Sadiq’s Crony Business Backers Includes Businessman Who Wanted His Wife’s Hymen Inspected to Nullify His Marriage

A list of 100 “business leaders” who have come out to back Sadiq’s re-election bid includes a technology entrepreneur who made headlines in February when attempting to get his wife’s hymen inspected in order to nullify their marriage. Husayn Kassai, co-founder of technology firm Onfido, wanted a judge to declare the marriage void off the back of the inspection, despite his wife having text proof they’d had sex in a Prague hotel. Guido guesses London Labour failed to double-check the list when they boasted about the headline on Twitter…

Further inspection of the list reveals almost a quarter are Labour donors, officials or backers, including a Labour peer, 2 mayors and 5 serving councillors. He clearly struggled to find 100 genuine business backers who’ve been won over by his record in office…

  • Lord Hollick – Labour donor and peer, former SpAd to Peter Mandelson
  • Mark Clover, SEC Newington – former Labour councillor, three-time election manager for the party
  • Richard Greer, Myanmar Strategic Holdings – David Lammy backer, long time Labour supporter and donor
  • Howard Dawber – former Labour candidate
  • Daniel Farrell – Labour member
  • Ibrahim Dogus – Labour councillor and former parliamentary candidate
  • Sonny Leong – Chair of Chinese for Labour, Treasurer of BAME Labour
  • Hamish Sandison – Chair of Labour Business
  • Alan Buckle – a former Ed Miliband appointee
  • Jasvir Singh – Labour activist
  • Emily Wallace, Inflect Partners – Labour activist
  • David Offenbach – Labour Business vice-chair
  • Ali Gul Ozbek – Labour mayor of Haringey
  • Sheikh Aliur Rahman, London Tea Exchange – business previously donated to Sadiq Khan
  • Subri Ozaydin – Labour councillor and mayor of Enfield
  • Rehana Ameer – Labour Business executive committee member
  • Simon Lydiard – Chair of Vauxhall Labour branch
  • Paul Dimoldenberg – Labour councillor
  • Jas Athwal – Labour leader of Redbridge London Council
  • Vijay Luthra – Former Labour Councillor
  • Sadiq Kothia – Labour Councillor in Redbridge
  • Gerald Shamash – Labour’s previous official lawyer
  • Philip Normal – Labour Councillor in Vauxhall
  • Sheri-Ann Bhim – Former national secretary of Labour Students

Two more of Khan’s City Hall board appointees are on the list – Simon Pitkeathley and Claire Pritchard. Last Saturday Khan said the British voters won’t accept a PM involved in cronyism and sleaze…

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Fox & Tice Plan Running Free House Pub With No Covid Restrictions

While Labour staffers paraded in front of No. 10 wearing cheap paper masks of the cabinet last week, Laurence Fox and Richard Tice are showing SW1 how to do political campaigning properly: by buying a pub. A key plank of Fox’s manifesto is to end the mask mandate and refuse Covid passports, however as Guido put to Richard Tice on the day of Fox’s launch, these are not powers the London mayor has. Until now…

Tice and Fox have announced the search to buy a pub in central London, which will operate on a policy of “no vaccine passports, no masks and always open”, as Fox says:

“Richard and I cannot wait to open an establishment that will pride itself on not asking for vaccine passports, not demand mask-wearing and continue to serve its customers without any restrictions.”

