Network Rail’s Latest Diversity & Inclusion Cash Splurge

On the day the unions reveal another 6,000 Network Rail staff are to be balloted for strike action in July, Guido thought it was worth reminding rail bosses that pay negotiations might’ve been slightly easier if they’d taken more than five seconds to look at their own balance sheet. Maybe a bit much for a body which boasted of employing the highest-paid diversity officer in the country, on a salary higher than the PM’s…

Now new Freedom of Information requests from the TaxPayers’ Alliance (TPA) have found that Network Rail spent £6,326.82 on a pair of rainbow-painted golf buggies in St. Pancras. Perfect for staff to zoom around on if and when when they’re actually working. 

TPA investigations campaign manager Elliot Keck added:

“While taxpayers face nightmare commutes, Network Rail staff whizz around in rainbow-wrapped rides.”

This is courtesy of the same Network Rail that released a guide to infinite pronouns, and encouraged staff at an underperforming branch to use “humankind” rather than mankind when talking to customers. Strikes begin next week.

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