Media Attention Sees Whitty Free Lunch Scheme Scrapped

Following Chris Whitty’s abuse incident while trying to buy lunch, the Westminster market stall Santana Grill launched an initiative for the public to show their appreciation to the CMO by buying lunch for him. The move was highlighted by yesterday’s Londoner’s Diary:

“If you would like to gift his favourite lunch box to the man who’s been giving his absolute best for all of us, please purchase a gift card,” they say on their website. Tuck in, Chris.”

Guido spotted the gift cards had sold out shortly after and enquired how many had been bought. Santana Grill, however, revealed that despite initiative coming off the back of requests from philanthropic members of the public, they had come under fire from some sceptics:

“The initiative we launched yesterday morning was capped to a total of 4 gift cards based on Professor Whitty’s frequency of visits to our market stall per month. Due to the unwanted attention from the media, we decided to cancel and refund all donations as the scheme was taken out of context; some sadly accused us of profiteering off the back of the CMO which is the last thing we wanted from the public’s kind gestures towards one of our customers.”

At only four takeaways per month, at least Chris is sticking to Boris’s new nannying calorie clampdown…
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Charlotte Edwardes New Londoner’s Diary Editor

Word from the Standard newsroom is Charlotte Edwardes is the new editor of the Londoner’s Diary. Edwardes, Peston’s better half, has been the Standard’s main interviewer and feature writer for a while and MediaGuido hears she starts on the diary next week. Weellllllllllllll done, Charlotte!

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