Regulator Briefly Declares Netflix Password-Sharing “Illegal”

Yesterday the government’s Intellectual Property Office (IPO) published new piracy guidance as part of an anti-fraud campaign with Meta, Facebook’s parent company. While most of it was anodyne and boring, one detail raised Guido’s eyebrows. Here’s what the government (for a day or so) apparently considered piracy – and was therefore illegal:

“Piracy is a major issue for the entertainment and creative industries. Pasting internet images into your social media, password sharing on streaming services and accessing the latest films, tv series or live sports events through kodi boxes, fire sticks or Apps without paying a subscription all break copyright law.”

Given Netflix themselves once tweeted “Love is sharing a password”, the government appeared to have declared war on love itself. Netflix and chill no more.

Guido contacted the IPO for an explanation. It turns out they’d received quite the backlash already, and admitted the wording  “wasn’t quite as clear as it could have been”, which is putting it mildly. The law remains unchanged, and the guidance is the same. They’ve since deleted the line about password sharing, though co-conspirators can see the archived page for themselves here

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Banks Formally Files Libel Proceedings Against Carole Cadwalladr

Last month Arron Banks warned Carole Cadwalladr that he was initiating libel action against her over her claims that he had a “covert relationship” with and had been offered money by the Russian Government. Over 14 days have passed and Carole has failed to respond – Banks has now formally initiated proceedings in the High Court. Banks insists that there is no truth to her claims whatsoever, and he’s had enough…

Banks is suing Carole on two grounds over two separate speeches she made, Carole’s claims are expected to be giving another airing in an upcoming Netflix documentary called The Great Hack. If Netflix repeat the claim Banks will, according to Andy Wigmore, be suing them too…

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