In case you weren’t already convinced to make it your new local, Nigel Farage has agreed to pour the first pint on opening day…

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WATCH: London Mayoral Candidate Brian Rose Drinks His Own Urine, Twice

Footage has emerged of London Mayoral candidate Brian Rose drinking his own urine on two separate occasions. In clips first shared in 2018, Rose can be seen guzzling on his own fluids before describing the taste as “a little salty” and “kind of not bad at all”. Rose has since deleted the clip from his Instagram profile; fortunately, Guido saved the precious footage for your viewing pleasure…

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Farage Endorses Fox for London Mayor

Farage has just announced he will be supporting Laurence Fox for mayor of London, following the formal announcement of the Reform/Reclaim pact. Despite Fox spelling the pact out to Guido three weeks ago…

Announcing his support, Farage says:

It feels highly appropriate that on the eve of St George’s Day, a new patriotic alliance between Reform UK and the Reclaim Party is being announced. As the Mayor of London and London Assembly elections draw closer, Richard Tice’s Reform UK will endorse mayoral candidate Laurence Fox; in return, Fox’s Reclaim Party will back Reform UK’s candidates on the London Assembly list. As the aims and objectives of the two men are so similar, this is the grown-up thing to do and I support it.”

“With the big Brexit battle now over, the fight is about what kind of country people want to live in: a free nation or a semi-authoritarian regime? This debate needs to happen very quickly. I wish Laurence Fox and Richard Tice all the very best.”

Guido wouldn’t be surprised to see this news dominate Twitter for the remainder of the day…

See also Fox Blows Reform UK London Election Launch 

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Fox’s Disastrous Manifesto Costings

Four hours after Guido was promised a full policy costing from Laurence Fox, it was finally sent through. A few minutes’ study made it clear the costings are built on less-than-solid ground. Far from a fully-costed manifesto, the details amounted to 350 words specifically on the “free tube and bus fares for six months” policy. On this, Fox puts the figure at an unbelievably low £500,000 in total. 

This, he claims – both in the document and during Guido’s interview – is from TfL’s and the Mayor’s own figure, which he says put the total cost at £20 million per week. Two immediate problems:

  1. Team fox has now confirmed that both references to £500,000 should read £500 million
  2. The TfL 2019/20 figures in fact put six months of revenue at around £2.05 billion – around four times what the costing document claims.

Oddly, a much more correct TfL revenue figure does appear in a separate document released by Team Fox this afternoon.

Most perplexing is the campaign’s decision to base costings on current passenger numbers, even though they’re rock bottom due to lockdown; and the aim of the policy is to encourage Londoners back onto public transport, which would then render the costings irrelevant.

It’s not the first time Fox has got his figures startlingly off. Last week he claimed Sadiq’s woke statue review was costing £100 million – off from the true figure of £1 million. Fox has more in common with Diane Abbott than you might think. As we go to pixel today, the day of his “manifesto launch”, no one has yet to see a manifesto…

Hat-tip: @MikeySmith
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WATCH: Laurence Fox’s Manifesto-less Manifesto Launch

Laurence Fox was back in Westminster this morning to launch his manifesto. His speech covered a surprisingly wide-ranging policy platform that goes well beyond a focus on the culture war, including policies on re-opening Hammersmith Bridge and reforming the greenbelt. Laurence spoke to Guido after his speech under the shadow of Churchill’s statue, asking about his plans to scrap tube and bus fares for six months and how that would affect TfL’s already empty coffers.

Fox promised Guido the policies are fully costed, and a document would be sent to him alongside the manifesto:

“We’ve got a very detailed costing of all the policicies which I can provide to you straight away after this if you like.”

Broken promise number one; bizarrely for a manifesto launch, we’re three hours down the road and yet to receive anything other than the two-page bullet point pamphlet handed out at the time…

Guido was quite confused to see Fox’s list of promises lead with “No COVID passports or mask mandates” – powers the Mayor of London doesn’t enjoy. Like Sadiq Khan’s weed and rent controls promise, it seems Laurence is focusing on using the role of mayor to lobby the government for change rather implement reforms that would be within his power: a tactic confirmed by Richard Tice after the event. Fox also deferred to Sadiq Khan’s costings when asked about his TfL fares abolition policy. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery…

Asked about this morning’s YouGov poll putting Fox on just 4%, he responded:

“I’d love 4%, I got onto a poll, it’s brilliant. It’s a stepping stone to greatness!”

We shall see…

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