Watson on the Wavertree Bullying of Berger

Tom Watson: “Room for Manoeuvre” on Labour’s Brexit Stance

Government Commits to Bringing Forward EU Motion By 27th February

Literally Misty-Eyed Corbynistas

Ash Sarkar is usually a smooth performer on TV, her “I’m literally a communist” riposte to Piers Morgan went viral and launched a dozen t-shirt sales. On Marr yesterday she claimed “The idea that Corbynistas have been misty-eyed about Venezuela is largely a myth.” Unfortunately they literally were misty-eyed for the Caracas Corbynisim…

This video compilation is roll call of misty-eyed Corbynistas, including Corbyn himself. Suemas Milne, Owen Jones and Diane Abbott all lauding Venezuelan style socialism as a template for Britain. Voters are being warned…

H/T: Video compilation by Ben

Sajid: I Am “Totally Against” a Customs Union

Firm line from Sajid against a customs union. It’s a “complete non-starter”…

Sajid: General Election is “Last Thing the Country Needs”

Sajid squashes renewed speculation that a general election could be on the cards this year, whether before or after the UK formally leaves the EU. A politics-weary country is unlikely to look kindly on the party that forces a fifth major vote in six years on them…

Barry Gardiner: I Abhor What’s Gone on in Venezuela

Barry Gardiner says you have “no moral platform” if you don’t speak out against human rights abuses in left-wing countries as well as right-wing countries. He might need to have a word with his party leadership…

Sinn Fein: There Will Be No Hard Border

Even Sinn Fein are saying there won’t be a hard border in Ireland. The “hot air and rhetoric” on the backstop is coming from the EU…

Hancock: Government Will “Listen Very Carefully” to Calls to Remove Backstop

Matt Hancock has given the clearest public signal yet that the Government is considering getting behind moves to remove the backstop from the deal, provided Bercow calls the appropriate amendments on Tuesday. There are rumours of a mass walkout if Bercow again abuses his position to not call a Government-backed amendment with a decent chance of securing a majority…

Coveney on the Backstop

Irish Foreign Minister Simon Coveney insisted on Marr that the backstop couldn’t be changed because nobody had come up with a “pragmatic, sensible and legally sound” alternative way to avoid a hard border.

That’s despite Michel Barnier saying on Wednesday that the EU would find an “operational way of carrying out checks and controls without putting back in place a border” in the event of no deal and that his team had “worked hard to study how controls can be made paperless or decentralised”Ireland knows there won’t be a hard border either way but won’t admit it as it will undermine their hardline position on the backstop…

Cooper “Hopes” Corbyn Will Support Her Power Grab

Yvette Cooper has said that she “hopes” Corbyn will come out and back her power-grab amendment on Tuesday – obviously without Labour frontbench support it’s not going through. Four years after he defeated her in Labour’s leadership election Corbyn might be about to hand her the power she never managed to win herself…

Starmer: Any Deal Requires A Backstop

Liam Fox: Parliament Trying To Hijack Brexit

Keir Starmer: Labour Brexit Policy in ‘New Phase’

Corbyn Confirms He Opposes A Second Referendum

Jeremy Corbyn explicitly confirmed to Marr this morning that if his no confidence vote fails and he does not get the General Election he is after, he “would rather get a negotiated deal” than back a second referendum.

Corbyn: I Am Not Against The Free Movement of People

Marr: “Why are you against the free movement of people?”

Corbyn: “I am not against the free movement of people.”

Vince Cable: ‘I Am Not The Problem’

May Firm on Second Referendum

Theresa May has firmly reiterated her position against a second referendum, even if Parliament tries to play silly games with one. Parliament can pass as many motions as it likes, the bottom line is there isn’t going to be a second referendum without a Government that is willing to push one through in law…

Marr’s Daniel Craig Blooper

Classic blooper from Andrew Marr as he asks May if she watched “I, Daniel Craig” on the BBC last night. Funnily enough she hadn’t…

Theresa May “Won’t Play” Resignation Game

May tells Marr she is “not going to play that game” when Marr tries to pin her down on whether she expects to be PM for a “few more months or a few more years”.[…] Read the rest


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