MoD “Nuclear Threat Reduction Manager” Offered Third of the Salary of an NHS Diversity Manager

Scrolling through the government’s civil service job listings this afternoon, Guido was less-than-reassured to see a new job advert put up for a “DNO Warhead Nuclear Threat Reduction Programme Manager” over at the MoD. In light of the heated tensions on European soil, defence chiefs are looking for someone to step up to the plate and help “mitigate threats across the nuclear spectrum”:

“Lead on the programme management of the Nuclear Threat Reduction programme delivered through [Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE)], to a variety of customers across Government. Establish and maintain requirements for the Nuclear Threat Reduction programme to deliver to Dep Hd NTR, tracking and managing AWE’s programme performance to time, cost, and quality, escalating issues as appropriate. Interface closely with DNO enabling functions for financial, commercial, and PMO support.”

Perhaps more shocking than the advertising of the role itself, however, is the comparatively meagre salary offered for such a stressful and essential public sector job: just £40,000. The double blow being that you may also have to work in Reading… 

In December Guido revealed the NHS had moved on to hiring diversity managers with salaries now up to £108,000 – 2.7x that being offered to the people now being asked to avert nuclear armageddon. If we’re all soon to be vaporised underneath a mushroom cloud, hopefully it’ll be an equitable extermination…

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Army U-Turns on Extinction Rebellion Leadership Talk Invite

The Centre for Army Leadership has announced they’re to host Extinction Rebellion’s Chris Taylor at their Culture and Leadership Conference on 1st December. According to the announcement Taylor will talk on “Leadership in a time of social collapse”. Guido imagines Her Majesty’s forces will be only too happy to be lectured by a spokesman for a group that last year hijacked Remembrance Day to daub the Cenotaph in extremist protest garb reading “Climate change means war”.

Surely the army should be busy dealing with loons like Extinction Rebellion and Insulate Britain – not taking lectures from them…

UPDATE: In just under two hours his invite has been rescinded

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Ministry of Defence’s Guide to Political Correctness

It was just yesterday when Boris warned that the UK was “at risk of a kind of know-nothing, cancel culture iconoclasm”, and if this new 30-page ‘inclusive language guide’ from the Ministry of Defence is anything to go by, it looks like he might be right. You might think that an organisation with a mission that often involves waging war and killing people would be resistant to the march of wokeness…

It’s a gripping read. Describing itself as “a practical toolkit [for] creating a structure and a standard for inclusive language in Defence”, the manual encourages Defence employees (including those on the front line) to “keep referring back to the guidance” to foster an inclusive and professional environment. While it insists it’s “not an attempt to police language”, the guide nonetheless offers some helpful pointers over which phrases might upset fellow soldiers, and some alternatives:

  • ❌ “Girls, boys and youngsters” Colleagues, personnel, young people” ✅
  • ❌ “Young and vibrant team” “Effective and vibrant team” ✅
  • ❌ “Mature workforce” “Experienced workforce” ✅
  • ❌ “The disabled, handicapped” “Person with a disability” ✅
  • ❌ “The females in the platoon”  “The women in the platoon” ✅

Despite weighing in at a hefty 30 pages, the guide also warns that “language is constantly evolving, so this guide is not definitive and will be subject to review and updates annually.” Time to get learning… if the MoD is going to bring death and destruction to our enemies, at the very least they should get their pronouns right…

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Reports of Russian Warning Shots Fired at British War Ship

The Ministry of Defence has denied claims that Russia fired at a British ship this morning, claiming that the “Russians were undertaking a gunnery exercise in the Black Sea and provided the maritime community with prior-warning of their activity”. 

Contradictory reports, however, suggest the Russian Navy’s Su-24 attack aircraft dropped four bombs along the path of the British Royal Navy’s HMS Defender destroyer to “stop” it from further manoeuvres. That would make it the first time since the Cold War that Russia has used live ammunition to deter a Nato vessel… 

The Russian military claims that at 11.52 am a British destroyer crossed the Russian sea border, and Russia responded with warning shots after the British ship ignored verbal warnings. The confrontation comes as the UK today announced it would support Ukranian naval capabilities around Crimea…

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Military Sources: Mass Testing “Rudderless” in London as NHS Privately Forecasts “Threshold Breach” in 3 Weeks

The Ministry of Defence has announced it has 14,000 personnel held at “graduated readiness” as part of the Winter Preparedness 2020 Package to help areas with mass testing. However Guido can exclusively reveal that there is growing concern within the MoD over some local authorities approach to mass testing in London, according to multiple sources with intimate knowledge of the plans.

Military sources directly involved in the support effort have revealed to Guido that while symptomatic (Pillar 1 and Pillar 2) testing is strong and growing, the asymptomatic mass testing effort is “rudderless and lacks urgency”. One local council in London has been given 27,000 lateral flow tests and yet has no plans for what they are going to do with them.

The same military sources tell Guido that the feeling is London’s local authorities feel daunted by the challenge. Hesitancy has led to “community mass testing” being rebranded as “community rapid testing”. Guido understands the new name is designed to bring those sceptical of the benefits of mass testing around to it, as a high value is placed on speed. This all comes as NHS forecasts show there may be ‘threshold breach’ of patient capacity in London in the next 3 weeks…

Conversely and more optimistically, vaccine logistics preparation is strong. London and the rest of the country are looking well prepared if vaccines are approved for distribution from the 1st December ‘D Day’ (renamed from V Day, because the military are loath to use ‘V Day’ for something that is not yet successful). England will see 50 hospital hubs as well as the 7 NHS Nightingale Hospitals converted into large vaccination centres. London’s ExCel Centre, for example is having ‘pods’ built inside to distribute the vaccine in a Covid-secure way…

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Ministry of Defence Hires 20 Diversity Officers

After Guido’s recruitment call for a foodbank’s £62,000 diversity director, one fed-up MoD staffer gets in touch to point out the department has just closed recruitment for a £110,000 director of diversity and inclusion, all while the defence budget is under constant threat and during sustained cuts to their conventional forces. It seems Ben Wallace has taken YMCA’s ‘In the Navy’ to heart…

Far from this extortionate wage being a one-off, the Ministry of Defence has dozens of well-paid woke warriors responsible for diversity scattered around the country; and one of the responsibilities of the new £110,000 Westminster-based role is to “Complete recruitment of expanded Central [Diversity & Inclusion] team”. Guido’s source claims the team recruitment target is 20 highly-paid civil servants focusing on, amongst other things, increasing LGBT representation in the department…

The MoD has been busy woking up behind the scenes without a diversity director, recently posting an internal diversity and inclusion blog that tells civil servants:

If we want to be the best Armed Forces, then the only way to go is Feminist… And there’s also stacks of writing about the importance of feminist thought and analysis when it comes to conflict and peace”

It seems the first duty of the Government is to afford protection to its citizens promote the importance of feminist thought and analysis… I don’t know what effect they will have upon the enemy, but, by God, they frighten me.

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