Steve Baker Reveals Personal “Mental Health Crisis”

Steve Baker has revealed he suffered a mental health “crisis” in November 2021, while visiting to a mental health service provider in Northern Ireland. Opening up, he admitted he suffered the breakdown last year and is “still recovering from anxiety and depression”:

“…I had a mental health crisis last November, and I’m still recovering from anxiety and depression. Secondly, you won’t always spot a friend or somebody you love or a colleague is suffering. I had a mental health crisis in the morning, and in the afternoon I gave a big keynote speech.”

Guido presumes the keynote speech in question was one given to the Hansard Society on November 2nd. You wouldn’t have known…

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Apsana Needs Some Time Off

Since her June 2021 victory in court, fending off allegations of housing fraud, Corbynite MP Apsana Begum has gone incredibly quiet. Last night we learnt why. Apsana has said she needs to take some time off from her £84,144 job due to a “sustained campaign of misogynistic abuse and harassment”, which has had “a significant effect on my mental and physical health.” Her GP’s signed her off sick – presumably it took from the end of her court trial to now to get said appointment…

A statement published on Apsana’s social media says “it is hard to have to take time off from my work representing the constituency in which I grew up and live, and for which it is my honour to serve as the MP” and promises to “see you all once I am better.”

Maybe she can ask Nadia Whittome how to cope with the mental stresses of being an MP…

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“You’ve Confused Me About Jeremys”: Shadow Minister’s Free Movement Muddle

Labour’s shadow mental health minister Barbara Keeley claimed she was “confused about” her “Jeremys” when she appeared to contradict Jez’s stated position on free movement this morning. During a bumpy media round, 5 Live‘s Nicky Campbell asked Keeley:

Campbell: “Jeremy Corbyn has been explicit in saying that freedom of movement must end. That puts us up the creek without a paddle doesn’t it?”

Keeley: “Well it makes the situation worse.”

Campbell: “So why has he said it must end, freedom of movement?”

Keeley: “It’s a strange thing… it’s a strange thing that he said that.”

When Campbell pointed out that she was at odds with Corbyn’s public position, Keeley rowed back and claimed she had in fact been talking about Jeremy Hunt, saying: “You’ve confused me about Jeremys“. Lucky they had the same name, eh…

An hour earlier, Keeley did a Diane on ITV’s Good Morning Britain, claiming that a 1% increase in public sector pay would cost £460 billion. The IFS says increasing public sector pay by 1% would cost between £1.5 and 2 billion. To be fair, she was only out by £458 billion…

Before Corbyn appointed Keeley to the shadow cabinet, she said of him:“the current state of the party means we will not be able to mount an effective front bench opposition.” Quite…

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