Anti-Frackers Tell Dim Locals it’s Radioactive

medact protester

Lancashire County Council are making their big fracking decision today and the well informed anti-frackers are out in force.

“We are very frightened, we are not being told the truth, Medact brought a brochure out that tells the truth, they say that’s not true… So far we’ve not got to know where they’re going to put the radioactive waste..”

Let’s hope Greenpeace front Medact’s poison hasn’t spread any further…

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Lancashire Council Slam Medact Report


Following Gaia’s revelation that “independent” medical charity Medact’s report into fracking was a nothing more than green propaganda written by anti-fracking activists, Lancashire County Council’s planning officers have poured scorn on the report’s authority.

“The Medact report has not produced new epidemiological research but has reviewed published literature and has requested short papers from relevant experts in particular subject areas. It has also interviewed academics and experts. Unfortunately one [Mike Hill] of the contributors (contributing to three of the report’s six chapters (ie 2, 4 and 5)) has led a high profile campaign in the Fylde related to shale gas…. This has led to questions from some quarters about the report’s objectivity. In light of these uncertainties it is not clear how much weight the county council should attach to the report.”

Medact will be wheeling out their “experts” at a public meeting in Preston today, in an effort to influence Lancashire County Council’s decision over whether to green-light the drilling of two fracking wells next week. They don’t know when they’re beaten…

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Frack That: Government Funds Anti-Extraction Campaign


Discredited anti-fracking charity MEDACT is making a last ditch effort to influence Lancashire County Council’s 24 June vote on whether to allow fracking, by holding a public meeting in Preston next week, in which they will wheel out their “experts“.

The only expert announced so far is one John Ashton, a former civil servant and the founder of environmental not-for -profit E3G.

E3G receives funding from the Department of Energy & Climate Change.

And the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs.

And the Department for International Development.

Oh, and the Foreign & Commonwealth Office.

The government is funding the opposition to its own fracking policy…

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Mask Slips From Greenpeace ‘Health Charity’ Front


A report published by “independent” medical charity Medact calling for a UK-wide moratorium on fracking, is nothing more than left-wing propaganda pushed by Green extremists, Gaia can reveal. The Guardian is already excitedly claiming that the report is prompting doctors and academics to call for a ban on fracking…

Health & Fracking was launched yesterday by Andy Haines, who wrote a chapter of a Greenpeace global warming report, and its lead author is David McCoy. McCoy is on the record saying that health professional associations should do more to lend their authority to the campaigning efforts of organisations such as Greenpeace.

Another contributor to the report is none other than Mike Hill. As previously revealed by Gaia, Hill is a fantasist who falsely claims to be an advisor to the government and EU and is running for parliament on an anti-fracking platform. Something the report didn’t see relevant to declare as a conflict of interest… 

Medact is funded by the ‘International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons UK’, of which Greenpeace is a partner organisation, along with Crisis Action, who include Greenpeace in its network of members. ‘Scientists for Global Responsibility’, whose Executive Director has collaborated with Greenpeace, also supported them. Do we detect a pattern here?

Gaia hears whispers that the report was originally scheduled for release last week, but Medact opted to drop it during purdah so that Public Health England could not respond…

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UKIP Protesters Organised by Green Lobbyist

The man who tipped of the loony mob to the location of Nigel Farage and his family on Sunday was Chris Venables, an employee of Medact – a lobbying organisation that has been successful in convincing medical charities to sell off their investments in fossil fuels. Venables’ actions will come as an embarrassment to Medact, who work hard to present themselves as respectable charity made up of doctors and not an activist group made up of hard left green campaigners. Can they afford to keep such a liability on the payroll? 

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