Lefties Row Over Wetherspoons Boycott

Yesterday’s announcement by Boris declaring a partial unlocking for England on July 4, was met with overwhelming support from the public, a snap YouGov poll showing the plans have 64% public support versus 29% opposition. The left upon hearing the good news launched an internal debate over whether to boycott Wetherspoons upon its re-opening. Complete with #Neverspoons hashtag.

Hundreds of lefties on Twitter called on people to boycott the change in favour of pubs that “aren’t run by a far-right lunatic”. Tim Martin and 52% of the public only seem far to your right if you are on the far-left…

The boycott-happy left missed one crucial endorsement, however – actual Wetherspoon employees. The official “SpoonStrike” accountamplified by Owen Jones – asked their 5,000 followers not to boycott the chain, as it will result in “hours cuts and loss of earnings”.

Not good enough reasons for the righteous left, who are now accusing Spoons employees and Owen Jones of “Stockholm syndrome”, saying they refuse to give Tim Martin their money and comparing it to “like don’t boycott South Africa during apartheid because the poor will suffer most.” Quite. Sorry Wetherspoons workers, for the wokerati ideological purity will always come before your livelihoods…

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What’s Dom Got to Do With It?

The loony left has never been strong on logic. Last night a small Black Lives Matter protest was held outside the Cummings family home. Handy for Islingtonians who are more cautious about the virus than Stanley Morgan and didn’t fancy the crush of Hyde Park. Is the Cummings home going to be a general rallying point for protestors in the future? What relevance does the home of a British apparatchik have to this issue?   

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Sam Tarry Hires Ex-Labour Member Who Left Party After Complaints

Illford South’s boisterous Corbynite MP is ruffling feathers in his patch by hiring a former party member who disappeared from party lists after local councillors submitted complaints ranging from antisemitism to abuse over the summer, Guido can reveal. Local sources tell Guido that Tarry’s apparently very close friend Habiba Alli began to volunteer for the party in the area last year, as part of a group of Labour left activists brought along by Tarry as he was working to get selected for the seat. Alli disappeared from party membership lists after local councillors complained about her behaviour, however now one Habiba Alli appears on Parliament’s Staff Register, working for one Sam Tarry MP…

Tarry needn’t have worried about bringing in extra votes to become Labour’s candidate for what is now his safe Labour seat. Extraordinarily conveniently, just hours before the CLP’s selection meeting in Ocotber 2019, Sam’s opponent Jas Athwal was suspended by the central party over an eighteen month old sexual harassment complaint, leaving the pathway clear for ‘Stitch Up Sam’ who was close to party leadership. How very convenient…

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Diane Abbott Accuses White People of Playing “Divide and Rule”… Again

Eight years on from Diane’s infamous “white people” Twitter rage, Abbott has again returned to making sweeping racial statements, reiterating her infamous “White people love playing divide and rule” claim. Last month in a private Zoom call discussion with left-wing BAME Labour members – including Faiza Shaheen, Zarah Sultana, Clive Lewis and Bell Ribeiro-Addy – Abbott argued the leaked Labour report proved white people play the divide and rule card:

“We need unity between black, Asian, minority ethnic and Muslim people – we need the maximum public show of unity. Because time after time in the past 32 years I’ve seen efforts of people to organise disrupted by white people playing the ‘divide and rule’ card, and this time we can’t allow that to happen.”

Guido would have thought that logically it is her call for non-white unity that is divisive …

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Labour Candidate Arrested in Spanish Swimming Pool for Breaching Quarantine

The senseless British tourist seen being arrested in a Facebook video which has gove viral has been identified as Labour councillor, Unison staff member, and three time Labour Party parliamentary candidate, Joanne Rust. Last week she was dramatically arrested having been dragged from a swimming pool in Tenerife for breaching Spain’s strict hotels quarantine rules.

When questioned by MailOnline, she refused to apologise for her behaviour instead choosing to blame her tour operators for her “failed holiday in the Canary Islands”. Rust, who has stood for the Labour Party in North West Norfolk in the last three elections, spent a night in police custody following her arrest. She flew back to the UK over the weekend…

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Chris Williamson’s Epilogue

While Chris Williamson may have lost his seat, it isn’t stopping him campaigning. He’s released a video blaming Corbyn’s defeat on a “hostile foreign government“. Can you guess which one?

No prizes for guessing it was Israel. Invokes memories of when the Canary had to downsize after their ad revenue collapsed and blamed it on political Zionists

He’s still on the loony left-wing circuit with his “Democracy Roadshow“, campaigning to defend Corbynism and “stop the witch-hunt“. He lost his Derby North seat to the Amanda Solloway, a Tory. He lost his deposit. Guido can’t recall any sitting MP ever losing their deposit before…

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