Hartley-Brewer Versus Question Time Climate Activist: “You’re Part of the Problem!”

One of the more entertaining episodes of Question Time last night, with Julia Hartley-Brewer going head-to-head with a climate activist sat in the audience over net zero:

JHB: “You’re part of the problem madam. This move to net zero in a randomly plucked date in 2050, which by the way was decided in Parliament after a 90 minute debate, I’ve spent longer choosing socks than that for goodness sake…


Activist: “It’s not about a date, it’s about a reduction in global atmospheric carbon emissions to reduce a global temperature rise.”

JHB: “We’re not going to hit it but if we did what would it achieve?” 

Activist: “It will stop ecosystems collapsing.”

Hartley-Brewer also pulled no punches when taking aim at No.10 over partygate, once again calling for Boris to resign…

Clearly had her Weetabix this week

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Farage Launches Referendum Campaign on Net Zero

Nigel Farage is revving back into campaign mode once again for another referendum, this time to take on “the life-changing Net Zero plans forced upon us by Westminster politicians“. Taking back control of our borders energy policies and prices…

Running under the banner of “Vote Power, Not Poverty“, Nige is raising cash for a “cross party, grassroots campaign” alongside Reform Party protégé Richard Tice to force a referendum on the government’s plan to reach Net Zero carbon emissions by 2050. They’ll be holding rallies across the country throughout the next year, with the campaign’s social media channels and website already up and running. Familiar scenes to the 2019 Brexit Party heyday…

The campaign is laser-focused on energy independence, particularly the UK’s untapped shale gas reserves. According to Vote Power’s site:

“We have huge energy resources here in the U.K. that we can use for much cheaper energy bills! Right now, about half of our energy supply is being imported from abroad, including from Russia and the Middle East […] The good news is that we have a real treasure under our feet, called Shale Gas! There is an estimated 50 years worth of shale gas, estimated to be worth over £1 trillion, right under our feet. What’s more important is that we, the people, own this Treasure. So let’s use it!”

Energy bills are skyrocketing, a Net Zero Scrutiny Group led by Steve Baker and Craig Mackinlay is forming within the Tories, and we’re only in the early stages of a cost-of-living crisis. Never bet against Nigel…

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Government Has No Idea What Net Zero Will Cost

A new report from the Public Accounts Committee warns the government has no idea what the cost of implementing Net Zero will be. The committee, designed to scrutinise spending on taxpayer-funded projects, slams the government’s latest plan for lacking any answers to key questions of how it will fund the transition, how it will deliver the policy, how it will replace tax revenue from fuel duty and “even a general direction of travel on levies and taxation”. The report goes on the say ministers have:

no reliable estimate of what the process of implementing the net zero policy is actually likely to cost British consumers, households, businesses and government itself.”

Don’t know, or don’t want to say…

While BEIS claims it’ll be too difficult to separate Net Zero spending from other costs, the committee points out the government overcame the exact same challenge when creating its Covid Cost Tracker. In addition, some of the Net Zero measures are slammed as having vague targets, worded as “as many as possible” or “as many… as reasonably practicable”. So to sum up, the government’s embarking on the most expensive policy in recent decades without any idea how much it’ll cost the taxpayer, how much it’ll cost ordinary people, how to achieve the policy, what the policy aims to achieve and how to measure the policy achievements…

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BEIS Spent £86,000 on Net Zero “Race and Social Inclusion” Report

Co-conspirators will remember back in October when BEIS published an 83-page woke report on how the Net Zero transition might affect “gender, race and social inclusion”. After realising how ridiculous it was to insist Net Zero should somehow be “inclusive”, BEIS quickly deleted the report and cancelled the publication of the follow-up research…

New FoI documents have revealed how much the taxpayer forked out for this crucial – and now deleted – research: £86,200. In other words, enough to install loft insulation in almost 250 3-bed semi-detached houses. For some reason, BEIS didn’t respond to FoI requests on how many hours staff wasted on all this, nor the number of meetings BEIS spent discussing it…

Reacting to the news, Taxpayers’ Alliance Investigations Campaigns Manager Elliot Keck said:

“The officials who budgeted almost £90,000 for this woke eco-rubbish must be living on another planet.”

Nearly £90,000 to make sure decarbonisation isn’t racist. What was it Rishi said about making “difficult” decisions on spending cuts?

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Government Has to Respond to Net Zero Referendum Push

Despite Boris’s attempts to resist calls for another referendum, a petition calling for the government to hold a vote on whether to keep the 2050 net zero target has today reached 10,000 signatures – meaning that the government must formally respond. If the petition hits 100,000 signatures it will have to be debated in Parliament, so Boris may have to reconsider his stance yet. Re-ordering our society to achieve net zero is a massive change; one that has not yet been democratically endorsed. Let the politicians who want us to eat bugs, have cold showers, lukewarm heat pumped houses, higher energy bills and far more expensive foreign holidays, make their case!

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BEIS Delete ANOTHER Net Zero Report Advocating Taxing Meat, “Normalising” Vegetarianism & Shaming Frequent Flyers

Having already deleted a report that claimed net zero policies had to navigate “structural inequalities and institutional racism , BEIS have now removed another document that suggested people should “shift dietary habits” by eating less meat, and recommended a tax on “high-carbon foods” to “normalise plant based food”Yet another report commissioned, signed off, and published, only to suddenly disappear when someone in BEIS actually read it…

The second report, written by the Behavioural Insights Unit (AKA the Nudge Unit), also advised “shift[ing] social norms” over international flights for business meeting – by depicting such trips as an “immoral indulgence or embarrassment”. “‘Frequent flyer’ should not be a badge of pride”, it says…

Right on cue, BEIS has already distanced itself from the report, claiming:

“We have no plans whatsoever to dictate consumer behaviour in this way. For that reason, our Net Zero Strategy published yesterday contained no such plans.”

The old adage, “never believe anything until it is officially denied” applies here Guido suspects. If the department is telling the truth, it does beg the question of why BEIS is happy to even entertain this nonsense in the first place…

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