Gove: Social Care Solution Needs Political Consensus to Span Generations

Labour Can’t Say How it Will Fund £58 Billion WASPI Bung

Tories to Start Prejudice Inquiry This Year

Saj: Biggest Economic Issue is Uncertainty Over Brexit

Andrew Gwynne Can’t Say Whether Labour Would End Free Movement

Chief of the Defence Staff: NATO is the Most Successful Alliance in Military History

Farage not Standing

Nigel Farage has told Marr he won’t stand in the upcoming general election. Perhaps he is looking at recent polling…

Labour Will Back Second Referendum Amendment

Letwin Promises ‘No More Amendments’

Barclay: The Backstop is a Unicorn

Labour Looking for Election “This Side of Christmas”

Latvian PM Demands UK Makes More Compromises

Raab: Government Will Abide by Supreme Court Ruling

Swinson Tries To Defend Phillip Lee’s Admission

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Priti Hits Back at David Cameron

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Sadiq: “We Are a Remain Party”

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Government May Not Abide By House of Commons Anti-No Deal Legislation

Depending on what the legislation says, Michael Gove today revealed that the UK Government may find a way to work around it. Next week will be the greatest showdown…[…] Read the rest


Labour Could Block a General Election

Keir Starmer dropped strong hints on Marr this morning that after three years of asking for a General Election, Labour would refuse to allow one until legislation to block No Deal is in place. They’d rather keep this unstable Parliament in place than face the electorate.[…] Read the rest


MPs To Launch Coup In Parliament on Tuesday

MPs will make the unprecedented move of asking the Speaker to allow them to wrestle control of the Order Paper from the Government in order to pass anti-Brexit legislation. Unlike in March this will be entirely down to the Remain voting speaker to decide, and not as a result of amending primary legislation.[…] Read the rest


Coveney Begins No Deal Blame Game Already

The new PM hasn’t even been announced and Irish Deputy PM Simon Coveney is already trying to pass the buck on no deal, sticking to his line that the backstop is the only game in town so it’ll be the fault of the Brits if a deal doesn’t go through because of it.[…] Read the rest


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