Who are the Papers Backing?

Guido brings you another rolling list, this time of who the papers are backing in the 2019 election. Stay tuned for rolling updates…


Daily Express: So let’s put Boris behind the wheel, rev up the engine for Brexit Britain and power ahead to prosperity instead.”

Daily Mail:[Boris is] promising to ‘Get Brexit Done’, then deliver a moderate, One Nation Conservative prospectus with increases in funding for public services.”

Evening Standard: “Vote for Boris — Corbyn is unfit to lead Britain”

The Sun: vote for Boris Johnson’s Conservatives, get Brexit over the line in January, finally defeat the Remain and second referendum campaigns and move on with our lives.”

The Telegraph: Business is waiting to invest; much of the public wants to get on with developing the post-Brexit economy. The only way to do all this is by returning a Conservative majority.”

The Times: “The country faces a choice between a party that can deliver Brexit and one that will deliver economic mayhem. For that reason The Times supports the Conservatives”

Sunday Express: “Vote Tory if you really want to get Brexit done”

Sun on Sunday: Only Boris Johnson can stop Marxist Jeremy Corbyn leaving the Britain we love in ruins”

Sunday Telegraph:Vote Conservative to say ‘yes’ to Brexit and to reject Labour’s politics of hate

Sunday Times: Keep Mr Corbyn out at all costs. So vote Conservative”

Spectator: “Never in our country’s modern history has it been more important to vote — and vote Conservative.”


Daily Mirror: it’s time to show Boris the boot and bring Labour back into power”

Morning Star: “A Labour victory on December 12 means Christmas has come early. A Labour government is a gift we give to ourselves.”

The Guardian: The mood may be one of despair, but this election is critical to the country’s future. The best hope lies with Labour, despite its flaws”

Sunday Mirror:Labour’s policies offer an alternative to despair, division and dysfunction.”

Lib Dem

Economist: “they are the only choice for anyone who rejects both the hard Brexit of the Conservatives and the hard-left plans of Labour.”


Financial Times: “To those candidates who share (internationalist, pro business and pro Europe) values – and are ready to fight for them – the FT lends its wholehearted support.”

The Independent: Tactical voting could still put the brakes on populism”

The Observer:After a tawdry campaign of lies and racism, the choice is clear – anyone but Johnson”

None of the above

The i: The media won’t decide this election – you decide”

New Statesman: “we have resolved to endorse no party at this general election. As a publication that is beholden to no party or faction, that defends the intellectual traditions of scepticism, independence of thought, the spirit of criticism and a willingness to debate, we believe that voters deserve better”

The JC: “The JC has never, nor will it ever, endorse any candidate or party in an election. We are, above all, independent… Next week, there is one overriding imperative for our community: ensuring that Jeremy Corbyn does not become prime minister.”

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