Claudia Webbe Proudly Poses Alongside Labour MPs at Parliament

This afternoon the government quashed Barry Gardiner’s fire & rehire bill on the grounds they do not believe the bill will do what it claims. Labour have gone in hard on the issue, with Starmer publishing an op-ed this morning, and Barry Gardiner attending Tory conference to try and win over rebels. Seemingly to no avail…

In astonishing scenes, Steerpike’s parliamentary mole claimed to have seen none other than Claudia Webbe posing with her ex-comrades on the estate to support the bill – a photo surely no sitting Labour MP would be so stupid to be caught in following the MP being found guilty of harassment. Guido was astonished to discover not only was it true, Labour MPs have proudly posted the photo all over social media…

So far, both Janet Daby and Mohammad Yasin have posted their group selfie with Claudia. Seema Malhotra, on the other hand, very bluntly cropped the photo to avoid embarrassment.

How David Lammy, Labour’s Shadow Justice Secretary of all people, didn’t grasp the poor optics of standing directly next to the shamed MP Guido cannot understand…

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Police Called After Piers Corbyn Crashes Jeremy’s Event

Chaos in Brighton this afternoon after Piers Corbyn and his merry band of lunatics crashed a fringe panel at a far left fringe event near Labour Conference. A panel co-hosted by none other than Piers’ own brother, and equally unwelcome conference-goer, Jeremy.  

After turning up to the panel to scream about the “man-made global warming nonsense”, Piers and his followers were unceremoniously ejected from the tent following a brief scuffle with security. The police then arrived to take questions, though by the time they arrived, Piers had already left the venue. Guido overheard a member of Piers’ entourage encourage him to “actually do something” about the encounter, claiming she had been assaulted and had it all on video. Piers himself seemed more concerned with finding his lost grey jacket…

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Burgon Joins Calls for UK to Pay Afghanistan Reparations

Labour’s Richard Burgon becomes the latest member of the loony left to demand reparations be paid to Taliban-run Afghanistan. A statement posted to Burgon’s Twitter argues that there “is no military solution in Afghanistan. The focus now should be in reparations and supporting refugees.”

Guido hopes Burgon’s put in to speak tomorrow…

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Hard Left Let Down Children in Lambeth

This week Lambeth Council was “strongly criticised” for allowing the abuse of up to 700 children in five of their care homes from the 1960s to 1990s. The report pulls no punches, and points the finger of blame squarely at the council’s hard left leadership, especially leader Ted Knight:

“The failure to set a council tax rate in 1986 must have constituted a huge distraction and required energies and resources that ought to have been focussed on frontline services. Mr Stephen Whaley was another who first became a councillor in 1986. He considered… “the pursuit of an ideological opposition to the government” (during the previous leadership of councillor Ted Knight) meant more energy had been spent by his predecessors on confronting the government than dealing with the issues within Lambeth Council”

You can’t play politics with people’s jobs and with people’s services…

The report continues:

“In the 1980s, politicised behaviour and turmoil dominated Lambeth Council. The desire to take on the government and to avoid setting a council tax rate became their primary purpose rather than the provision of quality services, including children’s social care. During that time, children in care became pawns in a toxic power game within Lambeth Council and between the council and central government. This turmoil and failure to act to improve children’s social care continued into the 1990s and beyond.”

Ted Knight died in April 2020. John McDonnell spoke at his funeral, claimingHe devoted his life to the greatest cause there is, humanity.” This child abuse report sets out in black and white just how wrong that eulogy was…

The report also examined the role of the unions. In 1999 UNISON’s branch secretary Jon Rogers decided the union would now advise its members “to play no further part in the investigation”, accusing him of scapegoating a member who worked in the council’s children’s department. The report published this week claims Rogers should have considered how “defending particular sectional interests can result in the failure to fully recognise the wider interests of children.” Rogers is now a senior official in the Brighton Labour party…

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Expelled Labour Members Considering Forming New Party

Thousands of far-left loons are considering forming a new party following their expulsion from Labour last week. Members of Labour Against the Witch-Hunt – one of four groups purged by Starmer for claiming the party’s antisemitism crisis was overstated – can be seen discussing the plans in an emergency Zoom meeting held on Saturday, during which they claim:

  • Their expulsion proves “we have been a thorn in the side of the Labour Party Right, and we should take that as a compliment.”
  • Starmer has been “pandering directly to the establishment“, and the far-left should capitalise on Labour’s impending collapse.
  • The “biggest party in Britain today is the ex-Labour Party. People who’ve been expelled, people who’ve been suspended.”
  • A new socialist party “is coming into creation, that will have the energy and the vitality that the Corbyn party was beginning to show that it had”. 

The group are also planning to hold an event in Brighton at the same time as Labour Party conference (in what they’re affectionately calling a kind of “Counter-Conference“). One voice on the call even floated the idea of “forcing” Jeremy Corbyn to become their leader…

Hat-tip: Wolves of Westminster

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Piers Protests Jeremy Corbyn’s Expulsion from Labour Party

A modest group of protestors gathered outside Labour HQ this afternoon to protest Sir Keir’s decision to proscribe four “toxic” hard-left Labour campaign groups from the party at today’s NEC. Considering the meeting was held over Zoom, Guido doubts it had much of an impact…

Nonetheless, Guido spoke to some of these protesters to see what they had to say. There were a colourful range of characters, including Tony “notorious antisemite” Greenstein who insists that claims of anti-Semitism have been manufactured to sabotage the Labour Party, and Piers Corbyn who ardently assured Guido that his brother is not an anti-Semite. It’s a shame 85% of British Jews don’t agree…

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