McDonald’s Admit Hated Paper Straws Can’t Even be Recycled

In an embarrassing internal memo that’s leaked worse than their new straws, McDonald’s have had to admit their hated paper straws cannot be recycled, making them far less eco-friendly than the fast food giant’s old “100% per cent recyclable” plastic straws. Perhaps they should have listened to experts before making the switch, rather than just doing a straw poll of lefty opinion…

Even former Climate Change secretary Ed Davey – who describes the Lib Dems as “the climate change party” – put out a disappointingly pun-free statement: “it really can’t be that difficult to replace plastic straws. People will be left wondering where this was just greenwash or a monumental cock-up”. It’s neither, it’s the inevitable consequence of replacing something that works perfectly well with something that would have been rejected 100 years ago for being too impractical…

A McDonald’s spokesperson who drew the short straw to explain the soggy PR mess came up with the limp excuse that the thickness of the strengthened paper straws means they cannot be processed by recycling plants, meaning they must be put in general waste bins and then burned. A petition for McDonald’s to bring back plastic straws now has over 50,000 signatures. Sadly Guido doubts this short-sighted change will be the last straw for woke policy-making…

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Who Funds McStrike? Corporate Lobbyists

The Bakers Food and Allied Workers Union (BFAWU) have been heavily promoting their ‘McStrike’ as a workers revolt. What they’re not telling you is that this is a carefully coordinated top down strike, advised by Brussels-based lobby outfit gplus Europe, who interestingly act as the lobbyist of choice for the powerful and well funded U.S. based Service Employees International Union, whose CEO was just yesterday arrested outside the global headquarters of McDonalds.

Momentum have taken a lead in heavily promoting the strike on social media. Interesting for them to involve themselves with the kind of giant multinational lobbying they ordinarily oppose…

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McStrike Breaker

This is what £10 per hour burger flippers will result in…

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Will Self: Big Mac Bigot

McDonald’s plans to set up a holding company in the UK to pay tax on its global income outside the US. UK tax competitiveness reducing the burden for everyone. But not according to Will Self, who interrupted Nigel Farage on Question Time last night to derisively belittle 85,000 Golden Arches employees in Britain and more than a million globally:

“Great jobs! Great jobs for everybody! Mine’s a Big Mac.”

Big gaffe…

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Choking the McChicken: X-Rated Content Trends on Facebook

CHOKING THE mcchicken sandwhich]

Facebook was embarrassed over the weekend after it replaced its human editors with an algorithm, which then allowed a fake news story to appear on the site’s “trending” sidebar. It gets worse. Trending on Facebook yesterday was an x-rated video of a man performing a sex act on a McDonald’s McChicken sandwich – choking the McChicken, if you will. Previously Facebook’s trending stories were monitored by a team of real people, who could filter out fowl content like this. This weekend the algorithm was set loose to decide what should trend. With predictable results. I’m not loving it.

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