The economy’s down nearly 25% since February. In May, economic growth didn’t get anywhere near expectations.  In March and April, the UK economy shrank back to where it was in 2002.

Is there any way out of this economic tailspin?   Can cheap pizza and well-insulated lofts really get us out of trouble?

In tonight’s LIVE WITH LITTLEWOOD host Mark Littlewood and his guests set the dials for 2020 and beyond.

Joining him will be Toby Young, general secretary of the Free Speech Union, former MP Douglas Carswell, the Telegraph’s Madeline Grant and Dia Chakravarty and the Times’ Science Editor Tom Whipple.

Also taking part will be independent economist Julian Jessop, Sam Bowman of the International Center for Law & Economics and the IEA’s Victoria Hewson.

Together, they’ll try to get us back to the future. Along the way, they’ll ask ‘Who regulates -the regulators?” and discuss whether wearing masks will suffocate economic growth.

Join in the debate – LIVE at 6pm – here or on YouTube

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Can Chancellor Rishi Sunak’s package of policy measures head off an impending economic storm?

Will they really help kick start the UK economy?  Or are they just delaying an inevitable tsunami of business closures and job losses?

Writing in The Times today, IEA Director General Mark Littlewood contends that the Chancellor’s measures amount to an exercise in triage rather than rehabilitation.

Green Homes Grants and Sunak-subsidised pizzas won’t, he argues, stem the bleeding.  Instead of trying – and likely failing – to keep workers in their present positions, we need to make it easier for new and different companies to employ them.

Keep an eye on the IEA’s YouTube Channel, where Mark will soon be discussing his article and the wider question of whether the Chancellor’s measures can deliver with our Media Manager Emily Carver.

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Has the Chancellor hit the back of the net?  Or are his attempts to revitalise the UK economy wide of the mark?

Join our LIVE WITH LITTLEWOOD cast this evening for a free-rolling debate on Rishi Sunak’s fiscal statement…from stamp duty to self-insulation.

Joining host Mark Littlewood will be journalist and commentator Isabel Oakeshott, the Academy of Ideas’ Claire Fox and renowned economist Andrew Lilico.

They’ll be joined by the Director of Big Brother Watch Silkie CarloMatthew Lesh, Head of Research at the Adam Smith Institute, Duncan Simpson, Research Director at the TaxPayers’ Alliance, author and writer Jamie Whyte and the IEA’s Kristian Niemietz.

Along the way they’ll be discussing cancel culture, the West’s post-pandemic relationship with China and much, much more.

Be sure to join the debate – LIVE at 6 pm – here or on YouTube.

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Tim Harford: LIVE at 6

What do the brick, blockchain and the bicycle have in common?  Or the pencil and the postage stamp?  How did a Miami beach bring the barcode into life?

Find out tonight as bestselling author and broadcaster Tim Harford talks about his latest book The Next Fifty Things that Made the Modern Economy.

Tim, author of The Undercover EconomistMessy and more, is hailed as one of Britain’s finest non-fiction writers.  Bill Bryson says the new book is “endlessly insightful and full of surprises”, whilst Malcolm Gladwell says “every Tim Harford book is cause for celebration”.

Tonight Tim will join host Mark Littlewood to discuss the ingenious, the curious and unexpected ‘things’ that teach us lessons about today’s complex world economy.

Be sure to join in the discussion – LIVE at 6pm – here or on YouTube.

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Freight Expectations

Will trade be the key to driving the world’s post-pandemic economic recovery?

Trade secretary Liz Truss says free trade has “done more than any single policy prescription in human history to advance human progress and alleviate poverty”.

But there’s been a stark drop since the Covid outbreak began – with warnings that global trade in goods could plummet by over 30% this year.

So can there be a swift bounce back?

FREIGHT EXPECTATIONS – a new report out today from the Institute of Economic Affairs – examines the post-pandemic prospects for global trade.

It looks at the economic and political factors that could determine the strength of the recovery:

How quickly will Covid-related restrictions on exports – introduced by 80 countries around the world – be lifted?  Will a backlash against China harm world trade? And what threat does creeping protectionism pose?

Report author Syed Kamall – the IEA’s Academic and Research Director and a former member of the European Parliament’s International Trade Committee – will be questioned on all this and more in The Definite Article, LIVE at 6pm. 

JOIN IN THE DEBATE – LIVE at 6.00 pm – HERE or on YouTube.

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As Black Lives Matter protests spread across the world, so too have accusations of virtue-signalling. Do we risk prioritising symbolism over substance?

Will Clapping for Carers stop the case being made for root and branch reform of the NHS? 

Can regional lockdowns work? 

And why is the Prime Minister looking to FDR?

All this and more will be under discussion tonight as LIVE WITH LITTLEWOOD returns to a screen near you.

Host Mark Littlewood will be joined by The Spectator’s Kate Andrews, Conservative commentator Alex Deane, Spiked’s Brendan O’Neill, political journalist Benedict Spence, The Critic’s Oliver Wiseman and Guido Fawkes’ Tom Harwood .  They be joined by John Tillman, from the Illinois Policy Institute, and the IEA’s  Stephen Davies and Christopher Snowdon.

JOIN IN THE DEBATE – LIVE at 6.30 – HERE or on YouTube.

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