Sadiq Met ‘Cult’ Church Supporters Attack Rory For Meeting

Sadiq supporters have been spinning an anti-Rory Stewart story this morning, all to do with a Church called ‘SPAC Nation’ and its supposed exploitation of young people. Sadiq backing London Labour MP Steve Reed was on the Victoria Derbyshire Show today with the story, and sharing posts attacking mayoral candidate Rory Stewart for associating with SPAC Nation.

Sadly for Steve Reed the picture above shows the Mayor himself has associated with SPAC Nation. Oops!

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London Mayor: Runners and Riders

With Rory jumping into the race today and just 216 days until the election is upon us, Guido thought it was time to compile a list of runners and riders for the next Mayor of London. All candidates listed below have already declared…

  • Sadiq Khan – Labour (4/7)
    • Incumbent. Former MP and Shadow Justice Secretary under Miliband. Leading in all the polls. Despite presiding over rising crime, odds on favourite to win again.
  • Shaun Bailey – Conservative (16/1)
    • Member of the London Assembly since 2016. Former youth worker. Second and a long way behind Sadiq in the polls...
  • Siobhan Benita – Lib Dem (10/1)
    • Former pro-Heathrow independent candidate, now anti-Heathrow Lib Dem. She’ll be hoping Londoners forget the actual role of Mayor so she can ride a London anti-Brexit wave to City Hall…
  • Siân Berry – Green Party (50/1)
    • Co-leader of the Green Party and Member of the London Assembly. Will be hoping Extinction Rebellion awareness will boost her chances though by May Londoners will probably be thoroughly annoyed with them…
  • Sue Black – Women’s Equality Party (200/1)
    • Professor of Computer Science at Durham University, which is 263 miles from London. Ran a campaign to save Bletchley Park. Also a member of the Lib Dems, apparently.
  • Charlie Mullins – Independent (100/1)
    • Self-promoting ex-Tory who likes the sound of his own voice and isn’t a big fan of Brexit. I-can’t-believe-it’s-not-Rory Mullins is unlikely to stay in the race until the end…
  • Rosalind Readhead – Independent (200/1)
    • Describes herself as an “environmental campaigner”. Running on a platform to ban private cars. Watch out Sian, Rosalind has her eco-friendly, non-private tanks on your turf…
  • Rory Stewart – Independent (5/2)
    • Wild card. Popular with journalists. Unclear if he will be popular with anyone else. Hoping he can do a Ken Livingstone and displace his former party’s candidate. He will have to keep up his momentum to not be crowded out by the more virulently anti-Brexit candidates…

No Brexit Party or ‘The Independent Group for Change’ candidates have been announced yet…

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Labour Members Attack London Labour For Shaun Bailey Hit Piece

The London Labour account was absolutely rinsed on Twitter this morning by Labour supporters, attacking the party for amplifying a hit-piece against Tory mayoral candidate Shaun Bailey, over his comments on Blair’s policing strategy. Hoards of Labour supporters and members replied to the tweet dragging the Labour Party for trying to sound tough on law and order…

Check out more hilarious anti-Labour replies from their own supporters here

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Sadiq Denies All Knowledge of Key Advisers’ Trump Blimp Plot

After Guido revealed that Sadiq’s top team had conspired to overrule the GLA’s original decision not to allow the Trump baby blimp to fly, Sadiq was subjected to a grilling by GLA Conservative Leader Gareth Bacon over what he really knew about the plot.

Despite emails released through an FoI showing that several of his close advisers were key movers in the plot to “lean on” officials to make them reverse their decision, Sadiq continued to insist that he had played no part in the decision, nor had any knowledge of it whatsoever. Guido somehow doubts that his denial will be enough to convince Piers Morgan

It would raise serious questions about Sadiq’s authority if his inner circle at City Hall, including his Director of Communications, Patrick Hennessy, and a number of his direct political appointees, had genuinely taken action on such a high-profile issue without even making their boss aware of it. Is that really credible? As Bacon quips: “Are you involved in any decision making at City Hall, Mr Mayor?”

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Sadiq’s Top Advisers Over-Ruled Officials to Make Trump Blimp Fly

Guido readers may remember the underwhelmingly-sized Trump baby blimp which soared floated a few metres above Parliament Square during Trump’s visit in July. Despite his long-running feud with Trump, Sadiq Khan was insistent at the time that the decision was solely that of the Greater London Authority (GLA) as a “corporate body” and that he had not personally approved the blimp. In fact, emails obtained by Guido reveal that the GLA initially rejected the proposal outright, only reversing their decision after a concerted campaign from Sadiq’s closest advisers including his Director of Communications Patrick Hennessey.

Here is the timeline of events:

  • 27 April: GLA Facilities Mangement emails the organisers of the protest to tell them that “we cannot consider the inflatable request below and the decision is final”:

  • 15 June: Following the publication of an article in the Guardian by the organiser imploring Sadiq to “Let Trump baby fly”, several of Sadiq Khan’s top team including senior advisers Leah Kreitzman, Nick Bowes and Patrick Hennessey exchange a number of emails where they prepare lines on how to reopen the decision process around approving the blimp.
  • 27 June: Leah Kreitzman sends an email stating “I think we might need to lean into it a bit more now. Can you please draft something along the lines of us looking at how we can make it happen.” Sadiq’s team agree a line to send over to the Evening Standard.
  • 28 June: The City Operations Lead in Sadiq’s office sends an email stating that they are now “minded to grant permission”.
  • 4 July: An authorisation notice is sent to the blimp organiser informing him that permission has now been granted.
  • 6 July: Sadiq’s team prepare an extended Q&A and lines for him to take, including the lines “I was not involved in the decision at all. It was made by the city operations team at the GLA.” and “I did not have a role in this decision. It was a decision for the city operations team at the GLA.”
  • 10 July: Sadiq appears on Good Morning Britain and gives the line that he was not involved and it was a GLA decision.

The numerous emails between Sadiq’s top team show that this was not a simple bureaucratic decision by the GLA but in fact a last-minute reversal of the original decision following a concerted campaign to change it. It is implausible that senior members of his team including his Director of Communications did not discuss this with the Mayor at any point during the process. Either way, Sadiq’s portrayal of the decision as a purely procedural rather than political was unquestionably misleading the public…

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Exclusive: Shaun Bailey is Tory Mayoral Candidate

Guido sources say the Tory London mayoral result was Shaun Bailey 44%, Andrew Boff 35%, Joy Morrissey 21% on first preferences. Shaun won 53% after second preferences were taken into account. Official announcement due later…

UPDATE: Ladbrokes make him 3/1 to be next Mayor. It is going to take a heck of a fight…

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