Labour’s Election Covid Fearmongering Disproved

Ahead of the local elections in May, hypochondriac Sadiq Khan was out warning that Covid fears would keep “elderly and ethnic minorities from polling stations”, arguing postal voting forms should be sent to every household to ensure no turnout upsets. Angela Rayner also accused the government of undermining democracy and public health by failing to encourage postal voting:

“The government has had nearly a year to sort this out and protect our democracy, but ministers have once again been too slow to act.

“With ten weeks to go, we are yet to see a proper plan from the government setting out how these elections will be run safely, while councils face shortages of electoral staff, lack of venues, and funding uncertainty.”

It may therefore come as a disappointing shock to Sadiq and Angie that this morning the Electoral Commission released a statement confirming the May elections were “well-run”, and that “Concerns about Covid-19 did not stop voters from taking part”. There wasn’t even a decline in turnout compared to previous years…

“The evidence shows that changes put in place by the UK’s governments, the Commission and electoral administrators helped to support and reassure voters and campaigners. People were confident that they could vote safely at the elections, and the overwhelming majority were able to vote using their preferred method.”

Perhaps Sadiq will now face up to the fact that the reason people didn’t vote for him in the numbers expected was his disappointing four years in City Hall, not Covid…

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“Preston Model” Socialist Council’s Policies Failing, Local Prosperity Falling, Tories Gaining 2 Seats

For the past few years, the TrotsApp crowd have been trying to push the ‘Preston Model’ – Preston Council’s Corbynite version of community wealth-building – as the antidote to all of Labour’s woes. John McDonnell claims it “has been and must continue to be at the heart of Labour’s economic model”. Aaron Bastani says it “needs to be rolled out everywhere in the UK”. Owen Jones calls it a “bold policy offer“. With all these ringing endorsements, it’s a mystery why Starmer hasn’t mentioned it once…

The Legatum Institute’s UK Prosperity Index might explain why: it shows that the Preston council area has plummeted down its league table by more than 100 places, with the city’s ‘investment environment’ score (measuring the level of capital available for investment) among the lowest in the whole country. Overall, the city is now less prosperous than it was a decade ago. Who could’ve guessed?

It turns out even Preston’s own Labour MP Sir Mark Hendrick did. Speaking to the Lancashire Post, Hendrick laid into the council’s absurd policies, saying:

“It’s all very well saying that the Preston Model is bringing in millions of pounds into the city. That is not quite the reality that I see […] we can’t go around pretending everything is all right.”

Even so, the Labour left are still trying to sell the Preston Model as “a lesson” for the party by claiming Preston’s council results were some kind of thumping victory. The only problem is the Conservatives actually picked up two seats in those elections, with Labour making no gains on their previous result. If the Preston Model is so brilliant, you’d have thought they’d storm it…

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WATCH: Corbyn Says Starmer is “Weak” in Blaming Him

Jeremy Corbyn is back in the studios to criticise Keir Starmer and accuse his successor of attempting to “dump” responsibility for Labour’s disastrous election results on Corbyn’s reputation with voters. In a podcast interview with Robert Peston, Corbyn repeatedly laid into Sir Keir, claiming he took “no responsibility” for the local election results and that his policies were actually very popular:

“I think it’s a bit rich to start blaming me for stuff that’s been done over the past year that I’ve had absolutely no part of whatsoever… I do think that dumping on somebody because they’re not there anymore is a bit weak really.

We had a set of popular policies in the last manifesto – green industrial revolution, investment in the economy, equality legislation, national education service – as a party, ditching all of that, we’ll be in an even worse position”

We heard from Miliband and Blair this morning. Guido is sure Sir Keir is grateful for the intervention of all his predecessors today…

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WATCH: Lisa Nandy Claims “Things Are Good” in the Labour Party

Despite the disastrous local election results and the botched weekend reshuffle, including briefing that she was going to be sacked, Lisa Nandy assured everyone that yesterday’s shadow cabinet meeting was “pretty jovial” and that “things are good” in the Labour Party. That’s that then, good news all round, nothing to see here…

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Profundity of the Punditry: Boris Will Quit Edition

Having spent most of 2020 insisting Boris would tap out at some point within the next year, either after the Brexit deal or after the pandemic, depending on who you read, it looks like half of the commentariat has made an about turn after realising how popular the Prime Minister still is in the wake of the local elections. Don’t expect to see as many commentators forecasting Boris’s imminent political demise from now on…

In academia the political scientists have been confounded. Writing on the LSE’s Policy and Politics blog, Robin Pettitt, who tells us “I am an expert in the internal life of political parties”, confidently predicted that the demise of Boris would be triggered this week and his replacement as Tory leader would be in place by the autumn party conference. This may need revising… 

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LISTEN: Diane Abbott Claims Keir Starmer Doesn’t Have “A Winning Strategy”

After insisting yesterday that Labour should return to the barnstorming policy agenda that worked so well under Corbyn in 2019, Diane Abbott has once again offered her solution to Sir Keir’s woes this morning by claiming the party needs ‘a winning strategy’ and criticising last night’s reshuffle. Appearing on The Today Programme, Abbott said:

“We want a winning strategy. The strategy we have at the moment is not a winning strategy. And this reshuffle – I don’t want to be rude – but the reshuffle hasn’t been fantastically successful. Apart from anything else, because it was so drawn out, it took media attention away from some of our successes, like Tracy Brabin becoming the Mayor for West Yorkshire, like the great result in Wales. So we want to move forward, we want to unify, and we want Keir to talk about the policies that he promised party members.”

Of course, Diane knows all about winning strategies, having spent most of an election year trying to undermine her party’s deputy leader

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