Rory’s Bizarre Marr Interview

Rory Stewart’s Macron/Messiah complex grew this morning in an extraordinary interview on Marr. In the course of ten minutes, Rory…

  • Declared he is the only candidate who can get the UK out of the EU.
  • Announced that every single MP would join him in an impromptu parallel legislature in Methodist Central Hall if a future PM did an Attlee and prorogued Parliament.
  • Flip flopped to say he would refuse to serve in a Boris cabinet, despite maintaining he wants to reach out to Nigel Farage and “bring him in.” 
  • Said that if Parliament doesn’t pass May’s deal on a fourth attempt, he will bypass democracy to set up a scientifically determined and appointed ‘Citizens Assembly’ of 50,000 people phoned up to join televised sessions to make the decision for them. We have a democratically selected citizens assembly, it is called the House of Commons.
  • Binned his ‘clean campaign pledge’ to not indulge in personal attacks, to launch personal attacks, claiming that “there are too many people trying to be polite.”

Rory complains that Brexiteers are threatening to bypass parliament if the EU refuses to negotiate a better deal, yet his core big idea is to bypass parliament with his phoned in Citizens Assembly.

He’s in danger of joining the Brexit-driven descent into derangement travelled by the Adonises and Chapmans of this world…

UPDATE: This follows yesterday’s live stream from a cafe. What Guido most enjoyed about his live stream from a cafe is the staff and customers, in a very English way, ignoring the man talking to himself in the corner:

The waitress in the background just carried on wiping down tables. Guido imagined her telling the cook behind the counter

“He says he wants to be the bloody Prime Minister, looks like he could do with a feed if you ask me. Only ordered a cup of tea. Seems harmless enough.”

You just know that the kid is thinking “Don’t make eye contact, must not make eye contact…”.

Guido feels Rory isn’t getting much critical scrutiny. People have heard things like he was in Afghanistan – as a civil servant. That he tutored the Royal princes – for 2 weeks and admits he had to be extracted from a secure safe room at Highgrove by axe-wielding security officers after he locked himself in one night. He did PPE at Oxford – and didn’t get a first. His name is not really Rory – it is Roderick. Someone who knows him well described his defining talent as the Old Etonian ability to “sound convincing without expertise”. He is not even doing that with his flip-flopping and frankly eccentrically bonkers campaign…

Hunt Refuses To Commit to any Exit Date

Corbyn Being Sued in High Court by Zionist “Lacking Irony”

Jeremy Corbyn’s personal anti-Semitism storm is thickening with Corbyn now being sued by Richard Millett over comments he made on the Andrew Marr Show. The programme contained the following allegedly defamatory words spoken by Corbyn in his 2013 speech to the Palestinian Return Centre:

The other evening we had a meeting in Parliament in which Manuel made an incredibly powerful and passionate and effective speech about the history of Palestine, the rights of the Palestinian people. This was dutifully recorded by the – thankfully silent – Zionists who were in the audience on that occasion and then came up and berated him afterwards for what he’d said. They clearly have two problems: one is they don’t want to study history; and secondly, having lived in this country for a very long time, probably all their lives, they don’t understand English irony either.

Corbyn’s response to a question by Andrew Marr also forms part of the claim:

Well, I was at a meeting in the House of Commons and the two people I referred to had been incredibly disruptive, indeed the police wanted to throw them out of the meeting, I didn’t, I said they should remain in the meeting, they’d been disruptive of a number of meetings. At the later meeting when Manuel spoke they were quiet but they came up and were really, really strong on him afterwards and he was quite upset by it. I know Manuel Hassassian quite well and I was speaking in his defence. Manuel of course is the Palestinian Ambassador to this country.

Jeremy Corbyn’s 2013 tone deaf comment that ‘Zionists’ have ‘no sense of English irony despite having lived here all their lives’ caused a lot of offence. The re-broadcasting of the words last year meant that it became actionable. Guido is wary of people suing politicians over things they have said, it is however a measure of Corbyn’s fall-out with the Jewish community that this is happening…

Gove: Taking Cocaine Was a Mistake

McVey: I Would Use Every Tool At My Disposal to Leave EU

Saj: I Will Renegotiate the Backstop

Swinson: There is No Limit on My Ambition

Leadsom: WAB is Dead, We Must Legislate for a Managed Exit

US Ambassador: Free Trade With the US Gives the UK Choice

“[Chlorine washed chicken] was probably the most interesting public relations campaign to ban American products that I’ve seen… We have five million Brits coming over to the US every year and I’ve never heard one complaint about anything to do with chicken.”

Shami Chakrabarti Threatens Immediate No Confidence Vote

Shadow Attorney General Shami Chakrabarti says an immediate vote of no confidence in an incoming Tory leader would be a “very good idea”, which presumably means that Corbyn will prevaricate about it for several weeks before doing it too late and failing. It would at least force posturing Tory Remainers like Phil Hammond to make up their minds whether they truly think no deal is worse than a Marxist Government…

Raab: Foreign Aid Yes, HS2 & Huawei Maybe

Brexit is obviously the dominant issue, but these secondary issues are not unimportant either – broadcasters should be pushing the other candidates to set out their stalls on these too. Particularly given the economic stance of the leader the Tories got last time…

Raab Accuses ‘Others in Government’ of Undermining Brexit Negotiations

Raab’s no deal pitch on Marr was actually most interesting for the brief moment where he accused “others in Government” of having “undermined” that his efforts to negotiate as Brexit Secretary last year. Something which does appear to be vindicated by the reaction of the EU side…

Raab: I Will Not Ask for Brexit Extension

Raab insists he will not ask for a Brexit extension beyond October…

Corbyn Asked Seven Times What His Brexit Policy Is

Sturgeon Will Still Push For IndyRef If Brexit is Stopped

A Second Referendum doesn’t neuter the SNP, it just legitimises the idea of having second referendums…

Cable Confronted By His Own Opposition to a Second Referendum

Chuka Changes Tack: ‘We Are Going To Need To Revoke Article 50’

Seeminly Chuka read this piece on Sky, panicked, and changed tack over the course of the last couple of days in a desperate move for Change UK to become relevant. He told Sky’s Lewis Goodall  that he was against outright revocation just three days ago…

“Had one of the Remain forces campaigned for revoke, then a People’s Vote might seem more palatable. But Chuka Umunna tells me afterwards, they won’t do it because it’s unreasonable and that’s just not them.”

Desperate times…

Marr Plans No Pro-Brexit Politicans on Last Show Before Euro-Elections

Brexiteers can only laugh at their lack of representation on the BBC. On the last Sunday before the Euro vote on Thursday the flagship BBC politics show will host a Brexit blocking party leader, an anti-Brexit First Minister, an anti-Brexit Tory, a party leader campaigning with the slogan “Bollocks to Brexit” and the founder of a party that has as it’s sole purpose opposition to Brexit. All flavours of remain represented.

We’ll see if Andrew Marr tries to bring up gotcha quotes from a decade ago for the likes Jeremy Corbyn, Nicola Sturgeon, Rory Stewart, Vince Cable and Chuka Ummuna. The Remain Show…

Jon Ashworth Claims Labour is Not a Pro-Brexit Party

Ashworth might want to have a word with his Shadow Cabinet colleague Barry Gardiner, who said the opposite just an hour beforehand. More positions than the Kama Sutra…

Marr: Liz Truss is ‘the Cheerful Right Winger’


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