Starmer Never Expressed Opposition to the “Visit Rwanda” Deal Arsenal Promoted

It’s pretty rare these days for Starmer and Corbyn to find themselves on the same side of a political row, though it looks like their new found mutual opposition to the government’s Rwanda plan – and their love of Arsenal football club – has achieved it. Over the last week both the current Labour leadership and its backbench of hard-left Socialist Campaign Group MPs have been unified in their opposition to sending illegal migrants to Rwanda, partly over cost and legality though primarily over unjustified accusations the country is a third world, human rights hell-hole. Starmer’s shadow cabinet members have labelled it “unethical”, Corbyn said it’s “shameful and beyond cruel”. 

Arsenal fans Corbyn and Starmer’s concern for Rwanda has only just come to prominence. Both are long-time regular attendees at Arsenal matches where the stadium and players’ kits were adorned with ‘Visit Rwanda’ sponsorship from 2018. Clearly Arsenal Football Club disagrees with their political patrons about the state of Rwanda, given they ran a competition for an eight-day all-inclusive trip to the country in 2019. Two days after tweeting his condemnation, Corbyn was then at Arsenal Football club where he no doubt will have seen the pro-Rwanda branding…

The sponsorship, worth £10 million pounds, has come under fire over the last week from fans since the government’s announcement, with the Mail highlighting demands for it to be terminated. Sir Keir and Jeremy are yet to say anything about the sponsorship, however. Seems like they are not opposed to all Rwanda travel deals…

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David Davis on Migrant Overseas Processing

The fallout from last week’s Rwanda announcement continues into this week, with a couple of eyebrow-raising interventions in the papers. A letter in The Times from one of Sir Keir’s Doughty Street chums, James Wood QC, claims to have come up with a new migrant strategy for the Home Office. He writes:

“Sir, One solution to tackle trafficking would be to have undercover officers in Calais pretending to be seeking to travel across the Channel. The tactic is frequently deployed in the fight against drugs and is known as a “test purchase”. Perhaps Priti Patel could try that before wasting taxpayers’ money on outsourcing detention contracts to Rwandan businessmen.”

Wood’s solution of undeclared operations in an allied country – something that is implied to be completely novel and not already carried out by French police – has been met with derision in Whitehall. Genius…

In other fall-out, David Davis takes to the Times Red Box this morning calling the plan an “abuse” of “hard-won Brexit freedoms”:

“But the plan is fraught with practical problems, beset by moral dilemmas and hamstrung by extortionate costs. And outsourcing our international obligations are certainly not the freedoms that Brexit was about winning.”

One co-conspirator with a keen memory, however, refers Guido back to David Davis’s 2004 Tory conference speech, when the then-Shadow Home Secretary called for the next Conservative government to, “push ahead with reforms to our asylum system, with a system of overseas processing.” Awkward…

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Corbyn’s Government “Brutality” Hypocrisy

Two days ago, in a widely-missed clip, Jeremy Corbyn gave an interview in which he accused the government’s Borders Bill of being “brutal” and “unnecessary”. These accusations are no different to those levelled by his fellow left-wing MPs, however Corbyn managed to uniquely undermine his intervention – by making the comments to Iranian state-owned broadcaster Press TV…

It takes a special type of leftist to not spot the irony in telling an Iranian state news channel that your country’s government is being brutal. As one Tory source puts it:

“The Hon Member for Tehran’s view that France is so oppressive and poverty stricken that we must take in anyone fleeing Macron’s reign of terror is obviously absurd, but you couldn’t fit a cigarette paper between his views on this and Starmer’s.

They both want to take in unlimited numbers of asylum seekers, skip them to the front of the queue for work permits ahead of those trying to come here legally and then put them up in houses so they don’t have to suffer the ignominy of staying in four star hotels.

You’d think the ayatollahs would disapprove of him encouraging Iranians to flee to Britain”

In 2018 an irate Corbyn refused to say whether he regretted doing paid work by Press TV – looks like we now have our answer…

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Macron Turns Migrant Crisis Blame on Mrs T

Macron has found yet another person to attribute responsibility for the migrant crisis, once again avoiding taking any himself. Today it’s Mrs Thatcher who apparently caused the crisis by liberalising the British economy. At a press conference at the Elysée he implied the mass flow was partly Boris’s fault for allowing asylum seekers to claim refugee status in the UK before leaving France, and partly Maggie’s for creating an “opaque” system, enabling foreigners to find jobs in Britain when in the country even without authorisation. What exactly are the French doing with our £54 million? 

Macron also said:

“Britain is a great nation, a neighbour and friend and our history and geography will not change. [But] it is true that we have a difficult relationship [with the British government] and why is it difficult? Because the current government . . . basically it does not do what it says.”

Because our strained relationship with the French began in 2019…

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Albanian Ambassador Slams Times over Inaccurate Migrant Splash, Says Tom Newton Dunn Lacks “Professionalism”

It seems The Times has done little to foster happy relations between the UK and Albania after splashing plans this morning to process illegal migrants in the country. In a complaint letter sent in full to Guido, the country’s ambassador, Qirjako Qirko, slams the paper, rejecting “all the claims included in it” and confirming “there are no bilateral talks between the Albanian and British Government’s officials regarding processing centres for illegal immigrants crossing the English Channel.”

He also goes in for the piece’s author, Tom Newton Dunn, personally:

“I would like to bring to the reader’s attention the fact that during a brief phone conversation that I had yesterday with Mr Tom Newton Dunn, the journalist that wrote the article, I explicitly underlined that the Albanian Government will never agree to opening of such processing centres for illegal immigrants as this is an act that violates the International Law. I am really disappointed that he has failed to mention that in his article. This reflects a lack of professionalism and biasness.”

Among the article’s errors, Albania’s foreign minister Olta Xhaçka had to point out Newton Dunn had also got her sex wrong:

Unfortunately Priti and her Home Office advisors currently appear to be asleep in the US. Should be a fun one to wake up to…

Read the furious complaint letter in full below:

Read More

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Lukashenko’s Playing from the Macron Playbook

Guido can’t help observing the diplomatic crisis currently playing out on the Poland/Belarus border this week bears more than a few similarities with Britain’s own illegal migrant crisis. Lukashenko has been accused of deliberately funnelling migrants through Belarus to destabilise EU nations in revenge for sanctions, something he denies. The EU is now considering sanctions against Belarus, despite Lukashenko’s actions bearing a resemblance to Macron’s wilful blindness when it comes to allowing migrants to flow across the channel every day. Today Belarus even threatened to cut off their neighbour’s energy supply – mirroring Macron’s minister’s own electricity supply threat to Britain last month. At least the UK foreign office is being consistent in its condemnation of both Macron and Lukashenko…

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