Guido Forks Investigates: Leon’s “Does you Good” Food

This morning the Government secured Henry Dimbleby, the founder of the Leon restaurant chain, as the big hitting voice to unveil the first part of their new “National Food Strategy”, calling obesity a “national emergency we can no longer afford to ignore”. Dimbleby came out swinging against evil obesity creators, particularly singling out M&S for “genuinely misleading” customers over their Percy Pig sweets. Which, as it turns out, contain no pork whatsoever…

Dimbleby claimed he picked on M&S “because they have integrity as one of their values”. Another company that values integrity is Dimbleby’s own Leon food chain, who promise “Naturally Fast Food that tastes good, does you good and is kind to the planet”. If the Government is intent on taking aim against misleading nutritional information they may want to turn their attention to the Leon – whose menu is often significantly more calorific than, for example, their counterparts at McDonald’s…

The nannying CEO told the audience, “one of the most egregious sins of the modern food industry is its habit of clothing itself, and its products, in false virtue.” Quite…

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You’ll Be Surprised What Qualifies for the ‘Junk Food’ Ban

The Government’s proposed nannying ad ban is said to be about to crash down on ‘junk food’, banning so-called junk food advertising on TV and online prior 9pm. Other than the obvious hypocrisy, the trouble with this approach is that term that has popular appeal but no legal definition. A similar ‘junk food’ ad ban under Sadiq Khan resulted in mince pie adverts being banned on the London Underground and from the sides of buses…

Government instead takes ‘junk food’ to mean all food that is ‘high in fat, sugar, and salt’ (HFSS food as defined by the Food Standards Agency’s Nutrient Profiling Model). This includes…

  • Raisins and sultanas
  • Most tinned fruit
  • Most yoghurts
  • Nearly all cheese (including half-fat cheese)
  • Cream crackers
  • Tomato soup
  • Hummus
  • Ham and salami
  • Pesto
  • Cereal bars
  • Pure orange juice
  • Olive bread
  • Pasta sauces
  • Butter and margarine
  • More than half of all meat
  • One in every four sandwiches

When a middle England mother hears “junk food ad ban” and nods approvingly it’s unlikely she’ll be thinking about pesto, olive bread, and hummus…

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Boris Reveals Candid Weight Loss Journey

Boris has formally launched the government’s new anti-obesity campaign, as trailed in the media for a month. With Dilyn in tow, Boris has called on Britain to “get your weight down a bit and protect your health” in order to get health, protect the NHS, and feel better. Joe Wicks watch your back…

Leading from the front, Boris is candid about his own weight loss and health problems:

I’ve always wanted to lose weight for ages and ages and like many people I struggle with my weight – go up and down – but since I recovered from Coronavirus I’ve been steadily building up my fitness.

I don’t want to make any excessive claims because I’ve only really just started concentrating on it but I’m at least a stone down. I’m more than a stone down”

Boris promises his health push will “not in an excessively bossy or nannying way, I hope” persuade Britons to lose a few pounds. Which is a curious line given the now-almost imminent, nonsensical ban on pre-watershed ‘junk food’ ads…

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Tory MPs’ Ad Ban Hypocrisy

Boris proposing a junk food ban may well get his cabinet into a sticky situation. It was just a few months ago that the PM was posing with ‘Get Brexit Done’ doughnuts, and snapping pictures at fast food restaurants. Pictures which ran on the news before the watershed…

Guido has compiled an embarrassing list of these nannying ministers engaging in plenty of politician plugs for less than healthy food that should reasonably fall foul of the rumoured new guidelines. Or is it one rule for politicians and another rule for the rest of us?

Outside of the ministerial ranks, Shailesh Vara won’t be able to advertise his Stilton any more, Alicia Kearns will not be able to promote her constituency’s Melton Mowbray pork pies, now Scott Mann and his Cornish pasties. Or they could just ditch this hypocritical nannying big state measure before it hits the statute books…

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Boris Goes Big State on Big Food

A year on from replacing Theresa May as PM it appears Boris is preparing to mark the anniversary by launching a policy straight from his predecessor’s playbook: an interventionist ban on junk food ads…

Boris is set to “imminently” announce tight restrictions on advertising unhealthy food in the coming days, which is expected to include a 9 pm watershed on television adverts. While adhering to his opposition to sin taxes on foods, it seems the PM is planning to move as close as possible to his red line. Guido notes Boris has lost over a stone since leaving intensive care, all without imposing any bans on everyone’s way of life…

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Boris Doesn’t Want to Be Nanny

Joining Times Radio for their inaugural broadcast, Boris showed himself nuanced in how to address the nation’s obesity problem – both rejecting his laissez faire attitude of the past and uncomfortable with being branded interventionist. After leaving his ICU lighter than he went in, it was reported the PM was intent on putting the nation on a new health regime to tackle the UK’s record-setting weight statistics.

This morning, Boris referenced his previous “libertarian stance on obesity”, having railed against the sugar tax and promised a review of sin taxes during the Tory leadership contest. While reports of imminent bans on ‘buy one, get one free’ and ‘unlimited drink refill’ promotions are circulating, Boris was reluctant to identify himself as a public health interventionist. Already changing nappies in Number 10, Boris doesn’t want to become a nanny for the whole nation. Recommendations like cycle schemes are more likely than nanny-state bans and taxes…

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