Sadiq Khan Has Children Sing His Praises Over Climate Plans

Not to be outdone by Laurence Fox’s trailblazing battle bus tour, Sadiq Khan has kicked his mayoral reelection campaign into overdrive by having young Londoners (also known as children) tell us all just how great Sadiq is, and how his climate policies have effectively saved their lives. “Keep up the good work, our future lives depend on it”, writes one particularly concerned ten year old.

Sadiq’s supposed efforts to tackle air pollution have formed a central plank of his campaign, as his new young recruits appear only too keen to tell us. Of course, reducing pollution is certainly made easier during a global pandemic when everyone’s stuck at home – shame about the “plant 2 million trees pledge“…

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WATCH: Graceless Khan Refuses to Say A Good Word About Bailey in Mayoral Debate

Sadiq Khan raised more than a few eyebrows last night during the London Mayoral election debate, after he outright refused to offer a single word of praise for his opponent Shaun Bailey during the closing moments of the programme. With both candidates asked if they ‘like each other‘, Bailey gave what Guido presumed was the obligatory polite nod of respect to the Mayor, saying “for me it’s not personal, of course I respect Sadiq […] one of the great things about the London Assembly is how collegiately we work”How kind.

Khan, on the other hand, had no time for his opponent’s civility, instead launching a final blistering attack against Bailey as the credits began to roll:

“I’ve got to be honest, some of the things that Shaun has said Eid, about Diwali, about women, about girls, about multiculturalism, about those that receive benefits, I get deeply upset by. They’re not my values, they’re not London’s values. And I hope Londoners reject those values on May 6.”

Charming. Guido points out that even Donald Trump had something nice to say about Hillary Clinton when asked a similar question back in 2016…

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Rory’s Time Bending Kipping Claims

On Westminster Hour this Sunday, Rory Stewart claimed that he had slept in 50 different homes around London as part of his ‘Come Kip With Me’ scheme. Wonder how his wife’s taking it…

Presenter: Rory, you are inviting Londoners to come and kip with you… many homes have you slept in now?

Stewart: I’ve slept in something like 50 different homes in London

Stewart also repeated the ’50 different homes’ statistic in the Sunday Times. While also claiming he wants to start sleeping at the homes of sex workers…

One small issue with his boast, however, is he only launched the campaign 27 days before Sunday – meaning Stewart would have to have slept in almost two homes a night every night, never spending an evening at home, for his claim to be true.

Later in the BBC interview Stewart explained “you learn an amazing amount because you’re spending 14 hours with somebody”, meaning he appears to be claiming he has spent 700 hours in other people’s homes over the last 27 days. 27 days is just 648 hours. Either he has discovered time travel, or he’s bending the truth…

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