contacted for comment.

UPDATE: Rob Halfon has intervened after being targetted by the NUT tweet, telling Guido “it’s a pity the NEU seek to compare me with Harold Shipman”, and “I think they should do better than that”. 

He also points out this isn’t his first run-in with the loony left NEU; in 2015 Guido reported on a green party candidate standing in Halfon’s constituency who said the Tories are not the party of workers, “unless u mean it like Hitler meant it”. At the time, the candidate targeting Jewish Halfon was general secretary of the Harlow NEU branch. He’s since been promoted to a National Executive Member of the union…

UPDATE II: The NEU branch has finally deleted the offending tweet and offered an apology:

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Unions Originally Endorsed A Level Grading System

With all the noise Labour is making over today’s exam results, Guido was surprised to see the usual teaching unions have not been plastered across the airwaves today. The largest teaching union, the NEU, has sent just three tweets so far – and it turns out they are attempting to perform a screeching U-turn.

The exam body Ofqual originally consulted widely on the way it would grade this year’s students without exams. The enormous number of consultation responses included 78 responses identifying as a ‘teacher representative group or union’. And the system the consultation shaped received approval from unions, even ASCL and the NEU…

In April the NEU, praised Ofqual’s proposed system, stating that “We are pleased that the Department for Education and Ofqual both recognise the professionalism of teachers… In any qualification system, but particularly one created in these circumstances, it helps with consistency and fairness to have moderation and oversight from the regulator.”

Yesterday evening the General Secretary of the ASCL union, Geoff Barton, was strident in supporting the system as devised by the original consultation, telling Channel 4 News “I’m not convinced we needed any new measures in England”. Interesting to see these unions now try to avoid the heat for a system they helped create…

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Education Union Calls For Schools to Remain Shut on Monday

Despite calling for schools to not return this week, the National Education Union is also insisting that summer holidays go ahead as planned. Perhaps they should change their name…

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